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Last active Jul 16, 2018
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OpenMW 0.44.0 Release Announcement
Bug #1428: Daedra summoning scripts aren't executed when the item is taken through the inventory
- Daedra are now summoned when picking up cursed items through the inventory, OnActivate is now triggered even with the inventory menu open
Bug #1987: Some glyphs are not supported
- Similar glyphs are now used as fallbacks when unsupported glyphs are encountered
Bug #2254: Magic related visual effects are not rendered when loading a saved game
- Magic effects active when a save is loaded are now rendered
Bug #2485: Journal alphabetical index doesn't match "Morrowind content language" setting
- Journal alphabetical indexing now works in Russian language versions
Bug #2703: OnPCHitMe is not handled correctly
- Declaring OnPCHitMe in an actor's script now prevents the actor from attacking, even in self-defense, if his Fight is equal to zero
- OnPCHitMe is now handled correctly (I don't understand this issue - raevol)
Bug #2829: Incorrect order for content list consisting of a game file and an esp without dependencies
- Content selector now places Morrowind.esm at the beginning of the mod list, if it is present
Bug #2841: "Total eclipse" happens if weather settings are not defined.
- Undefined weather settings now fallback to middle grey instead of pure black
Bug #2897: Editor: Rename "Original creature" field
- OpenMW-CS: "Original Creature" field renamed to "Parent Creature"
Bug #3278: Editor: Unchecking "Auto Calc" flag changes certain values
- OpenMW-CS: Unchecking "Auto Calc" flag when editing an NPC record no longer causes unreasonable values to be filled in
Bug #3343: Editor: ID sorting is case-sensitive in certain tables
- OpenMW-CS: Fixed search and verification result tables to be case-insensitive when sorting
Bug #3557: Resource priority confusion when using the local data path as installation root
- Mods are now found if the mod directory is a parent of the installation directory
Bug #3587: Pathgrid and Flying Creatures wrong behaviour – abotWhereAreAllBirdsGoing
- Flying and swimming creatures no longer use the pathgrid
Bug #3603: SetPos should not skip weather transitions
- SetPos no longer skips weather transitions, fixing transitions in mods that use SetPos to travel the player, such as Boats Mod
Bug #3618: Myar Aranath total conversion can't be started due to capital-case extension of the master file
- ESM files with capital-case extensions now load correctly with the launcher
Bug #3638: Fast forwarding can move NPC inside objects
- Fixed an issue where NPCs could get stuck inside terrain/objects when the player rests
Bug #3664: Combat music does not start in dialogue
- Combat music is now updated in menu mode
Bug #3696: Newlines are accompanied by empty rectangle glyph in dialogs
- Extraneous carriage returns are cut from dialog output
Bug #3708: Controllers broken on macOS
- Fixes for controllers on macOS
Bug #3726: Items with suppressed activation can be picked up via the inventory menu
- see #1428
Bug #3783: [Mod] Abot's Silt Striders 1.16 - silt strider "falls" to ground and glides on floor during travel
- SetPos can no longer place the target under terrain level
Bug #3863: Can be forced to not resist arrest if you cast Calm Humanoid on aggroed death warrant guards
- Fixed an issue where casting Calm Humanoid on a guard the player is resisting arrest from caused a dialog loop when trying to resist again
Bug #3884: Incorrect enemy behavior when exhausted
- Enemies who are knocked out will no longer recover immediately
Bug #3926: Installation Wizard places Morrowind.esm after Tribunal/Bloodmoon if it has a later file creation date
- Imported content files are now sorted according to their dependencies, instead of just modified time (this fixes Bethesda ESMs broken by the Steam version of Morrowind)
Bug #4061: Scripts error on special token included in name
- Scripts now support period and hyphen characters in the script name, as long as it is not the first character
Bug #4111: Crash when mouse over soulgem with a now-missing soul
- Soul gems with trapped souls of creatures from mods that have been removed will now be empty instead of crashing the game
Bug #4122: Swim animation should not be interrupted during underwater attack
- Swim animation is no longer interrupted when attacking underwater
Bug #4134: Battle music behaves different than vanilla
- An empy battle music folder now results in explore music being played in combat
Bug #4135: Reflecting an absorb spell different from vanilla
- Added a vanilla absorb spell behavior option, which is enabled by default
Bug #4136: Enchanted weapons without "ignore normal weapons" flag don't bypass creature "ignore normal weapons" effect
- Added vanilla enchanted weaponry behavior option, which is enabled by default
Bug #4143: Antialiasing produces graphical artifacts when used with shader lighting
- Centroid interpolation is now used for shader lighting, fixing some graphical artifacts when using antialiasing
Bug #4159: NPCs' base skeleton files should not be optimized
- NPC base skeleton files are not longer optimized, fixes some body replacer mods
Bug #4177: Jumping/landing animation interference/flickering
- To prevent animation flickering, the langing animation is no longer played when the player is turning as they are landing
Bug #4179: NPCs do not face target
- Fighting actors now face their target instead of the nearest actor
Bug #4180: Weapon switch sound playing even though no weapon is switched
- Weapon switch sound is no longer played when no different weapon is present to switch to
Bug #4184: Guards can initiate dialogue even though you are far above them
- Guards can no longer initiate dialog with the player when the player is far above the guard
Bug #4190: Enchanted clothes changes visibility with Chameleon on equip/unequip
- The correct graphical effect is now applied to armor and clothes when changing them while chameleoned or invisible
Bug #4191: "screenshot saved" message also appears in the screenshot image
- "Screenshot Saved" message has been removed
Bug #4192: Archers in OpenMW have shorter attack range than archers in Morrowind
- Attack range for NPC archers and spellcasters now more accurately matches vanilla behavior
Bug #4210: Some dialogue topics are not highlighted on first encounter
- Dialog topics are now always highlighted when first encountered
Bug #4211: FPS drops after minimizing the game during rainy weather
- Fixed an FPS drop after minimizing the game during rainy weather
Bug #4216: Thrown weapon projectile doesn't rotate
- Thrown weapon projectiles now all rotate when in the air
Bug #4223: Displayed spell casting chance must be 0 if player doesn't have enough magicka to cast it
- Spell casting chance now displays as zero if the player does not have enough magicka to cast it
Bug #4225: Double "Activate" key presses with Mouse and Gamepad.
- Fixed double activation button presses when using a gamepad
Bug #4226: The current player's class should be default value in the class select menu
- The player's current class and birthsign is now the default value in the class select and bithsign select menus, rather than the first item in the list
Bug #4229: Tribunal/Bloodmoon summoned creatures fight other summons
- Tribunal and Bloodmoon summoned creatures no longer automatically fight other followers
Bug #4233: W and A keys override S and D Keys
- Player movement from one directional key is now nullified if the opposite directional key is also pressed
Bug #4235: Wireframe mode affects local map
- Wireframe mode no longer affects the map
Bug #4239: Quick load from container screen causes crash
- Fixed a crash when quick loading from the container screen
Bug #4242: Crime greetings display in Journal
- Greetings are no longer added to the journal topic list
Bug #4245: Merchant NPCs sell ingredients growing on potted plants they own
- Merchant NPCs no longer sell ingredients from containers that they own that have zero capacity, such as plants
Bug #4246: Take armor condition into account when calcuting armor rating
- Armor condition is now taken into account when calculating armor rating
Bug #4250: Jumping is not as fluid as it was pre-0.43.0
- Removed unintended jump cooldown
Bug #4252: "Error in frame: FFmpeg exception: Failed to allocate input stream" message spam if OpenMW encounter non-music file in the Music folder
- Fixed console spam when OpenMW encounters a non-music file in the Music folder
Bug #4261: Magic effects from eaten ingredients always have 1 sec duration
- Magic effects from eaten ingredients now have the correct duration
Bug #4263: Arrow position is incorrect in 3rd person view during attack for beast races
- Arrow position is now correct in third person view during attacks for beast races
Bug #4264: Player in god mode can be affected by some negative spell effects
- Players in god mode are no longer affected by negative spell effects
Bug #4269: Crash when hovering the faction section and the 'sAnd' GMST is missing (as in MW 1.0)
- Missing 'sAnd' GMST no longer causes a crash
Bug #4272: Root note transformations are discarded again
- Root node transformation is no longer incorrectly discarded, fixing characters in the mod The Black Mill
Bug #4279: Sometimes cells are not marked as explored on the map
- The map is now updated with explored cells correctly, instead of only when the map window is opened
Bug #4298: Problem with MessageBox and chargen menu interaction order
- MessageBoxes now appear over the chargen menu
Bug #4301: Optimizer breaks LOD nodes
- Optimizer no longer breaks LOD nodes
Bug #4308: PlaceAtMe doesn't inherit scale of calling object
- PlaceAtMe now correctly inherits the scale of the calling object
Bug #4309: Only harmful effects with resistance effect set are resistable
- Resistance to magic now affects all resistable magic effects
Bug #4313: Non-humanoid creatures are capable of opening doors
- Opening doors is now restricted to bipedal actors
Bug #4314: Rainy weather slows down the game when changing from indoors/outdoors
- Rainy weather no longer slows down the game when changing from indoors to outdoors
Bug #4319: Collisions for certain meshes are incorrectly ignored
- Meshes with CollisionType=Node flag are no longer ignored
Bug #4320: Using mouse 1 to move forward causes selection dialogues to jump selections forward.
- Activate and Move keys are no longer used for GUI navigation if they are bound to mouse buttons
Bug #4322: NPC disposition: negative faction reaction modifier doesn't take PC rank into account
- NPC negative faction reaction modifier now works correctly
Bug #4328: Ownership by dead actors is not cleared from picked items
- Taking owned items is no longer considered a crime if the owner is dead
Bug #4334: Torch and shield usage inconsistent with original game
- Torch and shield equipping behavior now is more consistent with the original game
Bug #4336: Wizard: Incorrect Morrowind assets path autodetection
- Installation wizard now appends "/Data Files" if needed when autodetecting path
Bug #4343: Error message for coc and starting cell shouldn't imply that it only works for interior cells
- "Interior" removed from cell not found message
Bug #4346: Count formatting does not work well with very high numbers
- Inventory item count for very high numbers no longer shows incorrect values due to truncation
Bug #4351: Using AddSoulgem fills all soul gems of the specified type
- Using AddSoulgem no longer fills all sould gems of the specified type
Bug #4391: No visual indication is provided when an unavailable spell fails to be chosen via a quick key
- A message is displayed if the spell a player tries to select via quickkey is missing
Bug #4392: Inventory filter breaks after loading a game
- Inventory filter is now reset to All when loading a game
Bug #4405: No default terrain in empty cells when distant terrain is enabled
- Terrain is now rendered for empty cells
Bug #4410: [Mod] Arktwend: OpenMW does not use default marker definitions
- OpenMW now handles marker definitions correctly, fixing mod Arktwend
Bug #4412: openmw-iniimporter ignores data paths from config
- iniimporter no longer ignores data paths
Bug #4413: Moving with 0 strength uses all of your fatigue
- Moving with zero strength no longer uses all of your fatigue
Bug #4420: Camera flickering when I open up and close menus while sneaking
- Camera no longer flickers when opening and closing menu while sneaking
Bug #4424: [macOS] Cursor is either empty or garbage when compiled against macOS 10.13 SDK
- Cursor now displays correctly when OpenMW is compiled against macOS 10.13 SDK
Bug #4435: Item health is considered a signed integer
- Item health is no longer considered a signed integer, it can no longer be negative
Bug #4441: Adding items to currently disabled weapon-wielding creatures crashes the game
- Adding items to currently disabled creatures will no longer crash the game
Feature #1786: Round up encumbrance value in the encumbrance bar
- Encumbrance value is now rounded up
Feature #2694: Editor: rename "model" column to make its purpose clear
- OpenMW-CS: "Model" column renamed to "Model/Animation"
Feature #3870: Editor: Terrain Texture Brush Button
- OpenMW-CS: Terrain Texture Brush button implemented
Feature #3872: Editor: Edit functions in terrain texture editing mode
- OpenMW-CS: Edit functions for terrain texture editing mode implemented
Feature #4054: Launcher: Create menu for settings.cfg options
- Launcher: Advanced settings tab added
Feature #4064: Option for fast travel services to charge for the first companion
- Implemented option for fast travel services to charge for every companion
Feature #4142: Implement fWereWolfHealth GMST
- Werewolf health is now correctly calculated
Feature #4174: Multiple quicksaves
- Added an option to have multiple quicksaves
Feature #4407: Support NiLookAtController
- NiLookAtController node is now ignored, like in vanilla
Feature #4423: Rebalance soul gem values
- Added an option to rebalance soul gem values based only on soul value, not soul times gem value
Editor: New (and more complete) icon set
- OpenMW-CS: New, and more complete, icon set added
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