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Kubernetes Cheat Sheet

Debugging PODs

Tools & Resources


Python Learnings

General Learnings

  • tells Python that the directory is a package

Standard Project Setup

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Last active Jan 14, 2021
Trunk-based development

You don't simply do TBD

  • embed it in a proper workflow
  • implement fast and specific feedback loops on all stages
    • analysis
    • development
    • CI pipeline
    • shipping working software to PROD afap

Build review in


Remote Cheat Sheet

Infrastructure & Setup

  • Desk (height) & chair (comfort)
  • Internet access (cable) & backup (mobile phone)
  • Access to company infrastructure & tools (VPN / SaaS)
  • Comfortable headphones / headset
  • Make sure to have a separate room where you can close the door
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Last active Mar 19, 2020
Remote Working Meetup

Meetup: Work Remotely

META: Ideas for moderation

  • collect topics upfront, cluster them and give people slots to present them during the meetup
  • try to get people from remote companies involved (e.g. GitLab), to share their experience
  • have a Mattermost chat in parallel where you cancollect topics before bringing them into the stream
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Last active Mar 6, 2020
Meetup: Automated Security Testing in Continuous Integration

Meetup: Automated Security Testing in Continuous Integration

This is a short summary of our DevOps Stuttgart Meetup from March 5th about automated security testing in Continuous Integration. For the meetup we had Christian Kühn and Arnold Franke from Synyx with us as speakers.

Chris started the presentation with a question who is currently running security tests in their pipelines and I was surprised by the majority of hands being raised. Also it seems like nowadays more then half of the audience is running production workloads in containers.

For motivating the topic of security testing, we've been introduced to a recent security incident at Euquifax, where a huge amount of private data (i.e. social security numbers and credit card data) leaked, due to a

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Last active Feb 17, 2022
Patterns and Anti-Patterns for CI/CD

Patterns and Anti-Patterns for CI/CD

The Developer Experience

  • The developer journey
    • visualize devs' emotions during their workflow
  • make sure to provide a good experience for your devs as well (not only for customers and users)

Working Models


What do I want to do

  • I want to run Inspec within a Linux container (as provided by learnchef/inspec_workstation)
  • my testing target is a ARM board running a Yocto Linux with .deb packages
  • the connection to the target is made via SSH

My control

# encoding: utf-8

Linux Cheat Sheet

Mounting additional Disks in Vagrant

fdisk /dev/sdc                   # create new partition with <n>, ... all defaults
ls -la /dev/sd*                  # check for new device name
sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdc1         # format new partition with ext4
sudo mount /dev/sdc1 /mount/sdc  # mount partition