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Chromium updater for Windows
@echo off
if exist running exit
if "%PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%" == "x86" set platform=Win
if "%PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE%" == "AMD64" set platform=Win_x64
if "%platform%" == "" echo Supported only x86 and amd64 cpu architectures. & pause & exit
set channel=snapshots
set url=
set wget=wget.exe -N --no-check-certificate
type nul > running
if "%1" == "" (
%wget% %url%/LAST_CHANGE || goto hell
fc LAST_CHANGE LastVersion && goto hell
for /f %%i in (LAST_CHANGE) do %wget% %url%/%%i/mini_installer.exe || goto hell
) else %wget% %url%/%1/mini_installer.exe || goto hell
tasklist | find "chrome.exe" && goto hell
move /y LAST_CHANGE LastVersion
echo Installing Chromium...
start /wait mini_installer.exe
del /q running LAST_CHANGE
cd /d "%localappdata%\Chromium\Application\" && del /s /q chrome.7z & cd /d "%~dp0"

mikhaelkh commented Aug 7, 2014

This batch file installs and updates Chromium on Windows.
You need Wget! You can download it here. Simply put wget.exe where ChrUpdWin.cmd is.
It is recommended to put batch file in a separate directory, because it overwrites running,mini_installer.exe,LAST_CHANGE,LastVersion without prompt!

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