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Created Nov 6, 2018
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Bug Cause Outcome
bz-1486494 no idea - debugging is messy, unable to find the right event handler to debug further… :( Pinged tom.
bz-1490459 fullscreen API seems to focus the opened bz-1502093 moved to bugzilla 1502233 Google chrome ignore the padding on select elements. It seems to be a regression for the twitter case. duplicate of bugzilla 1489914 The current UA override is bogus and we get a desktop site instead of a mobile site. not sure what to do here Flash related issue. worksforme Focus + blocking cookies break the CSS but that's expected. needscontact server side sniffing. It doesn't send the mobile version. duplicate of or flipkart. nothing can be done another geckoview issue, where we can't diagnose. contactready twitter just ignores us and send a blank page insted of the video. requested help from cpeterson YouTube in PIP mode is not working. Stucked the page seems to load but disappear. worksforme Chrome is smoother but… I don't have the feeling this is significant enough. worksforme working in Fx 64. So this is already done. Not sure why it reached the shore of needsdiagnosis. contactready designed with certain fonts in mind. Likely to break when the context is changing. contactready very similar to 20069 contactready slight cosmetic issue not reproducible on retina. Not really a webcompat issue. contactready different behavior on box alignment, but the site would do better with display: flex to align elements. contactready relying on a chrome bug. It requires to set min-height: 0 so the flexbox is working like in Chrome. worksforme Not reproducible in any context. duplicate/moved to mozilla-mobile/focus-android#3785 position fixed not working on GeckoView Focus. Impossible to really diagnose without access to remote debugging. duplicate of Undefined behavior with Edge behaving like Firefox. Probably Chrome bug. non-compat sites breaking on a specific linux version because of fonts. non-compat throbber misplaced everywhere. worksforme no visible issue, maybe already fixed by the site. moved to a combination of JS, sticky CSS and jankiness. duplicate of 19784 Probably the same bug than 19784, same design, different colors. worksforme It was SSL certificate, and it seems to have been fixed since. worksforme Site had broken fonts and it has been fixed. stucked It seems that some CSS are not modified, but is it because it didn't fully listen to an event or not. I'm not sure. moved to mozilla-mobile/focus-android#3786 Focus GeckoView. No remote debugging available. worksforme the issue is not as obvious as it was in the past. worksforme wrong triage probably. non compat wrong triage. Flash issue. non compat The site is breaking on all mobile. We have a UA override which brings us to the mobile non working page instead of the unsupported page. Ahah. duplicate of icloud is a wontfix. non compat same on all browsers. wrong triage. non compat same on all browsers. wrong triage. non compat same on all browsers. wrong triage. incomplete wrong triage. not enough info to understand clearly the issue. needsdiagnosis passed to Thomas because I do not have a tablet and it's reproducible only on the actual device. to move to bugzilla heuristics for forms and saved login/password ongoing can't reproduce. Ask for opinion from Chris Pearce. incomplete japanese ime but missing details to know the circumstances of the issue. There are many IME available. Some specific to certain carriers. ongoing can't reproduce on macos. Specific to windows. Asked help from Alastor Wu. Video issue and keypress event. contactready Issue with keypress probably. requires a tablet. this gmail doesn't reproduce on RDM. Ah Adam tested. Pushed to contactready worksforme wrong triage duplicate Marfeel non-compat time-out site on all browsers. wrong triage. non-compat wrong triage ongoing stucked because of developer tools brokeness. duplicate of keyCode missing on keypress events. non-compat design slightly imperfect in all browsers. The responsive design is sensitive to fonts, line-height, etc. worksforme Enterprise testing but working in Nightly. ongoing. Seems URGENT requires special power to be able to diagnose on Firefox Echo/ Firefox Focus. Pinterest Oauth dance failing. worksforme stealing from denschub. Related to CSS animation and CPU. Asked @birtles his opinion. Probably a worksforme. worksforme probably symantec distrust. stucked difficult to know what to do here. related to scrolling. duplicate of ICB viewport issue. worksforme missing PDF plugins. duplicate of serious performance issues. duplicate of #16648 recurrent duplicate for a nsfw site. duplicate of MOZILLA_PKIX_ERROR_ADDITIONAL_POLICY_CONSTRAINT_FAILED certificate issue duplicate of multiple viewports
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