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Created November 12, 2022 18:44
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Mexico City!

Places to stay at

  • Roma Norte
  • Condesa


  • taqueria gabriel (omg, everything is good there, get the "jugo de carne" as well!)
  • "paramo" and "el parnita", one is upstairs and has amazing food and cocktails and atmosphere, the other one is downstairs and has great food.
  • taqueria orinoco (omg, same, it's more like a fast food chain but it's like THE chain of tacos)
  • el califa (a chain as well, more fancy and expensive, but really solid!)
  • Tacos de cochinita "los abuelos" (one of the most legit street tacos we found!)
  • tacos los juanes (street tacos, really good)
  • maximo (fancy restaurant that has amazing food! we went there many times)
  • Campobaja (really nice terasse and seafood, great for lunch)

Chocolate shops

  • go drink some hot chocolate at "chocolateria la rifa"

Things to do

  • go to "arena mexico" to watch some mexican catch (lucha libre)
  • go drink some pulque at a pulqueria (bonus: go to "pulqueria la hija de los apaches" to see some salsa as well)
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