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missinglink / codes.json
Last active July 8, 2024 08:12
ISO 3166 Country Code to ISO 639 'Official Language Codes' for each country
"AD": "ca",
"AE": "ar-AE,fa,en,hi,ur",
"AF": "fa-AF,ps,uz-AF,tk",
"AG": "en-AG",
"AI": "en-AI",
"AL": "sq,el",
"AM": "hy",
"AN": "nl-AN,en,es",
"AO": "pt-AO",
0xdevalias /
Last active July 16, 2024 02:04
Some notes and tools for reverse engineering / deobfuscating / unminifying obfuscated web app code
cdaringe / pnpm-patch-package.js
Created April 13, 2022 18:28
* @description
* Support patch-package in pnpm projects.
* `pnpm` can be tricky to use with patch-package. To minimize friction creating patches,
* this script helps automate patching by using npm and a temp workspace to generate
* patch files.
* @usage
* 0. ensure the dependencies of interest are top level dependencies/devDependencies (no patching transitive deps)
Note : These are the settings i wrote by observing the Mediainfo of RARBG Encodes , these might not be 100% identical to RARBG Encodes.
These are FFMPEG Settings.
See comment below to see the code
milahu / index.html
Last active October 5, 2020 15:58
performance of different loop types #jsbench #jsperf ( #jsbench #jsperf
<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset="utf-8"/>
<title>performance of different loop types #jsbench #jsperf</title>
<script src=""></script>
<script src="./suite.js"></script>
<h1>Open the console to view the results</h1>
jaames /
Last active April 13, 2022 09:20
Fancy CSS link underlines with inline SVGs (plus embedded animations!)
mjpieters / # Sourcemap processing in
Last active December 15, 2023 11:32
Python sourcemap parsing

Sourcemap processing in Python

This gist contains two Python modules:

  • sourcemap: a module to parse and generate JavaScript source maps
  • base64vlq: code to decode and encode base64 VLQ sequences, an encoding used in source maps.


The code is licensed under the terms of the MIT license, included in the gist.

timw4mail / json-parser.js
Last active January 19, 2021 12:49
Pure JS JSON Parser
* Pure JS JSON Parser
* @see
* @param {string} str
function parseJSON(str) {
let i = 0;
const value = parseValue();
jaroslav-kubicek / codeshift-remove-alias.js
Last active November 30, 2022 17:51
Codeshift script to remove import alias
const path = require("path");
function replacePathAlias(currentFilePath, importPath, pathMap) {
// if windows env, convert backslashes to "/" first
currentFilePath = path.posix.join(...currentFilePath.split(path.sep));
const regex = createRegex(pathMap);
return importPath.replace(regex, replacer);
edro15 /
Created November 19, 2019 10:48
[How To] Compile a Java NetBeans project with Apache Ant


You need to modify code of a Java NetBeans project but you neither have or want to install that IDE in order to re-compile it.


Use Apache Ant to compile your Java code.


  • Create a folder (e.g. lib) in your project, at the same level of nbproject, and save all dependencies (jars) there.