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michel47 /
Created Apr 19, 2022
getting unix time from date (perl)
my $date = '4/12/2022 10:55:24';
printf "%u %s\n",&unixtime($date);
sub unixtime {
use Time::Local qw/timelocal/; # require "";
my $date = shift;
my ($sec,$min,$hour,$mon,$mday,$year);
if ($date =~ m/ /) {
michel47 /
Last active Aug 14, 2021

seting up bitcoin core ...

Initializing a bitcoin chain is disk,bandwidth and ressource consuming

at the age of P2P this doesn't have to be the case if each one of us takes a small portion of the chain and seeds it for the community :

I have placed 1% of the chain on IPFS (blkxxxxx.dat) in 128MB chunks ...

michel47 /
Last active Aug 6, 2021
A universal format to store video or image (or any other multimedia)

Universal storage for media file

To all who store a large amount of media files (videos or image) ...

multi media are often static files and therefore they are by nature "sharable" and can be deduplicated however for this to be possible we all have to come up with the same method to store them.

The IPFS network is ideal for this : an [index][1] for 4726 images has only have a size of 414K

michel47 / git-logs.txt
Last active Aug 5, 2021
AdminTrack (ZeroPast)
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commit 9f511231baf585f201d564eeeba3b0656a9602ad
Author: Leonard C. Berkenbile <>
Date: Thu Aug 5 12:06:03 2021 +0200
added log for AAS(ociale)
commit ea8a9a29adb036bbed9e74e73cd4b18137ac12a4
Author: Frederic J. Augustson <>
Date: Thu Aug 5 00:11:06 2021 +0200
Michel's Candidature



Mycétude of Mycétune

Nous avons un objectif d'établir une zone de valorisation et d'échanges au sien de notre collectif afin de converger vers une autonomie pour le groupe et ses membres.

Question à tous et toutes :

Si vous imaginez une monnaie locale ou circulaire pour Mycéliandre

michel47 / CNAME
Last active Jul 21, 2021
wbly (hostless websites)
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<!DOCTYPE html><meta charset="utf8">
<p>testing <a href=code.js title=code.js>code.js</a>...
<br>check the console!</p>
<script src="code.js"></script>
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