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Last active June 29, 2022 16:25
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London BitDevs Socratic - June 29th 2022

Bitcoin Core


Full RBF (ariard on bitcoin-dev):


LA BitDevs Taproot hackathon:

Sydney Socratic on FROST:



LN Summit (including Taproot, MuSig2):

BOLT extension MuSig2 PR: lightning/bolts#995

roasbeef presentation slides on Taro:

Core Lightning blog post:


  1. What is libbitcoinkernel?

a) Separating Bitcoin Core consensus code from non-consensus code

b) A rewrite of Bitcoin Core in Rust

c) An alternative implementation of Bitcoin Core

  1. Why do some Core developers want to implement full RBF?

a) They want to stop people using zero confirmations

b) There is a vulnerability in opt in RBF

c) It potentially helps the Lightning security model

  1. What most accurately summarizes the state of Taproot adoption?

a) Some businesses support paying to Taproot addresses

b) Lightning is upgraded for Taproot

c) Bitcoin Core doesn't yet validate Taproot spends

  1. What is FROST?

a) A zero knowledge proof scheme

b) A way to hide onchain that there is a threshold signing

c) A scheme for doing cross input signature aggregation

  1. What does Taro stand for?

a) Taproot Always Receives Ovation

b) Taproot Aggregated Recursive Outcome

c) Taproot Asset Representation Overlay

  1. Why did Core Lightning only recently start supporting multiple channels per peer?

a) It wasn't spec'ed in the BOLTs

b) The devs didn't think it was a valuable feature

c) The devs only want you to open a channel with Blockstream

  1. Who is the Bitrefill CEO?

a) Changpeng Zhao

b) Sergej Kotliar

c) Brian Armstrong

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