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millisami / gist:3798773
Created Sep 28, 2012 — forked from juanje/gist:3797297
Mount apt cache of a Vagrant box in the host to spin up the packages installation
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This is a little trick I use to spin up the packages instalation on Debian/Ubuntu boxes in Vagrant.

I add a simple function that checks if a directory named something similar to ~/.vagrant.d/cache/apt/opscode-ubuntu-12.04/partial (it may have another path in Windows or MacOS) and create the directory if it doesn't already exist.

def local_cache(box_name)
  cache_dir = File.join(File.expand_path(Vagrant::Environment::DEFAULT_HOME),
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# Today's little useless tidbit converts a url's query string into a hash
# set of k/v pairs in a way that merges duplicates and massages empty
# querystring values
def qs_to_hash(query_string)
keyvals = query_string.split('&').inject({}) do |result, q|
k,v = q.split('=')
if !v.nil?
result.merge({k => v})
elsif !result.key?(k)
millisami / brew --config
Created Jun 23, 2011
brew install ffmpeg
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HEAD: 57338d3c6763f2d0b5a91091baf973e407c35034
HOMEBREW_CELLAR: /usr/local/Cellar
HOMEBREW_LIBRARY_PATH: /usr/local/Library/Homebrew
Hardware: dual-core 64-bit penryn
OS X: 10.6.7
Kernel Architecture: i386
Ruby: 1.8.7-174
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abstract attribute_normalizer authlogic authlogic_rpx autotest-rails aws aws_cloud_map aws_credentials aws-ext aws-s3 aws-sdb bcrypt-ruby blueprints bmabey-email_spec
builder bundler cancan capistrano cgi_multipart_eof_fix compass chronic classifier closure-compiler colored columnize compass-960-plugin compass-colors configuration construct
contacts crack culerity daemons database_cleaner data_objects delayed_job delayed_paperclip diff-lcs directory_watcher validatable erubis eventmachine extlib facebooker
facets factory_girl factory_girl_extensions fakeweb fancy-buttons fastercsv fastthread fcoury-matchy ffi ffmike-test_benchmark flay flexmock flog metric_fu formtastic frankie
friendly fssm gdata gembox gemcutter gem_plugin geoip geokit trample git github git_remote_branch glue gravtastic haml haml-edge has_scope heckle helperful heroku highline hirb
millisami /
Created Dec 18, 2016 — forked from mdespuits/
Add to Mac OS X hosts file
main() {
if [[ $(has_lvh_me) == 1 ]]; then
echo ' is already specified in your hosts file'
echo ' was added to your hosts file!'
millisami /
Created Dec 13, 2016
Scaffold a new WordPress site using an Alfred workflow and WP-CLI. Development sites are spun up using Laravel Valet and a parked Sites folder in the root.
# Parse query name into theme and version variables (e.g. theme-name 1.0.0)
read theme version <<< "{query}"
# Create directory for new site
cd ~/Sites
mkdir $theme
cd $theme
# Download latest version of WordPress
wp core download
millisami / hoodie-not_found.error
Created Sep 28, 2016
Error confirming user: Error: not_found
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Using remote CouchDB:
Waiting for CouchDB [-*----] SUCCESS
Starting Plugin: 'hoodie-plugin-appconfig'
Starting Plugin: 'hoodie-plugin-email'
Starting Plugin: 'hoodie-plugin-users'
All plugins started.
millisami / hoodie.error
Created Sep 27, 2016
Error: spawn EACCES
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○ hoodie new appName -t "hoodiehq/hoodie-app-skeleton"
.d$b. .d$b. .d$$$$$$b. .d$$$$$$b. .d$$$$$$b. .d$b..d$$$$$$$$b.
$$$$$..$$$$$.$$$$$$$$$$$b .$$$$$$$$$$$b $$$$$$$$$$b $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$P'
$$$$$´`$$$$$'$$$$$$$$$$$$''$$$$$$$$$$$$'$$$$$$$$$$P $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$b.
'Q$P' 'Q$P' 'Q$$$$$$P' 'Q$$$$$$P' 'Q$$$$$$$P 'Q$P''Q$$$$$$$$P'
Version: 0.6.3 (node v0.12.15, npm 2.15.11, platform: darwin)
millisami / gist:3148874
Created Jul 20, 2012 — forked from igrigorik/gist:3148848
Convert any YouTube video into an audio file you can listen to on the go...
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# Convert any YouTube video into an audio file you can listen to on the go, using:
{ ~ } > brew install ffmpeg
{ ~ } > brew install ffprobe
{ ~ } > wget
{ ~ } > chmod u+x youtube-dl
# Pick which video format you want to download.. (use any YT video link)

Zero downtime deploys with unicorn + nginx + runit + rvm + chef

Below are the actual files we use in one of our latest production applications at Agora Games to achieve zero downtime deploys with unicorn. You've probably already read the GitHub blog post on Unicorn and would like to try zero downtime deploys for your application. I hope these files and notes help. I am happy to update these files or these notes if there are comments/questions. YMMV (of course).

Other application notes:

  • Our application uses MongoDB, so we don't have database migrations to worry about as with MySQL or postgresql. That does not mean that we won't have to worry about issues with the database with indexes being built in MongoDB or what have you.
  • We use capistrano for deployment.

Salient points for each file: