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Thoughts on the addition of Core maintainers

Thoughts on the addition of Core maintainers

Historically I'm not aware of any long term Core contributor putting themselves forward as a potential Core maintainer and being rejected/blocked. We recently saw that with Vasil Dimov where two maintainers (fanquake, glozow) blocked him from becoming a maintainer for 5 months with Vasil eventually closing the related pull request.

When it is a contributor who has clearly demonstrated value and expertise opening pull requests and reviewing pull requests over a number of years (in Vasil's case in a part of the codebase that existing maintainers aren't familiar with covering Tor, I2P, alternative networks etc) there really should be a solid rationale for blocking that long term contributor from becoming a maintainer. I was always under the impression that the maintainer role was essentially janitorial. Of course occasionally there are disagreements between long term contributors and these views have to be weighed

Collect together concerns (alphabetical order by name) made public about premature BIP 119 activation speculation in
Adam Back: <>
AJ Towns: <>
alpacasw: <>
andhans_jail: <>
[00:00:27] <michaelfolkson> #startmeeting
[00:01:08] <michaelfolkson> Feel free to say hi if you will participate (or just watching, fine too)
[00:01:16] <rgrant> hi
[00:01:21] <Alexandre_Chery> Hi.
[00:01:23] <ChristopherA> Hello!
[00:01:31] <prayank> hi
[00:02:13] <michaelfolkson> So a summary of the first meeting is here:
[00:02:47] <michaelfolkson> Is there anything in particular you'd like to discuss? I have a couple of items I'd like to cover
[00:03:39] <michaelfolkson> If no, we can get started with BIP extensions
[00:03:44] <ChristopherA> I had a few minor items for agenda.
[00:00:19] <michaelfolkson> #startmeeting
[00:00:45] <michaelfolkson> Ok... BIP process meeting. Feel free to say hi (even if you just plan to lurk)
[00:00:50] <harding> Hi
[00:00:52] <Alexandre_Chery> Hi.
[00:01:07] <michaelfolkson> I'll post some links for context
[00:01:16] <luke-jr> hi
[00:01:29] <prayank> hi
[00:02:14] <michaelfolkson> This is the current BIP process
[00:02:36] <kallewoof> Hi
[00:02:36] <michaelfolkson> Kalle has suggested a revision in the past
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Reading list for London Bitcoin Devs Socratic on Taproot