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@Grab(group='org.quartz-scheduler', module='quartz', version='2.2.0')
@Grab(group='org.twitter4j', module='twitter4j-core', version='3.0.3')
import org.quartz.*
import org.quartz.impl.StdSchedulerFactory
import twitter4j.TwitterFactory
class バルスTask {
public void バルス() {
public class バルスJob implements Job {
public void execute(JobExecutionContext context)
throws JobExecutionException {
Map dataMap = context.jobDetail.jobDataMap
バルスTask task = dataMap["バルスTask"]
バルスTask task = new バルスTask()
//specify your scheduler task details
JobDetail job = new JobDetail() = "バルスJob"
job.jobClass = バルスJob
Map dataMap = job.jobDataMap()
dataMap["バルスTask"] = task
//configure the scheduler time
CronTrigger trigger = new CronTrigger() = "runMeJobTesting"
trigger.cronExpression = "0 19 23 2 AUG FRI 2013"
//schedule it
Scheduler scheduler = new StdSchedulerFactory().getScheduler()
scheduler.scheduleJob(job, trigger)
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