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Create managed zone in Google Cloud DNS
source .env
# export PROJECT_ID=<from .env>
# export AUTH_NETWORK=<from .env>
export DNS_ZONE_NAME=msparr-com
# create dns zone (you will need to point nameservers to Cloud DNS)
gcloud beta dns --project=$PROJECT_ID managed-zones create $DNS_ZONE_NAME \
--description= \
# fetch the public IP address of the kong-proxy TCP lb
export KONG_PROXY_IP=$(kubectl get svc/kong-proxy -n kong -o jsonpath='{.status.loadBalancer.ingress[0].ip}')
echo "Kong proxy IP is ${KONG_PROXY_IP}"
# create dns record set for Kong proxy (A record)
gcloud dns --project=$PROJECT_ID record-sets transaction start --zone=$DNS_ZONE_NAME
gcloud dns --project=$PROJECT_ID record-sets transaction add $KONG_PROXY_IP \ \
--ttl=300 \
--type=A \
gcloud dns --project=$PROJECT_ID record-sets transaction execute --zone=$DNS_ZONE_NAME
# confirm setup as desired
gcloud dns managed-zones list
gcloud dns record-sets list --zone=$DNS_ZONE_NAME
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