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Maven Cheatsheet

Maven Cheat Sheet

My collection of useful hints and snippets for Apache Maven.

POM - Project Object Model


Minimal POM


Super POM

Bundled with Maven in MAVEN_HOME/lib/maven-model-builder- 3.2.3.jar - org/apache/maven/model/pom-4.0.0.xml - defines

  • Maven central repository
  • Maven central plugin repository
  • Required information to build a project in <build>
  • A <reporting> section
  • The default build profile

Overriding Values in POM

Define "blocks" with the same ID as in the Super POM. Show "effective" POM with

mvn help:effective-pom

Maven Coordinates

  • Identify a project, dependency or plugin
  • A combination of groupId, artifact and version
  • Plugins don't need a version, as a default, org.apache.maven.plugins or org. codehaus.mojo is used

Parent POM Files

  • Used to avoid redundancy

Version Handling

Set version in <project><version>...</version></project> from the command line with

mvn versions:set versions:commit -DnewVersion=1.0.0-SNAPSHOT

Maven Release Plugin

The Maven Release Plugin let's you upload artifacts to Maven repositories - e.g. Artifactory.

Jenkins Pipeline for Uploading Maven Artifacts

stage 'Clone from Git'
node {
    checkout scm

stage 'Build'
node {
    sh 'mvn clean install -DskipTests'

stage 'Test'
node {
    sh 'mvn test'

stage 'Upload to Artifactory'
timeout(time:5, unit:'MINUTES') {
    input message: 'Do you want to push artifacts to Artifactory?'

    node {
        def pom = readMavenPom file: 'pom.xml'
        def version = pom.version.replace("-SNAPSHOT", ".${currentBuild.number}")

         * Clean any locally modified files and ensure we are actually on origin/master
         * as a failed release could leave the local workspace ahead of origin/master
        sh "git clean -f && git reset --hard origin/master"

         * Description of parameters (for further details, see
         *    -DreleaseVersion            Default version to use when preparing a release or a branch.
         *    -DdevelopmentVersion        Default version to use for new local working copy
         *    -DpushChanges               Implemented with git will or not push changes to the upstream repository
         *    -DlocalCheckout             Use a local checkout instead of doing a checkout from the upstream repository
         *    -DpreparationGoals          Goals to run as part of the preparation step, after transformation but before committing
         *    -Darguments="-DskipTests"   Skips the tests in the release goal - see
         *    -B                          Run in non-interactive (batch) mode
         *  Preparation steps:
         *    release:prepare             see
         *    release:perform             see
        sh """mvn \
            -DreleaseVersion=${version} \
            -DdevelopmentVersion=${pom.version} \
            -DpushChanges=false \
            -DlocalCheckout=true \
            -DpreparationGoals=initialize \
            -Darguments="-DskipTests" \
            release:prepare release:perform \

        sh "git push origin ${pom.artifactId}-${version}"


Artifactory Release Management


Troubleshooting Maven

Problems with Maven Release Plugin

  • Update your Git version

  • Make sure to have the most recent version of the plugin set in your pom.xml


Maven does not upload RELEASE version but SNAPSHOT


Further Resources

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