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Last active Apr 4, 2017
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BOSH Cheat Sheet

BOSH Cheat Sheet

Debugging BOSH

  • bosh instances --ps see all processes / services on all VMs

  • curl https://BOSH_IP:25555/info -key certs/rootCA.key -cacert certs/rootCA.pem -cert certs/director.crt to check whether certificates work for a call to the BOSH director

Deployment Manifest

Basically we go with the Manifest v2 Schema for deployment manifests.


  • meta [optional] - provides a namespace for "global variables" that are later on pruned from the deployment manifest when building them with Spruce. E.g. passwords and instance specific settings are set in this namespace.

  • update [required] - control how BOSH updates instances during the deployment. See

  • instance_groups [required] - specifies the mapping between release jobs and instance groups

Creating Passwords for BOSH Manifests


ruby -e 'require "securerandom"; require "unix_crypt"; printf("%s\n","c1oudc0w", SecureRandom.hex(8)))'

Further Resources

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