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// find all elements with a z-index and indicate what they are.
function contrast(color){ return '#' +
(Number('0x'+color.substr(1)).toString(10) > 0xffffff/2 ? '000000' : 'ffffff');
.filter(function(){ return $(this).css('zIndex') !== 'auto'; })
var color = '#'+Math.floor(Math.random()*16777215).toString(16); // <3 temp01
if ($(this).css('position').match(/absolute|relative/)) $(this).css('position','relative');
$(this).css('border','1px solid '+color);
$('<span>z-index: '+ $(this).css('zIndex') + '</span>')
.css({'background':color, color: contrast(color), position:'absolute', top:0,left:0,textIndent:0})
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