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BEAM Solo Mining Guide

BEAM Solo Mining Guide

  • Adapted from Raskul's guide
  • With help from Freshminer (


  • From BEAM Downloads download the following
    • beam-wallet-cli
    • beam-node
  • Extract downloads into a folder called beam-mining


  • Create SSL certificate & key in beam-mining directory
    • openssl req -newkey rsa:4096 -nodes -keyout stratum.key -x509 -days 365 -out stratum.crt
  • Create a file called stratum.api.keys and add a alphanumeric string
    • Example: Zmohq90bfgMvLB4gjL9NS5PeAJ7CReXO3G7aZ0aW
    • You can add 1 string per line. These are used at the user in your mining client
  • Edit beam-wallet.cfg file removing the # before pass and node_addr
    • pass=abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz1234567890
    • node_addr=
    • Leave the rest as is
  • Initialize wallet by running this command in a terminal
    • ./beam-wallet init
    • Save the passphrase and address before continuing
  • Export miner key by running this command in a terminal
    • ./beam-wallet export_miner_key --subkey=1
    • Take the key and put in the beam-node.cfg file on the key_mine= line
  • Export owner key by running this command in a terminal
    • ./beam-wallet export_owner_key
    • Take the key and put in the beam-node.cfg file on the key_owner= line
  • Get the pass in beam-wallet.cfg and add it to the pass= line in beam-node.cfg
  • Add these entries to beam-node.cfg
    • port=10000
    • log_level=verbose
    • file_log_level=verbose
    • stratum_port=3333
      • Make sure your firewall is allowing connections to this port if mining externally
    • stratum_secrets_path=.
  • Start the node with the following command
    • ./beam-node
    • Leave this terminal open to keep the node running
  • Wait for node to fully synchronize
  • Open another terminal window in beam-mining directory and run the command
    • ./beam-wallet listen
    • Leave this terminal open to keep the wallet listening
  • Point your miner at the ip address of this device

Config Examples

  • beam-wallet.cfg
  • beam-node.cfg
key_mine=export_miner_key string
key_owner=export_owner_key string
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