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Mike Taylor miketaylr

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function getClientOSVersion(){
const os = getClientOS();
var osVersion = "11.6.3";
if(os.indexOf("Win") != -1)
osVersion = getWindowsOSVersion(osVersion);
if (osVersion.match(/11\.0/)) {
osInfo = "Windows 11";
miketaylr / gist:4b07867c9ab563b4aa380d1627ae5d23
Created January 20, 2021 17:12
accept-ch values in http archive latest (desktop)
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select url, accept_ch_value
from (
select distinct NET.REG_DOMAIN(url) as url,
# {"name":"Accept-CH","value":"
REGEXP_EXTRACT(payload, r'(?i)Accept\-CH","value":"(.+?)"') as accept_ch_value
JSON_EXTRACT(payload, '$._headers.response') LIKE '%CH-%'
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window.NREUM || (NREUM = {}); = {
beacon: "",
errorBeacon: "",
licenseKey: "2d3ab7f8d6",
applicationID: "1341859",
transactionName: "blFbbUQEWEBZUkRcClcbdG91Sn5cVVRzWgtNRlZVWgBEHHFfVFAd",
queueTime: 0,
applicationTime: 146,
agent: "",
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* Copyright (C) 2020, Bitmovin, Inc., All Rights Reserved
* This source code and its use and distribution, is subject to the terms
* and conditions of the applicable license agreement.
* Bitmovin Player Version 8.26.0
(function() {
Bug Cause Outcome
bz-1486494 no idea - debugging is messy, unable to find the right event handler to debug further… :( Pinged tom.
bz-1490459 fullscreen API seems to focus the opened bz-1502093 moved to bugzilla 1502233 Google chrome ignore the padding on select elements. It seems to be a regression for the twitter case. duplicate of bugzilla 1489914 The current UA override is bogus and we get a desktop site instead of a mobile site. not sure what to do here Flash related issue. worksforme Focus + blocking cookies break the CSS but that's expected. needscontact server side sniffing. It doesn't send the mobile version. duplicate of or https://w
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.fancyselect {
background: url(_gfx/arrow04.gif) right 4px no-repeat #fff;
color: #0098cd;
padding-right: 12px;
-webkit-appearance: none;
-moz-appearance: menulist-textfield;
-ms-appearance: none;
border: 0
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(repeated in 3 different places)
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.interior-image-wrapper .slick-arrow {
-webkit-appearance: menulist-textfield;
background: url(clientlib-hyundai-site/css/clientlib-hyundai-site/images/arrows-sprite.png) #fff !important;
background-repeat: no-repeat !important;
background-size: auto !important;
background-position: 0 0;
padding-top: 3px;
padding-left: 0;