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💭 book in the works...

Michael Sliwinski michaelnozbe

💭 book in the works...
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michaelnozbe / post.js
Created November 12, 2021 09:04
JS for blog posts on
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// scripts for blog posts - they load whenever a blog post entry loads
// written by Michael Sliwinski:
// feel free to copy and give credit:
// more details about this gist:
const URL = ""; //my main domain
const POSTS = "/searchposts.json"; //json with all the posts
//get related links based on the tag of the current blog post
function getRelated(slug) {
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lsof -i :19421 #find out which PID zoom server is on
lsof -i :19424 #if you are running Ring Central for Meetings (rebranded zoom) check this port out
lsof -i :19433 #if you are running Chinese version of Zoom (Zhumu) check this port out
kill -9 PID #kill the server - insert PID number you will find
rm -rf ~/.zoomus/ #remove zoom server from your Mac
rm -rf /Applications/ #remove zoom server from the zoom app bundle