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Last active November 2, 2021 17:12
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London Bitcoin Devs links for Socratic on AssumeUTXO w/ James O'Beirne

November 2nd 2021

YouTube Live link:

Zoom link (passcode 062417):

Meetup link:

Basics (for beginners) - Why do we bother validating the whole blockchain from genesis?

Andreas Antonopoulos on IBD:

Motivation for AssumeUTXO - current IBD takes a long time, is single threaded, blocking (user must wait for it to complete before doing anything) and validates linearly from genesis to tip

Initial Block Download (BitMEX):

Full Validation Sync Performance (Jameson Lopp, 2018):

Bitcoin node performance tests (Jameson Lopp, 2020):

Basic concept


Optech topics page:

James O'Beirne presentation at Chaincode Labs:

James O'Beirne on Chaincode podcast:

James O'Beirne at MIT Bitcoin Expo 2020 (snapshot time, bandwidth, CPU, dbcache):

Bitcoin dev mailing list post on AssumeUTXO and UTXO snapshots:

Dangers or concerns regarding Assume UTXO

Greg comment on security model: bitcoin/bitcoin#15606 (comment)

IRC discussion (Luke and Greg) on possible dangers of AssumeUTXO model (Line 205):


Additional summary (initial individual feedback): bitcoin/bitcoin#15606

How it compares to other proposals

Rolling UTXO set hashes (Pieter Wuille):

Rolling UTXO set hash gist (Fabian Jahr):

Automatic UTXO database backup: bitcoin/bitcoin#8037

Utreexo (Parallelizing IBD using multiple chainstates, combining this with AssumeUTXO):

UHS (Cory Fields):

Implementing AssumeUTXO in Core

The prototype of AssumeUTXO (too many changes, commits not semantic, unmergeable): bitcoin/bitcoin#15606

Validation module before and after:

Deglobalizing ChainstateManager: bitcoin/bitcoin#20049

Core issue #15605: bitcoin/bitcoin#15605

Bitcoin Core project:

Previously merged PRs:

Bitcoin Core PR review club on PR 17487:

Bitcoin Core PR review club on PR 19055 (MuHash):

Guidance for reviewers (based on MIT presentation)

Notes on AssumeUTXO design PR: bitcoin/bitcoin#23154

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