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Today, healthcare providers struggle to provide high-quality, coordinated care through transitions, such as from a hospital to a skilled nursing facility. Strategies for care are not standard across facilities, and important information can slip through the cracks. Olio’s software helps coordinate care and engage providers, keeping them informed and active. Think PivotalTracker for coordinating care.

Olio is a post-MVP startup with funding and customers. We’re looking for a software engineer to join our team to work on our web and mobile products and their related services.

More About Us and What We Believe

Olio is on the forefront of creating better healthcare experiences and outcomes for real people in real time. We're bringing the powers of modern web and mobile applications to bear on the common engagement problems that occur every day in the healthcare industry between acute and post-acute organizations. Despite less than three years as a company, we are operating in major Indiana hospitals that g


Indy.rb March 2020: CANCELED!

After chatting with Dave Jones about tonight's meeting and the Covid-19 pandemic, we've decided to cancel/postpone tonight's meeting. While those who would choose to attend might be youthful and hale, many of us likely have contact with folks who are neither of those things. Best to take action early to lessen the spread than wait until later.

I will contact our sponsors and our speaker to coordinate for April (or possibly May, depending on how the spread continues). Thank you so much to Lessonly, Springbuk, Expected Behavior, and Olio for their continued support and willingness to help.

If you know someone who was planning to come to night, please tell them to stay home!

Thank you, Indy.rbers. Stay healthy.

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# stage 1
FROM madnight/docker-alpine-wkhtmltopdf:alpine-3.8 as base
# stage 2
FROM ruby:2.6.1-alpine3.8
# copy over wkhtmltopdf apline binary
COPY --from=base /bin/wkhtmltopdf /usr/bin/wkhtmltopdf
COPY .aptible.yml Procfile /.aptible/
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live_loop :drums do
sample :drum_heavy_kick
sleep 0.25
sample :bass_hit_c
sleep 0.25
live_loop :snare do
sync :drums
sleep 0.5
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var strToCheck = "here's some stuff and also squirrels 23 and other things";
var strToMatch = "squirrels";
// the double backslash prevents the backslash from being escaped by the RegExp constructor
// ... whee!
var regex = new RegExp(strToMatch + "\\s[0-9]{1,2}", "g");
var match = regex.exec(strToCheck);
// the result is that match now contains
// ["squirrels 23", index: 11, input: "some stuff squirrels 23 and things", groups: undefined]
mileszs / fretless-dev.mkd
Last active Jan 27, 2018
Developer at Fretless
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Developer at Fretless

Fretless was created so we could continue to hone our craft together, work on interesting projects with interesting people, and help others hone their craft, too. We’re senior developers and technical leaders. Sometimes we join an existing team to sling code and provide senior-level leadership. Other times we tackle a project that a client is unable to complete on their own. Sometimes our work is to teach others!

Geographically, sometimes we work together, sometimes we work remotely, and sometimes we work onsite with our client. We often write web and mobile applications in Ruby and JavaScript (including React, Angular, Ember, etc.). We’re down for other languages, but we’re known for those.

Community is important to us. We can often be found attending, presenting at, or organizing local meetups, such as Indy.rb, Btown.rb, and our High Fives Happy Hour. Several of us are heavily involved in Indy Hackers, too!

We believe strongly in the criteria a

mileszs / authorize_job_poster_1.ex
Last active Apr 21, 2017
Use new fun toys or not?
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defmodule ElixirJobBoard.Plugs.AuthorizeJobPoster do
import Plug.Conn
import Phoenix.Controller, only: [put_flash: 3, redirect: 2]
alias ElixirJobBoard.Repo
alias ElixirJobBoard.User
alias ElixirJobBoard.Job
def init(opts), do: opts
mileszs / authenticate_job_poster.ex
Created Oct 4, 2016
Plug for authenticating via session or token
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defmodule ElixirJobBoard.Plugs.AuthenticateJobPoster do
import Plug.Conn
import Phoenix.Controller, only: [put_flash: 3, redirect: 2]
alias ElixirJobBoard.Repo
alias ElixirJobBoard.User
def init(opts), do: opts
def call(conn, _opts) do
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Our father, who art Sith

Hallowed be thy name

Thy kingdom come

Thy will be done

Throughout The Empire