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Indy.rb November 2012 Hackfest Idea

Indy.rb November 2012 Hackfest Idea


Microframework Hack-off


We would split into several small groups. Each group would be assigned a different web micro-framework to use to build a blog (or something else, but everyone should be building the same thing). After X amount of time (1 hour?), each group will discuss with the other groups what they liked or did not like about their micro-framework.


Presentations on micro-frameworks are well and good, but when does anyone have the time to really use it? When was the last time someone pointed out a micro-framework (not named Sinatra), you thought it looked cool, and you actually built something with it. Probably never. This way we'll all learn something about a micro-framework because we'll have actually worked with one. Perhaps we'll even be inspired to use it again, or use one of the other group's assigned micro-frameworks.

The Frameworks

Not Sinatra. Sinatra is something everyone has used, at this point. However, if you have any other !Sinatra recommendations please make them. (Padrino is Sinatra, and it's also not a micro-framework.) (... I could be talked into Sinatra for a group comprised of people who have never used Sinatra, especially if that means more, smaller groups.)

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