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- (void)viewWillAppear:(BOOL)animated
[super viewWillAppear:animated];
NSIndexPath *selectedRowIndexPath = [self.tableView indexPathForSelectedRow];
if (selectedRowIndexPath) {
[self.transitionCoordination animateAlongsideTransitionInView:self.tableView animation:^(id<UIViewControllerTransitionCoordinatorContext> context) {
[self.tableView deselectRowAtIndexPath:selectedRowIndexPath animated:YES];
} completion:^(id<UIViewControllerTransitionCoordinatorContext> context) {
if (context.isCancelled) {
[self.tableView selectRowAtIndexPath:selectedRowIndexPath animated:NO scrollPosition:UITableViewScrollPositionNone];

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pronebird commented Apr 27, 2015

self.transitionCoordination -> self.transitionCoordinator

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