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ISO 3166-2 Country and State/Region Tables for MySQL

Raw CSV data is made available by Common Data Hub here:

The table cdh_state_codes (see cdh-schema.sql below) is designed to hold the raw data, which should import readily using most common database tools, or directly into MySQL via LOAD DATA, e.g.:

TRUNCATE TABLE `iso3166`.`cdh_state_codes`;

LOAD DATA LOW_PRIORITY LOCAL INFILE '/temp/cdh_state_codes.txt'
    INTO TABLE `iso3166`.`cdh_state_codes`
    ESCAPED BY '"'
        `country_name`, `subdiv`, `subdiv_name`, `level_name`, `alt_names`,
        `subdiv_star`, `subdiv_id`, `country_id`, `country_code_2`, `country_code_3`


TRUNCATE TABLE `iso3166`.`cdh_country_codes`;

LOAD DATA LOW_PRIORITY LOCAL INFILE '/temp/cdh_country_codes.txt'
    INTO TABLE `iso3166`.`cdh_country_codes`
		`country_name`, `alt_names`, `code2`, `code3`, `iso_cc`, `fips_code`,
		`fips_country_name`, `un_region`, `un_subregion`, `cdh_id`, `comments`, `lat`, `lng`


Due to inconsistencies in the CDH data, the country import will produce some warnings about missing columns - at the time of writing, certain download options on the CDH site do not work, including the option to escape with double-quotes; currently, you will need to open the files and fix extra newline characters in some entries in the files by hand. The SHOW WARNINGS statements above will reveal the line-numbers with problems - it should be fairly obvious how to fix these.

The list of states also contains a couple of duplicates, which will cause errors during import - these need to be removed by hand also.

If you just want something that works here and now, repaired copies of cdh_country_codes.txt and cdh_state_codes.txt are attached below. (Use of this data is subject to licensing terms for set forth by CDH.)

Be sure to use matching field and line terminators when downloading and importing.

Also note the user of IGNORE 1 LINES, meaning skip the column-names in the first row - if you downloaded the files without column-names, remove this line from the statement.

Run import.sql to populate the country and region entity-tables from the data in the flat cdh_* tables.

Once the entity-tables have been populated, you can drop the cdh_* tables if you like.

CREATE TABLE `cdh_state_codes` (
`country_name` VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL,
`subdiv` VARCHAR(10) NOT NULL,
`subdiv_name` VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL,
`level_name` VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL,
`subdiv_star` VARCHAR(10) NOT NULL,
`subdiv_id` INT(10) UNSIGNED NOT NULL,
`country_id` INT(10) UNSIGNED NOT NULL,
`country_code_2` CHAR(2) NOT NULL,
`country_code_3` CHAR(3) NOT NULL
CREATE TABLE `cdh_country_codes` (
`country_name` VARCHAR(50) NOT NULL,
`code2` CHAR(10) NOT NULL,
`code3` CHAR(3) NOT NULL,
`fips_code` VARCHAR(10) NULL,
`fips_country_name` VARCHAR(50) NULL,
`un_region` VARCHAR(50) NULL,
`un_subregion` VARCHAR(50) NULL,
`comments` VARCHAR(255) NULL,
`lat` VARCHAR(10) NULL,
`lng` VARCHAR(10) NULL
Afghanistan Afghanistan, Afganistán AF AFG 004 AF Afghanistan Asia Southern Asia 2 33 00 N 65 00 E
Albania Albania, Albanien, Albanie AL ALB 008 AL Albania Europe Southern Europe 4 Wikipedia: Introduced in 2006. AL- is part of the postcode. 41 00 N 20 00 E
Algeria Algeria, Algerien, Algérie, Argelia DZ DZA 012 AG Algeria Africa Northern Africa 5 28 00 N 3 00 E
American Samoa American Samoa, Amerikanisch-Samoa, Samoa américaines, Samoa Americana AS ASM 016 AQ American Samoa Oceania Polynesia 6 14 20 S 170 00 W
Andorra Andorre, Andorra AD AND 020 AN Andorra Europe Southern Europe 7 AD is part of the postcode. Wikipedia: each parish now has its own post code. 42 30 N 1 30 E
Angola Angola AO AGO 024 AO Angola Africa Middle Africa 8 12 30 S 18 30 E
Anguilla Anguilla AI AIA 660 AV Anguilla Americas Caribbean 9 18 15 N 63 10 W
Antarctica Antarctica, Antarktis, Antarctique, Antártida AQ ATA 010 AY Antarctica 10 Region not listed in any source - indicates that there is no postal coding system. 90 00 S 0 00 E
Antigua and Barbuda Antigua and Barbuda, Antigua und Barbuda, Antigua et Barbuda, Antigua y Barbuda AG ATG 028 AC Antigua and Barbuda Americas Caribbean 11 17 03 N 61 48 W
Argentina Argentina, Argentinien, Argentine AR ARG 032 AR Argentina Americas South America 12 34 00 S 64 00 W
Armenia Armenia, Armenien, Arménie AM ARM 051 AM Armenia Asia Western Asia 13 Postal codes changed from 999999 to 9999 in 2006. 40 00 N 45 00 E
Aruba Aruba AW ABW 533 AA Aruba Americas Caribbean 14 12 30 N 69 58 W
Australia Australien, Australie, Australia AU AUS 036 AS Australia Oceania Australia and New Zealand 15 27 00 S 133 00 E
Austria Österreich, Autriche, Austria AT AUT 040 AU Austria Europe Western Europe 16 Wikipedia: A- or AT- is part of the postcode. Statoids: postal codes can be identified by prefixing them with 47 20 N 13 20 E
Azerbaijan Azerbaijan, Aserbaidschan, Azerbaïdjan, Azerbaiyán AZ AZE 031 AJ Azerbaijan Asia Western Asia 17 AZ is part of the postcode. 40 30 N 47 30 E
Bahamas Bahamas BS BHS 044 BF Bahamas Americas Caribbean 18 24 15 N 76 00 W
Bahrain Bahrain, Bahreïn, Bahrein BH BHR 048 BA Bahrain Asia Western Asia 21 26 00 N 50 33 E
Bangladesh Bangladesh, Bangladesch BD BGD 050 BG Bangladesh Asia Southern Asia 22 24 00 N 90 00 E
Barbados Barbade, Barbados BB BRB 052 BB Barbados Americas Caribbean 23 Wikipedia: BB is part of the postcode. 13 10 N 59 32 W
Belarus Belarus, Weißrussland, Biélorussie, Bielorrusia BY BLR 112 BO Belarus Europe Eastern Europe 24 Wikipedia: BY- is part of the postcode. 53 00 N 28 00 E
Belgium Belgium, Belgien, Belgique, Bélgica BE BEL 056 BE Belgium Europe Western Europe 25 Wikipedia: B- or BE- is part of the postcode. Statoids: postal codes can be identified by prefixing them with 50 50 N 4 00 E
Belize Belize, Belice BZ BLZ 084 BH Belize Americas Central America 26 17 15 N 88 45 W
Benin Benin, Bénin BJ BEN 204 BN Benin Africa Western Africa 27 9 30 N 2 15 E
Bermuda Bermuda, Bermudes, Bermudas BM BMU 060 BD Bermuda Americas Northern America 28 Wikipedia: AA 99 used for street addresses, AA AA used for PO boxes. 32 20 N 64 45 W
Bhutan Bhutan, Bhoutan, Bután BT BTN 064 BT Bhutan Asia Southern Asia 29 27 30 N 90 30 E
Bolivia, Plurinational State Of Bolivia, Bolivien, Bolivie BO BOL 068 BL Bolivia Americas South America 30 17 00 S 65 00 W
Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba Bonaire, Sint Eustatius en Saba BQ BES 535 700
Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnien und Herzegowina, Bosnie et Herzégovine, Bosnia y Herzegovina BA BIH 070 BK Bosnia and Herzegovina Europe Southern Europe 31 Wikipedia: BA- is part of the postcode. 44 00 N 18 00 E
Botswana Botswana BW BWA 072 BC Botswana Africa Southern Africa 32 22 00 S 24 00 E
Bouvet Island BV BVT 074 BV Bouvet Island 33 54 26 S 3 24 E
Brazil Brazil, Brasilien, Brésil, Brasil BR BRA 076 BR Brasil Americas South America 34 Statoids: Three-digit extension 10 00 S 55 00 W
British Indian Ocean Territory IO IOT 086 IO British Indian Ocean Territory Africa Eastern Africa 35 Single code used for all addresses. 6 00 S 71 30 E
Brunei Darussalam Brunei BN BRN 096 BX Brunei Asia South-Eastern Asia 36 4 30 N 114 40 E
Bulgaria Bulgaria, Bulgarien, Bulgarie BG BGR 100 BU Bulgaria Europe Eastern Europe 37 Wikipedia: BG- is part of the postcode. Statoids: BG- can be used. 43 00 N 25 00 E
Burkina Faso Burkina Faso BF BFA 854 UV Burkina Faso Africa Western Africa 38 13 00 N 2 00 W
Burundi Burundi BI BDI 108 BY Burundi Africa Eastern Africa 39 3 30 S 30 00 E
Cambodia Cambodia, Kambodscha, Cambodge, Camboya KH KHM 116 CB Cambodia Asia South-Eastern Asia 40 13 00 N 105 00 E
Cameroon Cameroon, Kamerun, Cameroun, Camerún CM CMR 120 CM Cameroon Africa Middle Africa 41 6 00 N 12 00 E
Canada Canada, Kanada, Canadá CA CAN 124 CA Canada Americas Northern America 42 60 00 N 95 00 W
Cape Verde Cape Verde, Kap Verde, Cap Vert, Cabo Verde CV CPV 132 CV Cape Verde Africa Western Africa 43 16 00 N 24 00 W
Cayman Islands Cayman Islands, Cayman-Inseln, Îles Caïmans, Islas Caimán KY CYM 136 CJ Cayman Islands Americas Caribbean 44 Wikipedia: KY is part of the postcode. 19 30 N 80 30 W
Central African Republic Central African Republic, Zentralafrikanische Republik, République Centrafricaine, República Centroafricana CF CAF 140 CT Central African Republic Africa Middle Africa 45 7 00 N 21 00 E
Chad Chad, Tschad, Tchad TD TCD 148 CD Chad Africa Middle Africa 46 15 00 N 19 00 E
Chile Chile CL CHL 152 CI Chile Americas South America 47 30 00 S 71 00 W
China China, Chine CN CHN 156 CH People's Republic of China Asia Eastern Asia 48 35 00 N 105 00 E
Christmas Island CX CXR 162 KT Christmas Island Oceania Australia and New Zealand 49 10 30 S 105 40 E
Cocos (Keeling) Islands CC CCK 166 CK Cocos (Keeling) Islands Oceania Australia and New Zealand 50 12 30 S 96 50 E
Colombia Colombia, Kolumbien, Colombie CO COL 170 CO Colombia Americas South America 51 4 00 N 72 00 W
Comoros Comoros, Komoren, Comores KM COM 174 CN Comoros Africa Eastern Africa 52 12 10 S 44 15 E
Congo Congo, Kongo CG COG 178 CF Republic of the Congo Africa Middle Africa 53 1 00 S 15 00 E
Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The Congo (Dem. Rep.), Kongo (Dem. Rep.), Congo (Rep. Dem.), Congo (Rep. Dem.) CD COD 180 CG Democratic Republic of the Congo Africa Middle Africa 54 0 00 N 25 00 E
Cook Islands Cook Islands, Cookinseln, Îles Cook, Islas Cook CK COK 184 CW Cook Islands Oceania Polynesia 55 21 14 S 159 46 W
Costa Rica Costa Rica CR CRI 188 CS Costa Rica Americas Central America 56 Wikipedia: Became 99999 after 1997. 10 00 N 84 00 W
Croatia Croatia, Kroatien, Croatie, Croacia HR HRV 191 HR Croatia Europe Southern Europe 58 HR- is part of the postcode. Statoids: HR- can be used. 45 10 N 15 30 E
Cuba Cuba, Kuba CU CUB 192 CU Cuba Americas Caribbean 59 CP (codigo postal; postal code) is often part of the postcode. 21 30 N 80 00 W
Curaçao Curaçao; Curaçao; Kòrsou CW CUW 531 701
Cyprus Cyprus, Zypern, Chypre, Chipre CY CYP 196 CY Cyprus Asia Western Asia 60 Wikipedia: CY- is part of the postcode. Statoids: CY- can be used. 35 00 N 33 00 E
Czech Republic Czech Republic, Tschechische Republik, République Tchèque, República Checa CZ CZE 203 EZ Czech Republic Europe Eastern Europe 61 Wikipedia: CZ- is part of the postcode. Statoids: CZ- can be used. 49 45 N 15 30 E
Côte D'Ivoire CI CIV 384 IV Côte D'Ivoire Africa Western Africa 57 8 00 N 5 00 W
Denmark Denmark, Dänemark, Danemark, Dinamarca DK DNK 208 DA Denmark Europe Northern Europe 62 Wikipedia: DK- is part of the postcode. 56 00 N 10 00 E
Djibouti Djibouti DJ DJI 262 DJ Djibouti Africa Eastern Africa 63 11 30 N 43 00 E
Dominica Dominica DM DMA 212 DO Dominica Americas Caribbean 64 15 25 N 61 20 W
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic, Dominikanische Republik, République Dominicaine, República Dominicana DO DOM 214 DR Dominican Republic Americas Caribbean 65 19 00 N 70 40 W
Ecuador Équateur, Ecuador EC ECU 218 EC Ecuador Americas South America 66 Wikipedia: New system introduced in 12/2007. 2 00 S 77 30 W
Egypt Egypt, Ägypten, Égypte, Egipto EG EGY 818 EG Egypt Africa Northern Africa 67 27 00 N 30 00 E
El Salvador Salvador, El Salvador SV SLV 222 ES El Salvador Americas Central America 68 CP (codigo postal; postal code) is part of the postcode. 13 50 N 88 55 W
Equatorial Guinea Equatorial Guinea, Äquatorial-Guinea, Guinée Équatoriale, Guinea Ecuatorial GQ GNQ 226 EK Equatorial Guinea Africa Middle Africa 69 2 00 N 10 00 E
Eritrea Érythrée, Eritrea ER ERI 232 ER Eritrea Africa Eastern Africa 70 15 00 N 39 00 E
Estonia Estland, Estonie, Estonia EE EST 233 EN Estonia Europe Northern Europe 71 Wikipedia: EE- is part of the postcode. Statoids: EE- can be used. 59 00 N 26 00 E
Ethiopia Ethiopia, Äthiopien, Éthiopie, Etiopía ET ETH 231 ET Ethiopia Africa Eastern Africa 73 8 00 N 38 00 E
Falkland Islands (Malvinas) Falkland Islands, Falklandinseln, Îles Malouines, Islas Malvinas FK FLK 238 FK Falkland Islands/Islas Malvinas Americas South America 74 Single code used for all addresses. 51 45 S 59 00 W
Faroe Islands Faroe Islands, Färöer-Inseln, Îles Féroé, Islas Faroe FO FRO 234 FO Faroe Islands Europe Northern Europe 75 FO is part of the postcode. Wikipedia: FO- is part of the postcode. 62 00 N 7 00 W
Fiji Fiji, Fidschi, Fidji FJ FJI 242 FJ Fiji Oceania Melanesia 76 18 00 S 175 00 E
Finland Finland, Finnland, Finlande, Finlandia FI FIN 246 FI Finland Europe Northern Europe 77 FI- is part of the postcode. Wikipedia: FI- is part of the postcode. 64 00 N 26 00 E
France France, Frankreich, Francia, the French Republic FR FRA 250 FR France Europe Western Europe 78 Wikipedia: F- or FR- is part of the postcode. Statoids: F- can be used. Also see individual listings for overseas regions and dependent territories of France. 46 00 N 2 00 E
French Guiana French Guiana, Französisch Guyana, Guyane française, Guayana Francesa GF GUF 254 FG French Guiana Americas South America 80 Overseas Region of France. Source: CIA Factbook. 4 00 N 53 00 W
French Polynesia French Polynesia, Französisch-Polynesien, Polynésie Française, Polinesia Francesa PF PYF 258 FP French Polynesia Oceania Polynesia 81 Dependent area of France. French Polynesia comprises Austral Islands, Gambier Islands, Marquesas Islands, Society Archipelago, Tuamotu Islands. 15 00 S 140 00 W
French Southern Territories French Southern Territories, Französische Südgebiete, Terres Australes Françaises, Territorios Franceses del Sur TF ATF 260 FS French Southern Territories 82 Dependent Area of France. Source: CIA Factbook. Comprises Amsterdam Island, Crozet Archipelago, Kerguelen Islands, Saint-Paul Island and scattered islands in the Indian Ocean.
Gabon Gabon, Gabun, Gabón GA GAB 266 GB Gabon Africa Middle Africa 83 1 00 S 11 45 E
Gambia Gambia GM GMB 270 GA The Gambia Africa Western Africa 84 13 28 N 16 34 W
Georgia Georgien, Géorgie, Georgia GE GEO 268 GG Georgia Asia Western Asia 1 Wikipedia: GE- is part of the postcode. 42 00 N 43 30 E
Germany Germany, Deutschland, Allemagne, Alemania DE DEU 276 GM Germany Europe Western Europe 85 Wikipedia: D- or DE- is part of the postcode. Statoids: D- can be used. 51 00 N 9 00 E
Ghana Ghana GH GHA 288 GH Ghana Africa Western Africa 86 8 00 N 2 00 W
Gibraltar Gibraltar GI GIB 292 GI Gibraltar Europe Southern Europe 87 36 08 N 5 21 W
Greece Greece, Griechenland, Grèce, Grecia GR GRC 300 GR Greece Europe Southern Europe 88 Wikipedia: GR- is part of the postcode. Statoids: GR- can be used. 39 00 N 22 00 E
Greenland Greenland, Grönland, Groenland, Groenlandia GL GRL 304 GL Greenland Americas Northern America 89 72 00 N 40 00 W
Grenada Grenada GD GRD 308 GJ Grenada Americas Caribbean 90 12 07 N 61 40 W
Guadeloupe Guadeloupe, Guadalupe GP GLP 312 GP Guadeloupe Americas Caribbean 91 Includes la Desirade, Marie-Galante, les Saintes.
Guam Guam GU GUM 316 GQ Guam Oceania Micronesia 92 13 28 N 144 47 E
Guatemala Guatemala GT GTM 320 GT Guatemala Americas Central America 93 15 30 N 90 15 W
Guernsey Guernsey and Alderney, Guernsey und Alderney, Guernsey et Alderney, Guernsey y Alderney GG GGY 831 GK Guernsey Europe Northern Europe 94 The Bailiwick of Guernsey also includes the islands of Alderney, Brecqhou, Burhou, Herm, Jethou, Lihou, Little Sark, and Sark. 49 28 N 2 35 W
Guinea Guinea, Guinea, Guinée, Guinea GN GIN 324 GV Guinea Africa Western Africa 95 11 00 N 10 00 W
Guinea-Bissau Guinea-Bissau, Guinée-Bissau GW GNB 624 PU Guinea-Bissau Africa Western Africa 96 12 00 N 15 00 W
Guyana Guyana GY GUY 328 GY Guyana Americas South America 97 5 00 N 59 00 W
Haiti Haiti HT HTI 332 HA Haiti Americas Caribbean 98 HT is part of the postcode. Wikipedia: HT- is part of the postcode. 19 00 N 72 25 W
Heard Island and McDonald Islands HM HMD 334 HM Heard Island and McDonald Islands 99 53 06 S 72 31 E
Holy See (Vatican City State) Vatican City, Vatikan, Cité du Vatican, Ciudad del Vaticano VA VAT 336 VT Vatican City Europe Southern Europe 100 Wikipedia & Statoids: single code used for all addresses. 41 54 N 12 27 E
Honduras Honduras HN HND 340 HO Honduras Americas Central America 101 15 00 N 86 30 W
Hong Kong HK HKG 344 HK Hong Kong Asia Eastern Asia 102 22 15 N 114 10 E
Hungary Hungary, Ungarn, Hongrie, Hungría HU HUN 348 HU Hungary Europe Eastern Europe 103 Wikipedia: H- or HU- is part of the postcode. Statoids: H- can be used. 47 00 N 20 00 E
Iceland Iceland, Island, Islande, Islandia IS ISL 352 IC Iceland Europe Northern Europe 104 Wikipedia: IS- is part of the postcode. Statoids: IS- can be used. 65 00 N 18 00 W
India India, Indien, Inde IN IND 356 IN India Asia Southern Asia 105 Statoids: can be written with a space between the third and fourth digit. 20 00 N 77 00 E
Indonesia Indonesia, Indonesien, Indonésie ID IDN 360 ID Indonesia Asia South-Eastern Asia 106 5 00 S 120 00 E
Iran, Islamic Republic Of Iran, Irán IR IRN 364 IR Iran Asia Southern Asia 107 32 00 N 53 00 E
Iraq Iraq, Irak IQ IRQ 368 IZ Iraq Asia Western Asia 108 33 00 N 44 00 E
Ireland Ireland, Irland, Irlande, Irlanda IE IRL 372 EI Republic of Ireland Europe Northern Europe 109 53 00 N 8 00 W
Isle of Man Isle of Man, Man, Île de Man, Isla de Man IM IMN 833 IM Isle of Man Europe Northern Europe 110 54 15 N 4 30 W
Israel Israël, Israel IL ISR 376 IS Israel Asia Western Asia 111 Statoids: may be identified by prefixing them with 31 30 N 34 45 E
Italy Italy, Italien, Italie, Italia IT ITA 380 IT Italy Europe Southern Europe 112 42 50 N 12 50 E
Jamaica Jamaica, Jamaika, Jamaïque JM JAM 388 JM Jamaica Americas Caribbean 113 Wikipedia: JM is part of the postcode. 18 15 N 77 30 W
Japan Japan, Japan, Japon, Japón JP JPN 392 JA Japan Asia Eastern Asia 114 36 00 N 138 00 E
Jersey Jersey JE JEY 832 JE Jersey Europe Northern Europe 115 49 15 N 2 10 W
Jordan Jordan, Jordanien, Jordanie, Jordania JO JOR 400 JO Jordan Asia Western Asia 116 31 00 N 36 00 E
Kazakhstan Kazakhstan, Kasachstan, Kazakhstan, Kazajistán KZ KAZ 398 KZ Kazakhstan Asia Central Asia 117 48 00 N 68 00 E
Kenya Kenya, Kenia, Kenya, Kenia KE KEN 404 KE Kenya Africa Eastern Africa 118 Statoids: generally a space is inserted after the first digit. 1 00 N 38 00 E
Kiribati Kiribati, Kiribati, Kiribati, Kiribati KI KIR 296 KR Kiribati Oceania Micronesia 119 1 25 N 173 00 E
Korea, Democratic People's Republic Of Korea (North), Nordkorea, Corée du Nord, Corea del Norte KP PRK 408 KN North Korea Asia Eastern Asia 121 40 00 N 127 00 E
Korea, Republic of Korea (South), Südkorea, Corée du Sud, Corea del Sur KR KOR 410 KS South Korea Asia Eastern Asia 120 37 00 N 127 30 E
Kuwait Koweït, Kuwait KW KWT 414 KU Kuwait Asia Western Asia 122 29 30 N 45 45 E
Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan, Kirgisistan, Kirghizistan, Kirguizistán KG KGZ 417 KG Kyrgyzstan Asia Central Asia 123 41 00 N 75 00 E
Lao People's Democratic Republic Laos, Laos, Laos, Laos LA LAO 418 LA Laos Asia South-Eastern Asia 124 18 00 N 105 00 E
Latvia Latvia, Lettland, Lettonie, Letonia LV LVA 428 LG Latvia Europe Northern Europe 125 LV- is part of the postcode. 57 00 N 25 00 E
Lebanon Lebanon, Libanon, Liban, Líbano LB LBN 422 LE Lebanon Asia Western Asia 126 Wikipedia: 9999 in rural areas, 9999 9999 in urban areas. 33 50 N 35 50 E
Lesotho Lesotho, Lesotho, Lesotho, Lesotho LS LSO 426 LT Lesotho Africa Southern Africa 127 29 30 S 28 30 E
Liberia Liberia, Liberia, Liberia, Liberia LR LBR 430 LI Liberia Africa Western Africa 128 6 30 N 9 30 W
Libya Libya, Libyen, Libye, Libia LY LBY 434 LY Libya Africa Northern Africa 129 25 00 N 17 00 E
Liechtenstein Liechtenstein LI LIE 438 LS Liechtenstein Europe Western Europe 130 47 16 N 9 32 E
Lithuania Lithuania, Litauen, Lituanie, Lituania LT LTU 440 LH Lithuania Europe Northern Europe 131 LT- is part of the postcode. Statoids: LT- can be used. 56 00 N 24 00 E
Luxembourg Luxembourg, Luxemburg, Luxembourg, Luxemburgo LU LUX 442 LU Luxembourg Europe Western Europe 132 Wikipedia: L- or LU- is part of the postcode. Statoids: L- can be used. 49 45 N 6 10 E
Macao MO MAC 446 MC Macau Asia Eastern Asia 133 22 10 N 113 33 E
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of Macedonia, Mazedonien, Macédoine, Macedonia MK MKD 807 MK Republic of Macedonia Europe Southern Europe 134 Wikipedia: MK- is part of the postcode. Statoids: can prefix the postal code with MK- or MAK-. 41 50 N 22 00 E
Madagascar Madagascar, Madagaskar, the Republic of Madagascar MG MDG 450 MA Madagascar Africa Eastern Africa 135 20 00 S 47 00 E
Malawi Malawi MW MWI 454 MI Malawi Africa Eastern Africa 136 13 30 S 34 00 E
Malaysia Malaysia, Malaisie, Malasia MY MYS 458 MY Malaysia Asia South-Eastern Asia 137 2 30 N 112 30 E
Maldives Maldives, Malediven, Maldivas MV MDV 462 MV Maldives Asia Southern Asia 138 Statoids: new system (99999), had been 99-99 3 15 N 73 00 E
Mali Mali ML MLI 466 ML Mali Africa Western Africa 139 17 00 N 4 00 W
Malta Malta, Malta, Malte, Malta MT MLT 470 MT Malta Europe Southern Europe 140 35 50 N 14 35 E
Marshall Islands Marshall Islands, Marshall-Inseln, Îles Marshall, Islas Marshall MH MHL 584 RM Marshall Islands Oceania Micronesia 141 9 00 N 168 00 E
Martinique Martinique, Martinique, Martinique, Martinica MQ MTQ 474 MB Martinique Americas Caribbean 142
Mauritania Mauritania, Mauretanien, Mauritanie, Mauritania MR MRT 478 MR Mauritania Africa Western Africa 143 20 00 N 12 00 W
Mauritius Mauritius, Mauritius, Île Maurice, Mauricio MU MUS 480 MP Mauritius Africa Eastern Africa 144 20 17 S 57 33 E
Mayotte Mayotte, Mayotte, Mayotte, Mayotte YT MYT 175 MF Mayotte Africa Eastern Africa 145 12 50 S 45 10 E
Mexico Mexico, Mexiko, Mexique, México MX MEX 484 MX Mexico Americas Central America 146 23 00 N 102 00 W
Micronesia, Federated States Of Micronesia, Mikronesien, Micronésie, Micronesia FM FSM 583 FM Federated States of Micronesia Oceania Micronesia 147 6 55 N 158 15 E
Moldova, Republic of Moldova, Moldawien, Moldavie, Moldavia, the Republic of Moldova MD MDA 498 MD Moldova Europe Eastern Europe 148 MD- is part of the postcode. Statoids: MD- can be used. 47 00 N 29 00 E
Monaco Monaco, Mónaco MC MCO 492 MN Monaco Europe Western Europe 149 Wikipedia: MC- is part of the postcode. Statoids: MC- can be used. 43 44 N 7 24 E
Mongolia Mongolei, Mongolie, Mongolia MN MNG 496 MG Mongolia Asia Eastern Asia 150 46 00 N 105 00 E
Montenegro Crna Gora, Montenegro ME MNE 499 MJ Montenegro Europe Southern Europe 151 Previous ISO entries: Yugoslavia, Serbia and Montenegro. Wikipedia: ME- is part of the postcode. 42 30 N 19 18 E
Montserrat Montserrat, Montserrat, Montserrat, Montserrat MS MSR 500 MH Montserrat Americas Caribbean 152 16 45 N 62 12 W
Morocco Morocco, Marokko, Maroc, Marruecos MA MAR 504 MO Morocco Africa Northern Africa 153 32 00 N 5 00 W
Mozambique Mozambique, Mosambik, Mozambique, Mozambique MZ MOZ 508 MZ Mozambique Africa Eastern Africa 154 Statoids: four-digit postcodes were inaugurated on 1/1/2004. 18 15 S 35 00 E
Myanmar Myanmar, Myanmar, Myanmar, Myanmar MM MMR 104 BM Myanmar Asia South-Eastern Asia 155 22 00 N 98 00 E
Namibia Namibia, Namibia, Namibie, Namibia NA NAM 516 WA Namibia Africa Southern Africa 156 22 00 S 17 00 E
Nauru Nauru, Nauru, Nauru, Nauru NR NRU 520 NR Nauru Oceania Micronesia 157 0 32 S 166 55 E
Nepal Nepal, Nepal, Népal, Nepal, the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal NP NPL 524 NP Nepal Asia Southern Asia 158 28 00 N 84 00 E
Netherlands Netherlands, Niederlande, Pays-Bas, Países Bajos NL NLD 528 NL Netherlands Europe Western Europe 159 Wikipedia: NL- is part of the postcode. 52 30 N 5 45 E
New Caledonia New Caledonia, Neukaledonien, Nouvelle Calédonie, Nueva Caledonia NC NCL 540 NC New Caledonia Oceania Melanesia 161 21 30 S 165 30 E
New Zealand New Zealand, Neuseeland, Nouvelle Zélande, Nueva Zelanda NZ NZL 554 NZ New Zealand Oceania Australia and New Zealand 162 41 00 S 174 00 E
Nicaragua Nicaragua, Nicaragua, Nicaragua, Nicaragua NI NIC 558 NU Nicaragua Americas Central America 163 Statoids: according to the UPU, Nicaragua is preparing to use 11-digit postcodes. 13 00 N 85 00 W
Niger Níger NE NER 562 NG Niger Africa Western Africa 164 16 00 N 8 00 E
Nigeria Nigeria, Nigéria, the Federal Republic of Nigeria NG NGA 566 NI Nigeria Africa Western Africa 165 10 00 N 8 00 E
Niue Niue NU NIU 570 NE Niue Oceania Polynesia 166 19 02 S 169 52 W
Norfolk Island Norfolk Island, Norfolk Island, Île de Norfolk, Isla de Norfolk NF NFK 574 NF Norfolk Island Oceania Australia and New Zealand 167 29 02 S 167 57 E
Northern Mariana Islands Northern Mariana Islands, Nördliche Marianen, Mariannes du Nord, Islas Marianas del Norte MP MNP 580 CQ Northern Mariana Islands Oceania Micronesia 168 15 12 N 145 45 E
Norway Norway, Norwegen, Norvège, Noruega NO NOR 578 NO Norway Europe Northern Europe 169 Wikipedia: NO- is part of the postcode. Statoids: N- can be used. 62 00 N 10 00 E
Oman Oman, Omán OM OMN 512 MU Oman Asia Western Asia 170 21 00 N 57 00 E
Pakistan Pakistan, Paquistán PK PAK 586 PK Pakistan Asia Southern Asia 171 30 00 N 70 00 E
Palau Palau PW PLW 585 PS Palau Oceania Micronesia 172 7 30 N 134 30 E
Palestinian Territory, Occupied Palestine, Palästina, Palestine, Palestina, the Occupied Palestinian Territory PS PSE 275 WE/GZ West Bank and Gaza Strip Asia Western Asia 173 Region not listed in any source - indicates that there is no postal coding system.
Panama Panama, Panamá PA PAN 591 PM Panama Americas Central America 175 9 00 N 80 00 W
Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea, Papua-Neuguinea, Papouasie Nouvelle-Guinée, Papúa Nueva Guinea PG PNG 598 PP Papua New Guinea Oceania Melanesia 176 6 00 S 147 00 E
Paraguay Paraguay PY PRY 600 PA Paraguay Americas South America 177 23 00 S 58 00 W
Peru Peru, Pérou, Perú PE PER 604 PE Peru Americas South America 178 10 00 S 76 00 W
Philippines Philippinen, Philippines, Filipinas PH PHL 608 RP Philippines Asia South-Eastern Asia 180 13 00 N 122 00 E
Pitcairn PN PCN 612 PC Pitcairn Islands Oceania Polynesia 182 Single code used for all addresses. 25 04 S 130 06 W
Poland Poland, Polen, Pologne, Polonia PL POL 616 PL Poland Europe Eastern Europe 183 Wikipedia: PL- is part of the postcode. 52 00 N 20 00 E
Portugal Portugal PT PRT 620 PO Portugal Europe Southern Europe 184 Wikipedia: PT- is part of the postcode. 39 30 N 8 00 W
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico PR PRI 630 RQ Puerto Rico Americas Caribbean 185 18 15 N 66 30 W
Qatar Qatar, Katar QA QAT 634 QA Qatar Asia Western Asia 186 25 30 N 51 15 E
Romania Romania, Rumänien, Roumanie, Rumania RO ROU 642 RO Romania Europe Eastern Europe 189 Wikipedia: RO- is part of the postcode. 46 00 N 25 00 E
Russian Federation Russia, Russland, Russie, Rusia RU RUS 643 RS Russia Europe Eastern Europe 190 Wikipedia: changed as of 5/1/2008. 60 00 N 100 00 E
Rwanda Rwanda, Ruanda RW RWA 646 RW Rwanda Africa Eastern Africa 191 2 00 S 30 00 E
Réunion Réunion, Réunion, Réunion, Reunión RE REU 638 RE Réunion Africa Eastern Africa 187 Overseas Region of France. Source: CIA Factbook.
Saint Barthélemy BL BLM 652 TB Saint Barthelemy Americas Caribbean 300 Dependent Area of France. Source: CIA Factbook. 17 90 N 62 85 W
Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan Da Cunha Saint Helena, Sankt Helena, Sainte Hélène, Santa Helena SH SHN 654 SH Saint Helena Africa Western Africa 192 Comprises: Saint Helena Island, Ascension Island, Tristan da Cunha Archipelago (Gough Island, Inaccessible Island, Nightingale Island and Stoltenhoff Island) 15 57 5 42 W
Saint Kitts And Nevis Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Kitts et Nevis, Saint Kitts y Nevis KN KNA 659 SC Saint Kitts and Nevis Americas Caribbean 193 17 20 N 62 45 W
Saint Lucia Saint Lucia, Saint-Lucie, Santa Lucía LC LCA 662 ST Saint Lucia Americas Caribbean 194 13 53 N 60 58 W
Saint Martin (French Part) MF MAF 663 RN Saint Martin Americas Caribbean 301 Dependent Area of France. Source: CIA Factbook. Saint Martin is divided into a northern French part and a southern Dutch part. Source: ISO 3166-1. 18 05 N 63 57 W
Saint Pierre And Miquelon Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon, San Pedro y Miquelón PM SPM 666 SB Saint Pierre and Miquelon Americas Northern America 181 Statoids: Single code used for all addresses. 46 50 N 56 20 W
Saint Vincent And The Grenadines Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Saint Vincent und die Grenadinen, Saint-Vincent et les Grenadines, San Vicente y Granadinas VC VCT 670 VC Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Americas Caribbean 195 13 15 N 61 12 W
Samoa Samoa WS WSM 882 WS Samoa Oceania Polynesia 196 13 35 S 172 20 W
San Marino San Marino, Saint-Marin SM SMR 674 SM San Marino Europe Southern Europe 197 Wikipedia: SM- is part of the postcode. 43 46 N 12 25 E
Sao Tome and Principe São Tomé and Príncipe, São Tomé und Príncipe, São Tomé et Príncipe, Santo Tomé y Príncipe ST STP 678 TP São Tomé and Príncipe Africa Middle Africa 198 1 00 N 7 00 E
Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia, Saudi-Arabien, Arabie Saoudite, Arabia Saudí SA SAU 682 SA Saudi Arabia Asia Western Asia 199 25 00 N 45 00 E
Senegal Senegal, Sénégal SN SEN 686 SG Senegal Africa Western Africa 200 CP (codigo postal; postal code) is often part of the postcode. 14 00 N 14 00 W
Serbia Serbia, Serbien, Serbie, Serbia RS SRB 688 RI Serbia Europe Southern Europe 201 Wikipedia: RS- is part of the postcode. 44 00 N 21 00 E
Seychelles Seychelles SC SYC 690 SE Seychelles Africa Eastern Africa 202 4 35 S 55 40 E
Sierra Leone Sierra Leone SL SLE 694 SL Sierra Leone Africa Western Africa 203 8 30 N 11 30 W
Singapore Singapore, Singapur, Singapour, Singapur SG SGP 702 SN Singapore Asia South-Eastern Asia 205 1 22 N 103 48 E
Sint Maarten (Dutch part) SX SXM 534 702
Slovakia Slovakia, Slowakei, Slovaquie, República Eslovaca SK SVK 703 LO Slovakia Europe Eastern Europe 206 Wikipedia: SK- is part of the postcode. Statoids: SK- can be used. 48 40 N 19 30 E
Slovenia Slovenia, Slowenien, Slovénie, Eslovenia SI SVN 705 SI Slovenia Europe Southern Europe 207 Wikipedia: SI- is part of the postcode. Statoids: SL- can be used. 46 07 N 14 49 E
Solomon Islands Solomon Islands, Salomonen, Îles Salomon, Islas Salomón SB SLB 090 BP Solomon Islands Oceania Melanesia 208 8 00 S 159 00 E
Somalia Somalia SO SOM 706 SO Somalia Africa Eastern Africa 209 Wikipedia: A 5 digit code has been publicized, but never taken into use. 10 00 N 49 00 E
South Africa South Africa, Republik Südafrika, Afrique du Sud, República de Sudáfrica ZA ZAF 710 SF South Africa Africa Southern Africa 210 29 00 S 24 00 E
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands GS SGS 239 SX South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands Americas South America 211 Single code used for all addresses. 54 30 S 37 00 W
South Sudan SS SSD 728 OD 703 Split of Sudan into Sudan (north part) and South Sudan (south part)
Spain Spain, Spanien, Espagne, España ES ESP 724 SP Spain Europe Southern Europe 212 Wikipedia: E- or ES- is part of the postcode. 40 00 N 4 00 W
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka LK LKA 144 CE Sri Lanka Asia Southern Asia 213 7 00 N 81 00 E
Sudan Sudan, Soudan, Sudán SD SDN 729 SU Sudan Africa Northern Africa 214 Split of Sudan into Sudan (north part) and South Sudan (south part) 15 00 N 30 00 E
Suriname Suriname, Surinam SR SUR 740 NS Suriname Americas South America 215 4 00 N 56 00 W
Svalbard And Jan Mayen Svalbard and Jan Mayen, Svalbard und Jan Mayen, Îles Svalbard et Jan Mayen, Islas Svalbard y Jan Mayen SJ SJM 744 SV Svalbard Europe Northern Europe 216 78 00 N 20 00 E
Swaziland Swaziland, Swasiland, Swaziland, Suazilandia SZ SWZ 748 WZ Swaziland Africa Southern Africa 217 26 30 S 31 30 E
Sweden Sweden, Schweden, Suède, Suecia SE SWE 752 SW Sweden Europe Northern Europe 218 SE- is part of the postcode. 62 00 N 15 00 E
Switzerland Switzerland, Schweiz, Suisse, Suiza CH CHE 756 SZ Switzerland Europe Western Europe 219 Wikipedia: CH- is part of the postcode. Statoids: CH- can be used. 47 00 N 8 00 E
Syrian Arab Republic Syria, Syrien, Syrie, Siria SY SYR 760 SY Syria Asia Western Asia 220 35 00 N 38 00 E
Taiwan, Province Of China Taiwan, Taiwán TW TWN 158 TW Republic of China Taiwan Asia Eastern Asia 221 Source: Wiki 23 30 N 121 00 E
Tajikistan Tajikistan, Tadschikistan, Tajikistan, Tayikistán TJ TJK 762 TI Tajikistan Asia Central Asia 222 Wikipedia: TJ- is part of the postcode. 39 00 N 71 00 E
Tanzania, United Republic of Tanzania, Tansania, Tanzanie TZ TZA 834 TZ Tanzania Africa Eastern Africa 223 6 00 S 35 00 E
Thailand Thailand, Thailand, Thaïlande, Tailandia TH THA 764 TH Thailand Asia South-Eastern Asia 224 15 00 N 100 00 E
Timor-Leste East Timor, Ost-Timor, Timor oriental, Timor Oriental TL TLS 626 TT Timor-Leste Asia South-Eastern Asia 226 8 50 S 125 55 E
Togo Togo TG TGO 768 TO Togo Africa Western Africa 227 8 00 N 1 10 E
Tokelau Tokelau, Tokelau, Îles Tokelau, Islas Tokelau TK TKL 772 TL Tokelau Oceania Polynesia 228 9 00 S 172 00 W
Tonga Tonga TO TON 776 TN Tonga Oceania Polynesia 229 20 00 S 175 00 W
Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago, Trinidad und Tobago, Trinité et Tobago, Trinidad y Tobago TT TTO 780 TD Trinidad and Tobago Americas Caribbean 230 11 00 N 61 00 W
Tunisia Tunisia, Tunesien, Tunisie, Túnez TN TUN 788 TS Tunisia Africa Northern Africa 231 34 00 N 9 00 E
Turkey Turkey, Türkei, Turquie, Turquía TR TUR 792 TU Turkey Asia Western Asia 232 Wikipedia: TR- is part of the postcode. 39 00 N 35 00 E
Turkmenistan Turkmenistan, Turkmenistan, Turkménistan, Turkmenistán TM TKM 795 TX Turkmenistan Asia Central Asia 233 40 00 N 60 00 E
Turks and Caicos Islands Turks and Caicos Islands, Turks- und Caicosinseln, Îles Turks et Caïcos, Islas Turks y Caicos TC TCA 796 TK Turks and Caicos Islands Americas Caribbean 234 Single code used for all addresses. 21 45 N 71 35 W
Tuvalu Tuvalu, Tuvalu, Tuvalu, Tuvalu TV TUV 798 TV Tuvalu Oceania Polynesia 235 8 00 S 178 00 E
Uganda Uganda UG UGA 800 UG Republic of Uganda Africa Eastern Africa 236 1 00 N 32 00 E
Ukraine Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine, Ucrania UA UKR 804 UP Ukraine Europe Eastern Europe 237 49 00 N 32 00 E
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates, Vereinigte Arabische Emirate, Émirats Arabes Unis, Emiratos Árabes Unidos AE ARE 784 AE United Arab Emirates Asia Western Asia 238 24 00 N 54 00 E
United Kingdom United Kingdom, Großbritannien, Royaume-Uni, Reino Unido GB GBR 826 UK United Kingdom Europe Northern Europe 239 Between 5 and 7 alphanumeric characters, with a space before the last 3 alphanumeric characters. Wikipedia: other variants exist. 54 00 N 2 00 W
United States United States of America, Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika, États-Unis, Estados Unidos US USA 840 US United States Americas Northern America 240 Wikipedia: 99999 alone is acceptable. 38 00 N 97 00 W
United States Minor Outlying Islands United States Minor Outlying Islands, US-Amerikanische Hoheitsgebiete, Dépendances américaines, Islas menores de Estados Unidos UM UMI 581 Americas Northern America 241
Uruguay Uruguay UY URY 858 UY Uruguay Americas South America 242 33 00 S 56 00 W
Uzbekistan Uzbekistan, Usbekistan, Ouzbékistan, Uzbekistán UZ UZB 860 UZ Uzbekistan Asia Central Asia 243 41 00 N 64 00 E
Vanuatu Vanuatu VU VUT 548 NH Vanuatu Oceania Melanesia 244 16 00 S 167 00 E
Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela VE VEN 862 VE Venezuela Americas South America 245 Wikipedia: 9999 A may also be used. 8 00 N 66 00 W
Viet Nam Vietnam VN VNM 704 VM Vietnam Asia South-Eastern Asia 247 16 10 N 107 50 E
Virgin Islands, British British Virgin Islands, Britische Jungferninseln, Îles Vierges britanniques, Islas Vírgenes del Reino Unido VG VGB 092 VI British Virgin Islands Americas Caribbean 248 Wikipedia: VG is part of the postcode.
Virgin Islands, U.S. Virgin Islands of the United States, Amerikanische Jungferninseln, Îles Vierges américaines, Islas Vírgenes de los Estados Unidos VI VIR 850 VQ U.S. Virgin Islands Americas Caribbean 249
Wallis and Futuna Wallis and Futuna, Wallis und Futuna, Wallis et Futuna, Wallis y Futuna WF WLF 876 WF Wallis and Futuna Oceania Polynesia 250 13 18 S 176 12 W
Western Sahara Western Sahara, Westsahara, Sahara Occidental, Sahara Occidental EH ESH 732 WI Western Sahara Africa Northern Africa 251 24 30 N 13 00 W
Yemen Yemen, Jemen, Yémen YE YEM 887 YM Yemen Asia Western Asia 252 15 00 N 48 00 E
Zambia Zambia, Sambia, Zambie ZM ZMB 894 ZA Zambia Africa Eastern Africa 255 15 00 S 30 00 E
Zimbabwe Zimbabwe, Simbabwe, Zimbabue ZW ZWE 716 ZI Zimbabwe Africa Eastern Africa 256 20 00 S 30 00 E
Åland Islands AX ALA 248 Europe Northern Europe 3
Afghanistan AF-BDS Badakhshān Province Badaẖšan AF-BDS* 12267 2 AF AFG
Afghanistan AF-BGL Baghlān Province Baghlan, Baghlān, Baglan AF-BGL* 12268 2 AF AFG
Afghanistan AF-BAL Balkh Province Balkh AF-BAL* 12273 2 AF AFG
Afghanistan AF-BDG Bādghīs Province Badghis, Badgis, Bādghīs AF-BDG* 12272 2 AF AFG
Afghanistan AF-BAM Bāmyān Province Bamian, Bamiyan, Bāmīān AF-BAM* 12269 2 AF AFG
Afghanistan AF-DAY Dāykundī Province Daikondi AF-DAY* 20221 2 AF AFG
Afghanistan AF-FRA Farāh Province Fahrah AF-FRA* 12274 2 AF AFG
Afghanistan AF-FYB Fāryāb Province Fariab AF-FYB* 12270 2 AF AFG
Afghanistan AF-GHA Ghaznī Province Gazni, Ghazni AF-GHA* 12271 2 AF AFG
Afghanistan AF-GHO Ghōr Province Ghawr, Ghor, Ghowr, Gōr AF-GHO* 12275 2 AF AFG
Afghanistan AF-HEL Helmand Province Helmand, Hilmend AF-HEL* 12277 2 AF AFG
Afghanistan AF-HER Herāt Province Herat AF-HER* 12262 2 AF AFG
Afghanistan AF-JOW Jowzjān Province Jawzjan, Jowzjan, Jowzjān, Jozjan, Juzjan AF-JOW* 12283 2 AF AFG
Afghanistan AF-KAN Kandahār Province Kandahar AF-KAN* 12263 2 AF AFG
Afghanistan AF-KHO Khōst Province H̱ōst, Khawst, Khost, Matun, Matūn, H̱awst AF-KHO* 12276 2 AF AFG
Afghanistan AF-KNR Kunar Province Konar, Konarhā AF-KNR* 12284 2 AF AFG
Afghanistan AF-KDZ Kunduz Province Kondoz, Kondūz, Kūnduz, Qondūz AF-KDZ* 12256 2 AF AFG
Afghanistan AF-KAB Kābul Province Kabol, Kābol, Kābul, Kabul AF-KAB* 12278 2 AF AFG
Afghanistan AF-KAP Kāpīsā Province Kapesa, Kapisa, Kapissa AF-KAP* 12261 2 AF AFG
Afghanistan AF-LAG Laghmān Province Laghman, Laghmān, Lagman AF-LAG* 12279 2 AF AFG
Afghanistan AF-LOG Lōgar Province Lawgar, Logar, Loghar, Lowgar, Lowghar AF-LOG 12260 2 AF AFG
Afghanistan AF-NAN Nangarhār Province Nangarhar, Ningarhar AF-NAN* 12280 2 AF AFG
Afghanistan AF-NIM Nīmrōz Province Chakhānsur, Neemroze, Nimroz, Nimroze AF-NIM* 12285 2 AF AFG
Afghanistan AF-NUR Nūristān Province Nooristan, Nouristan, Nurestan AF-NUR* 12281 2 AF AFG
Afghanistan AF-PIA Paktia Province Paktia, Paktiya, Paktīā AF-PIA* 12282 2 AF AFG
Afghanistan AF-PKA Paktika Province Paktika AF-PKA* 12259 2 AF AFG
Afghanistan AF-PAN Panjshayr Province Panjshir AF-PAN* 20222 2 AF AFG
Afghanistan AF-PAR Parwān Province Parvan, Parvān, Parwan AF-PAR* 12257 2 AF AFG
Afghanistan AF-SAM Samangan Province AF-SAM* 12264 2 AF AFG
Afghanistan AF-SAR Sar-e Pul Province Sar-e Pol, Sar-i Pol, Sari Pol AF-SAR* 12258 2 AF AFG
Afghanistan AF-TAK Takhar Province Tahar, Takhar, Takhār AF-TAK* 12265 2 AF AFG
Afghanistan AF-URU Uruzgān Province Oruzgan, Oruzghan, Orūzghān, Uruzgan, Uruzghan, Urūzghān AF-URU* 12255 2 AF AFG
Afghanistan AF-WAR Wardak Province Vardak, Wardagh, Wardak AF-WAR* 12266 2 AF AFG
Afghanistan AF-ZAB Zābul Province Zabol, Zabul, Zābol AF-ZAB* 12254 2 AF AFG
Albania AL-BR Berat District AL-BR 12316 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-01 Berat county AL-01 48288 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-BU Bulqizë District AL-BU* 12309 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-DL Delvinë District AL-DL* 12310 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-DV Devoll District Devoli AL-DV* 12317 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-DI Dibër District Dibër AL-DI 12311 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-09 Dibër county AL-09 48289 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-02 Durrës county AL-02 48290 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-DR Durrës District AL-DR 12312 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-EL Elbasan District AL-EL 12315 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-03 Elbasan county AL-03 48291 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-04 Fier county AL-04 48292 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-FR Fier District AL-FR 12313 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-GJ Gjirokastër District AL-GJ 12314 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-05 Gjirokastër county AL-05 48293 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-GR Gramsh District AL-GR 12318 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-HA Has District AL-HA* 12300 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-KA Kavajë District AL-KA* 12301 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-ER Kolonjë District AL-ER 12290 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-06 Korçë county AL-06 48294 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-KO Korçë District AL-KO 12302 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-KR Krujë District AL-KR 12303 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-07 Kukës county AL-07 48295 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-KU Kukës District AL-KU 12304 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-KB Kurbin District AL-KB* 12305 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-KC Kuçovë District AL-KC* 12319 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-LE Lezhë District AL-LE 12320 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-08 Lezhë county AL-08 48296 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-LB Librazhd District AL-LB 12306 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-LU Lushnjë District AL-LU 12307 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-MK Mallakastër District AL-MK* 12321 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-MM Malësi e Madhe District Malesia e Madhe AL-MM* 12308 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-MT Mat District AL-MT 12291 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-MR Mirditë District AL-MR 12289 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-PQ Peqin District AL-PQ* 12292 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-PG Pogradec District AL-PG 12288 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-PU Pukë District AL-PU 12294 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-PR Përmet District AL-PR 12293 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-SR Sarandë District AL-SR 12295 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-10 Shkodër county AL-10 48297 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-SH Shkodër District AL-SH 12287 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-SK Skrapar District AL-SK 12296 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-TE Tepelenë District AL-TE* 12297 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-11 Tiranë county AL-11 48298 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-TR Tiranë District Tiranë, Tirana, Tirana AL-TR 12286 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-TP Tropojë District AL-TP* 12298 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-VL Vlorë District AL-VL 12299 4 AL ALB
Albania AL-12 Vlorë county AL-12 48299 4 AL ALB
Algeria DZ-01 Adrar Province Adrar DZ-01 12363 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-16 Alger Province Al-Jazair, Al-Jazaʿir, El Djazair, al-Jazāʿir, Algier, Alger DZ-16 12344 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-23 Annaba Province Bona, Bône, Annaba DZ-23 12332 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-44 Aïn Defla Province Aïn Eddefla, Aïn Defla DZ-44 12351 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-46 Aïn Témouchent Province Aïn Temouchent DZ-46 12333 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-05 Batna Province Batna DZ-05 12334 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-07 Biskra Province Beskra, Biskara, Biskra DZ-07 12354 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-09 Blida Province El Boulaida, Blida DZ-09 12336 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-34 Bordj Bou Arréridj Province Bordj Bou Arreridj DZ-34 12342 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-10 Bouira Province Bouira DZ-10 12341 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-35 Boumerdès Province Boumerdès DZ-35 12337 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-08 Béchar Province Béchar DZ-08 12352 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-06 Béjaïa Province Bejaïa, Béjaïa, Bougie DZ-06 12335 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-02 Chlef Province Al Asnam, Al Asnām, Chelef, Chelf, Chlef, Chlif, Ech Cheliff, El Asnam DZ-02 12367 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-25 Constantine Province Ksontina, Qacentina, Qoussantina, Qusanţīnah, Constantine DZ-25 12348 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-17 Djelfa Province El Djelfa, Djelfa DZ-17 12345 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-32 El Bayadh Province El Bayadh DZ-32 12353 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-39 El Oued Province El Ouâdi, El Wad, El Oued DZ-39 12323 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-36 El Tarf Province El Taref, at-Tarf, El Tarf DZ-36 12357 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-47 Ghardaïa Province Ghardaïa DZ-47 12343 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-24 Guelma Province Guelma DZ-24 12366 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-33 Illizi Province Illizi DZ-33 12340 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-18 Jijel Province Djidjel, Djidjelli, Jijel, Djidjeli DZ-18 12330 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-40 Khenchela Province Khenchla, Khenchela DZ-40 12339 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-03 Laghouat Province Laghouat DZ-03 12350 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-29 Mascara Province Mouaskar, Mascara DZ-29 12365 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-43 Mila Province Mila DZ-43 12329 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-27 Mostaganem Province Mestghanem, Mustaghanam, Mustaghanim, Mustaġānam, Mostaganem DZ-27 12347 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-28 Msila Province MʿSila, Msila DZ-28 12364 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-26 Médéa Province Lemdiyya, al-Midyah, Médéa DZ-26 12346 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-45 Naama Province Naama DZ-45 12328 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-31 Oran Province Ouahran, Oran DZ-31 12362 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-30 Ouargla Province Wargla, Ouargla DZ-30 12322 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-04 Oum el Bouaghi Province Canrobert, Oum el Bouaghi DZ-04 12361 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-48 Relizane Province Ghilizane, Ighil Izane, Rélizane, Relizane DZ-48 12338 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-20 Saïda Province Saida, Saïda DZ-20 12327 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-22 Sidi Bel Abbès Province Sidi bel Abbès DZ-22 12326 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-21 Skikda Province Skikda DZ-21 12349 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-41 Souk Ahras Province Souq Ahras, Souk Ahras DZ-41 12356 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-19 Sétif Province Setif, Stif, Sétif DZ-19 12355 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-11 Tamanghasset Province Fort-Laperrine, Tamanghist, Tamanrasset DZ-11 12368 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-14 Tiaret Province Tihert, Tiaret DZ-14 12360 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-37 Tindouf Province Tindouf DZ-37 12359 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-42 Tipaza Province Tipaza DZ-42 12369 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-38 Tissemsilt Province Tissemselt, Tissemsilt DZ-38 12325 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-15 Tizi Ouzou Province Tizi-Ouzou DZ-15 12324 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-13 Tlemcen Province Tilimsen, Tlemcen DZ-13 12370 5 DZ DZA
Algeria DZ-12 Tébessa Province Tbessa, Tébessa DZ-12 12358 5 DZ DZA
Andorra AD-07 Andorra la Vella Parish Andorra la Vieja, Andorre-la-Vieille AD-07* 12382 7 AD AND
Andorra AD-02 Canillo Parish AD-02* 12381 7 AD AND
Andorra AD-03 Encamp Parish AD-03* 12383 7 AD AND
Andorra AD-08 Escaldes-Engordany Parish Les Escaldes AD-08* 12380 7 AD AND
Andorra AD-04 La Massana Parish AD-04* 12384 7 AD AND
Andorra AD-05 Ordino Parish AD-05* 12379 7 AD AND
Andorra AD-06 Sant Julià de Lòria Parish Saint Julia de Loria AD-06* 12378 7 AD AND
Angola AO-BGO Bengo Province AO-BGO* 12390 8 AO AGO
Angola AO-BGU Benguela Province AO-BGU* 12391 8 AO AGO
Angola AO-BIE Bié Province AO-BIE* 12395 8 AO AGO
Angola AO-CAB Cabinda Province Kabinda AO-CAB* 12392 8 AO AGO
Angola AO-CCU Cuando-Cubango Province Cuando-Cubango AO-CCU* 12394 8 AO AGO
Angola AO-CNO Cuanza Norte Province Cuanza-Norte AO-CNO* 12388 8 AO AGO
Angola AO-CUS Cuanza Sul Province Cuanza-Sul AO-CUS* 12397 8 AO AGO
Angola AO-CNN Cunene Province AO-CNN* 12389 8 AO AGO
Angola AO-HUA Huambo Province AO-HUA* 12393 8 AO AGO
Angola AO-HUI Huíla Province AO-HUI* 12396 8 AO AGO
Angola AO-LUA Luanda Province AO-LUA* 12387 8 AO AGO
Angola AO-LNO Lunda Norte Province AO-LNO* 12398 8 AO AGO
Angola AO-LSU Lunda Sul Province AO-LSU* 12386 8 AO AGO
Angola AO-MAL Malange Province Malange AO-MAL* 12399 8 AO AGO
Angola AO-MOX Moxico Province AO-MOX* 12401 8 AO AGO
Angola AO-NAM Namibe Province AO-NAM* 12402 8 AO AGO
Angola AO-UIG Uíge Province AO-UIG* 12400 8 AO AGO
Angola AO-ZAI Zaire Province AO-ZAI* 12385 8 AO AGO
Antigua and Barbuda AG-10 Barbuda Dependency AG-10 12426 11 AG ATG
Antigua and Barbuda AG-11 Redonda Dependency AG-11* 12425 11 AG ATG
Antigua and Barbuda AG-03 Saint George Parish AG-03* 12427 11 AG ATG
Antigua and Barbuda AG-04 Saint John’s Parish AG-04* 12431 11 AG ATG
Antigua and Barbuda AG-05 Saint Mary Parish AG-05* 12428 11 AG ATG
Antigua and Barbuda AG-06 Saint Paul Parish AG-06* 12429 11 AG ATG
Antigua and Barbuda AG-07 Saint Peter Parish AG-07* 12432 11 AG ATG
Antigua and Barbuda AG-08 Saint Philip Parish AG-08* 12430 11 AG ATG
Argentina AR-B Buenos Aires province AR-B 12439 12 AR ARG
Argentina AR-K Catamarca province AR-K 12438 12 AR ARG
Argentina AR-H Chaco province AR-H 12440 12 AR ARG
Argentina AR-U Chubut province AR-U 12454 12 AR ARG
Argentina AR-C Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires federal district AR-C 12437 12 AR ARG
Argentina AR-W Corrientes province AR-W 12442 12 AR ARG
Argentina AR-X Córdoba province AR-X 12441 12 AR ARG
Argentina AR-E Entre Ríos province AR-E 12443 12 AR ARG
Argentina AR-P Formosa province AR-P 12455 12 AR ARG
Argentina AR-Y Jujuy province AR-Y 12444 12 AR ARG
Argentina AR-L La Pampa province Pampa AR-L 12445 12 AR ARG
Argentina AR-F La Rioja province AR-F 12436 12 AR ARG
Argentina AR-M Mendoza province AR-M 12446 12 AR ARG
Argentina AR-N Misiones province AR-N 12456 12 AR ARG
Argentina AR-Q Neuquén province AR-Q 12447 12 AR ARG
Argentina AR-R Río Negro province AR-R 12448 12 AR ARG
Argentina AR-A Salta province AR-A 12435 12 AR ARG
Argentina AR-J San Juan province AR-J 12449 12 AR ARG
Argentina AR-D San Luis province AR-D 12450 12 AR ARG
Argentina AR-Z Santa Cruz province AR-Z 12434 12 AR ARG
Argentina AR-S Santa Fe province AR-S 12451 12 AR ARG
Argentina AR-G Santiago del Estero province AR-G 12433 12 AR ARG
Argentina AR-V Tierra del Fuego province AR-V 12452 12 AR ARG
Argentina AR-T Tucumán province AR-T 12453 12 AR ARG
Armenia AM-AG Aragac?otn Province AM-AG 12466 13 AM ARM
Armenia AM-AR Ararat Province AM-AR 12461 13 AM ARM
Armenia AM-AV Armavir Province AM-AV 12467 13 AM ARM
Armenia AM-ER Erevan city AM-ER 12464 13 AM ARM
Armenia AM-GR Gegark'unik' Province Gegharkunick AM-GR 12460 13 AM ARM
Armenia AM-KT Kotayk' Province Kotaik AM-KT 12462 13 AM ARM
Armenia AM-LO Lo?y Province Lorri AM-LO 12465 13 AM ARM
Armenia AM-SU Syunik' Province AM-SU 12463 13 AM ARM
Armenia AM-TV Tavuš Province Tavoush AM-TV 12457 13 AM ARM
Armenia AM-VD Vayoc Jor Province AM-VD 12458 13 AM ARM
Armenia AM-SH Širak Province AM-SH 12459 13 AM ARM
Australia AU-ACT Australian Capital Territory territory AU-ACT 12471 15 AU AUS
Australia AU-NSW New South Wales state AU-NSW 12477 15 AU AUS
Australia AU-NT Northern Territory territory AU-NT 12475 15 AU AUS
Australia AU-QLD Queensland state AU-QLD 12476 15 AU AUS
Australia AU-SA South Australia state AU-SA 12472 15 AU AUS
Australia AU-TAS Tasmania state AU-TAS 12474 15 AU AUS
Australia AU-VIC Victoria state AU-VIC 12473 15 AU AUS
Australia AU-WA Western Australia state AU-WA 12470 15 AU AUS
Austria AT-1 Burgenland State AT-1 12480 16 AT AUT
Austria AT-2 Kärnten State Carinthia, Koroška AT-2 12481 16 AT AUT
Austria AT-3 Niederösterreich State Lower Austria AT-3 12485 16 AT AUT
Austria AT-4 Oberösterreich State Upper Austria AT-4 12482 16 AT AUT
Austria AT-5 Salzburg State Salzbourg AT-5 12479 16 AT AUT
Austria AT-6 Steiermark State Styria AT-6 12483 16 AT AUT
Austria AT-7 Tirol State Tyrol AT-7 12486 16 AT AUT
Austria AT-8 Vorarlberg State AT-8 12484 16 AT AUT
Austria AT-9 Wien State AT-9 12478 16 AT AUT
Azerbaijan AZ-ABS Abseron District AZ-ABS* 12521 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-AGC Agcabädi District AZ-AGC* 12522 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-AGM Agdam District AZ-AGM* 12550 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-AGS Agdas District AZ-AGS* 12523 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-AGA Agstafa District AZ-AGA* 12493 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-AGU Agsu District AZ-AGU* 12524 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-AST Astara District AZ-AST* 12525 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-BAB Babäk District AZ-BAB* 12494 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-BA Baki municipality AZ-BA* 12526 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-BAL Balakän District AZ-BAL* 12527 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-BEY Beyläqan District AZ-BEY* 12528 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-BIL Biläsuvar District AZ-BIL* 12529 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-BAR Bärdä District AZ-BAR* 12495 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-CUL Culfa District AZ-CUL* 12531 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-CAB Cäbrayil District AZ-CAB* 12496 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-CAL Cälilabab District AZ-CAL* 12530 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-DAS Daskäsän District AZ-DAS* 12497 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-FUZ Füzuli District AZ-FUZ* 12533 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-GOR Goranboy District AZ-GOR* 12512 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-GAD Gädäbäy District AZ-GAD* 12534 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-GYG Göygöl District AZ-GYG* 48902 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-GOY Göyçay District AZ-GOY* 12513 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-GA Gəncə municipality AZ-GA* 12499 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-HAC Haciqabul District AZ-HAC* 12500 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-IMI Imisli District AZ-IMI* 12514 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-ISM Ismayilli District AZ-ISM* 12501 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-KAL Kälbäcär District AZ-KAL* 12515 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-KUR Kürdämir District AZ-KUR* 12516 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-KAN Kǝngǝrli District AZ-KAN* 48903 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-LAC Laçin District AZ-LAC* 12551 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-LER Lerik District AZ-LER* 12518 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-LAN Länkäran District AZ-LAN* 12517 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-LA Lənkəran municipality AZ-LA* 20104 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-MAS Masalli District AZ-MAS* 12552 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-MI Mingəçevir municipality AZ-MI* 12519 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-NA Naftalan municipality AZ-NA* 12520 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-NX Naxçivan autonomous republic AZ-NX 12553 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-NV Naxçıvan municipality AZ-NV* 48899 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-NEF Neftçala District AZ-NEF* 12535 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-OGU Oguz District AZ-OGU* 12554 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-ORD Ordubad District AZ-ORD* 12536 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-QAX Qax District AZ-QAX* 12537 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-QAZ Qazax District AZ-QAZ* 12555 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-QOB Qobustan District AZ-QOB* 12539 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-QBA Quba District AZ-QBA* 12556 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-QBI Qubadli District AZ-QBI* 12540 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-QUS Qusar District AZ-QUS* 12541 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-QAB Qäbälä District AZ-QAB* 12538 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-SAT Saatli District AZ-SAT* 12557 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-SAB Sabirabad District AZ-SAB* 12542 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-SAH Sahbuz District AZ-SAH* 12502 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-SAL Salyan District AZ-SAL* 12558 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-SMI Samaxi District AZ-SMI* 12503 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-SMX Samux District AZ-SMX* 12492 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-SIY Siyäzän District AZ-SIY* 12507 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-SM Sumqayıt municipality AZ-SM* 12491 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-SUS Susa District AZ-SUS* 12508 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-SAD Sädäräk District AZ-SAD* 12504 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-SAK Säki District AZ-SAK* 12505 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-SKR Sämkir District AZ-SKR* 12559 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-SAR Särur District AZ-SAR* 12506 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-TOV Tovuz District AZ-TOV* 12560 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-TAR Tärtär District AZ-TAR* 12509 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-UCA Ucar District AZ-UCA* 12510 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-XA Xankəndi municipality AZ-XA* 12490 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-XAC Xaçmaz District AZ-XAC* 12543 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-XIZ Xizi District AZ-XIZ* 12545 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-XCI Xocali District AZ-XCI* 12489 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-XVD Xocavänd District AZ-XVD* 12546 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-YAR Yardimli District AZ-YAR* 12488 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-YEV Yevlax District AZ-YEV* 12547 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-YE Yevlax City municipality AZ-YE* 20107 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-ZAQ Zaqatala District AZ-ZAQ* 12548 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-ZAN Zängilan District AZ-ZAN* 12487 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-ZAR Zärdab District AZ-ZAR* 12549 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-SBN Şabran District AZ-SBN* 48901 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-SR Şirvan municipality AZ-SR* 48900 17 AZ AZE
Azerbaijan AZ-SA Şəki municipality AZ-SA* 20105 17 AZ AZE
Bahamas BS-AK Acklins Islands District BS-AK* 12567 18 BS BHS
Bahamas BS-BY Berry Islands district BS-BY* 48140 18 BS BHS
Bahamas BS-BI Bimini and Cat Cay District Bimini Islands BS-BI* 12574 18 BS BHS
Bahamas BS-BP Black Point district BS-BP* 48141 18 BS BHS
Bahamas BS-CI Cat Island District BS-CI* 12575 18 BS BHS
Bahamas BS-CO Central Abaco district BS-CO 48142 18 BS BHS
Bahamas BS-CS Central Andros district BS-CS 48143 18 BS BHS
Bahamas BS-CE Central Eleuthera district BS-CE 48144 18 BS BHS
Bahamas BS-FP City of Freeport district BS-FP* 12566 18 BS BHS
Bahamas BS-CK Crooked Island and Long Cay district BS-CK 48146 18 BS BHS
Bahamas BS-EG East Grand Bahama district BS-EG 48147 18 BS BHS
Bahamas BS-EX Exuma District BS-EX* 12578 18 BS BHS
Bahamas BS-GC Grand Cay District BS-GC* 12572 18 BS BHS
Bahamas BS-GT Green Turtle Cay District BS-GT* 12571 18 BS BHS
Bahamas BS-HI Harbour Island District BS-HI* 12579 18 BS BHS
Bahamas BS-HT Hope Town district BS-HT* 48148 18 BS BHS
Bahamas BS-IN Inagua District BS-IN* 12565 18 BS BHS
Bahamas BS-LI Long Island District BS-LI* 12580 18 BS BHS
Bahamas BS-MC Mangrove Cay district BS-MC* 48149 18 BS BHS
Bahamas BS-MG Mayaguana District BS-MG* 12564 18 BS BHS
Bahamas BS-MI Moore’s Island district BS-MI* 48150 18 BS BHS
Bahamas BS-NO North Abaco district BS-NO* 48151 18 BS BHS
Bahamas BS-NS North Andros district BS-NS* 48152 18 BS BHS
Bahamas BS-NE North Eleuthera district BS-NE* 48153 18 BS BHS
Bahamas BS-RI Ragged Island District BS-RI* 12568 18 BS BHS
Bahamas BS-RC Rum Cay district BS-RC 48154 18 BS BHS
Bahamas BS-SS San Salvador district BS-SS 48155 18 BS BHS
Bahamas BS-SO South Abaco district BS-SO 48156 18 BS BHS
Bahamas BS-SA South Andros district BS-SA 48157 18 BS BHS
Bahamas BS-SE South Eleuthera district BS-SE 48158 18 BS BHS
Bahamas BS-SW Spanish Wells district BS-SW 48159 18 BS BHS
Bahamas BS-WG West Grand Bahama district BS-WG 48160 18 BS BHS
Bahrain BH-14 Al Janubiyah Governorate Eastern, Hawa, Juzur H̨awār, Southern, ash Sharqiyah, aš-Šarqīyah BH-14* 12592 21 BH BHR
Bahrain BH-13 Al Manamah (Al ‘Asimah) Governorate Manāmah, al-Manāmah, Manama, Manama, Manama BH-13* 12589 21 BH BHR
Bahrain BH-15 Al Muharraq Governorate BH-15* 12583 21 BH BHR
Bahrain BH-16 Al Wustá Governorate Central, al-Mintaqah al-Wusta BH-16* 12581 21 BH BHR
Bahrain BH-17 Ash Shamaliyah Governorate Northern, al-Mintaqa ash Shamaliyah, ash Shamaliyah BH-17* 12582 21 BH BHR
Bangladesh BD-05 Bagerhat District Bagarhat, Bagerhat, Bagherhat, Basabari, Bāsābāri BD-05 12600 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-01 Bandarban District Bandarban BD-01 12601 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-02 Barguna District BD-02 12602 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-06 Barisal District Barisal BD-06 12612 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-A Barisal division BD-A 48675 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-07 Bhola District Bhola BD-07 12613 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-03 Bogra District Bogora, Bogra, Borga Thana BD-03 12614 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-04 Brahmanbaria District Brahman Bariya, Brahmanbaria BD-04 12630 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-09 Chandpur District Chandipur, Chandpur BD-09 12615 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-10 Chittagong District Chattagam, Chittagong BD-10 12631 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-B Chittagong division BD-B 48676 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-12 Chuadanga District Chuadanga BD-12 12632 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-08 Comilla District Comilla, Komilla BD-08 12606 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-11 Cox's Bazar District Coxʿs Bazar, Koks Bazar BD-11 12641 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-C Dhaka division BD-C 48677 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-13 Dhaka District Dacca, Dakka, Dhaka BD-13 12616 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-14 Dinajpur District Dinajpur BD-14 12633 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-15 Faridpur District Faridpur BD-15 12617 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-16 Feni District Feni BD-16 12618 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-19 Gaibandha District Gaibanda, Gaibandah, Gaibandha, Gaybanda, Gaybandah BD-19 12634 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-18 Gazipur District Gajipur BD-18 12635 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-17 Gopalganj District Gopalganj BD-17 12619 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-20 Habiganj District Habiganj, Hobiganj, Hobigonj BD-20 12636 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-24 Jaipurhat District Jaipur Hat, Jaipurhat, Joypurhat BD-24 12620 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-21 Jamalpur District Jamalpur BD-21 12637 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-22 Jessore District Jessore, Jessur BD-22 12603 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-25 Jhalakati District Jhalakati, Jhalokati BD-25 12638 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-23 Jhenaidah District Jhanaydah, Jhanidah, Jhanīdāh, Jhenaida, Jhenida BD-23 12604 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-29 Khagrachari District BD-29 12639 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-27 Khulna District Khulna BD-27 12640 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-D Khulna division BD-D 48678 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-26 Kishoreganj District Kishoreganj BD-26 12605 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-28 Kurigram District Kurigram BD-28 12642 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-30 Kushtia District Kushtia, Kushtiya BD-30 12607 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-31 Lakshmipur District Lakshmipur, Laksmipur BD-31 12643 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-32 Lalmonirhat District Lalmanir Hat, Lalmonirhat BD-32 12608 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-36 Madaripur District Madaripur BD-36 12644 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-37 Magura District Magura BD-37 12609 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-33 Manikganj District Manikganj BD-33 12610 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-39 Meherpur District BD-39 12611 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-38 Moulvibazar District Maulvi Bazar, Moulvi Bazar BD-38 12622 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-35 Munshiganj District BD-35 12623 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-34 Mymensingh District Mymensingh, Nasirabad, Nasirābād BD-34 12621 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-48 Naogaon District Naogaon, Naugaon BD-48 12626 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-43 Narail District Narail, Naral BD-43 12624 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-40 Narayanganj District Narayanganj BD-40 12599 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-42 Narsingdi District Narsinghdi BD-42 12625 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-44 Natore District Nator, Natore BD-44 12653 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-45 Nawabganj District Nawabganj, Nawabgonj BD-45 12598 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-41 Netrakona District Netrakona, Netrokana BD-41 12627 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-46 Nilphamari District Nilphamari BD-46 12654 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-47 Noakhali District Noakhali BD-47 12628 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-49 Pabna District Pabna BD-49 12629 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-52 Panchagarh District BD-52 12597 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-51 Patuakhali District Patukhali BD-51 12645 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-50 Pirojpur District Perojpur, Pirojpur BD-50 12655 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-53 Rajbari District Rajbari BD-53 12646 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-54 Rajshahi District Rajshahi, Rampur Boalia BD-54 12596 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-E Rajshahi division BD-E 48679 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-56 Rangamati Parbattya Chattagram District Rangamati BD-56 12647 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-55 Rangpur District Rangpur BD-55 12648 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-F Rangpur division BD-F 48681 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-58 Satkhira District Satkhira BD-58 12656 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-62 Shariatpur District Shariatpur BD-62 12649 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-57 Sherpur District Sherpur BD-57 12595 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-59 Sirajganj District Serajgonj, Sirajganj BD-59 12594 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-61 Sunamganj District Shunamganj, Sunamganj BD-61 12651 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-60 Sylhet District Silhat, Sylhet BD-60 12650 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-G Sylhet division BD-G 48680 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-63 Tangail District Tangail, Tangayal BD-63 12593 22 BD BGD
Bangladesh BD-64 Thakurgaon District Thakurgaon BD-64 12652 22 BD BGD
Barbados BB-01 Christ Church Parish BB-01* 12661 23 BB BRB
Barbados BB-02 Saint Andrew Parish BB-02* 12663 23 BB BRB
Barbados BB-03 Saint George Parish BB-03* 12662 23 BB BRB
Barbados BB-04 Saint James Parish BB-04* 12660 23 BB BRB
Barbados BB-05 Saint John Parish BB-05* 12664 23 BB BRB
Barbados BB-06 Saint Joseph Parish BB-06* 12659 23 BB BRB
Barbados BB-07 Saint Lucy Parish BB-07* 12665 23 BB BRB
Barbados BB-08 Saint Michael Parish BB-08* 12658 23 BB BRB
Barbados BB-09 Saint Peter Parish BB-09* 12666 23 BB BRB
Barbados BB-10 Saint Philip Parish BB-10* 12667 23 BB BRB
Barbados BB-11 Saint Thomas Parish BB-11* 12657 23 BB BRB
Belarus BY-BR Brestskaya voblasts Region Bierascie, Brest-Litovsk, Brestskaja Oblastʿ, Brestskaja Voblastsʿ, Brestskaya Oblastʿ, Brestskaya Voblastsʿ, Brisk, Brześć nad Bugiem, Brześć-Litewski BY-BR* 12669 24 BY BLR
Belarus BY-HO Homyel'skaya voblasts Region Gomel, Gomelskaja Oblastʿ, Gomelskaya Oblastʿ, Gomelʿ, Homelskaja Voblastsʿ, Homelskaya Voblastsʿ, Homiel, Homyel BY-HO* 12670 24 BY BLR
Belarus BY-HM Horad Minsk city Gorod Minsk, Horad Minsk, Mensk BY-HM* 12674 24 BY BLR
Belarus BY-HR Hrodzenskaya voblasts Region Gardinas, Grodnenskaja Oblastʿ, Grodnenskaya Oblastʿ, Grodno, Horadnia, Hrodno, Hrodzenskaja Voblastsʿ, Hrodzenskaya Voblastsʿ BY-HR* 12672 24 BY BLR
Belarus BY-MA Mahilyowskaya voblasts Region Mahiljov, Mahiljowskaja Voblastsʿ, Mahilyov, Mahilyowskaya Voblastsʿ, Mahilëv, Mahilëŭ, Mogilev, Mogiliov, Mogiljovskaja Oblastʿ, Mogilov, Mogilyovskaya Oblast, Mogilëv, Mogilʿov BY-MA* 12671 24 BY BLR
Belarus BY-MI Minskaya voblasts Region Minskaja Oblastʿ, Minskaya Oblastʿ, Minskaya Voblastsʿ BY-MI* 12673 24 BY BLR
Belarus BY-VI Vitsyebskaya voblasts Region Vicebskaja Voblastsʿ, Vicebskaya Voblastsʿ, Viciebsk, Vicjebsk, Vitebsk, Vitebskaja Oblastʿ, Vitebskaya Oblastʿ, Vitsyebsk BY-VI* 12668 24 BY BLR
Belgium BE-VAN Antwerpen Province Antwerpen, Anvers BE-VAN 12683 25 BE BEL
Belgium BE-WBR Brabant Wallon Province Waals-Brabant, Wallonisch Brabant, Walloon Brabant BE-WBR 12679 25 BE BEL
Belgium BE-BRU Brussels Capital Region Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest, Région de Bruxelles-Capitale, Brussel, Brüssel, Bruxelles BE-BRU 12682 25 BE BEL
Belgium BE-VLG Flemish Region region BE-VLG 48264 25 BE BEL
Belgium BE-WHT Hainaut Province Henegouwen, Hennegau BE-WHT 12678 25 BE BEL
Belgium BE-VLI Limburg Province Limbourg BE-VLI 12680 25 BE BEL
Belgium BE-WLG Liège Province Luik, Lüttich BE-WLG 12684 25 BE BEL
Belgium BE-WLX Luxembourg Province Luxembourg, Luxemburg BE-WLX 12676 25 BE BEL
Belgium BE-WNA Namur Province Namen BE-WNA 12685 25 BE BEL
Belgium BE-VOV Oost-Vlaanderen Province Oos-Vlanderen, Oost-Vlaanderen, Ost-Flandern, Flandre-Orientale BE-VOV 12677 25 BE BEL
Belgium BE-VBR Vlaams Brabant Province Brabant-Vlanderen, Vlaams-Brabant, Flämisch Brabant, Brabant-Flamand BE-VBR 12675 25 BE BEL
Belgium BE-WAL Wallonia region BE-WAL 48265 25 BE BEL
Belgium BE-VWV West-Vlaanderen Province Wes-Vlanderen, West-Vlaanderen, West-Flandern, Flandre-Occidentale BE-VWV 12681 25 BE BEL
Belize BZ-BZ Belize District BZ-BZ 12687 26 BZ BLZ
Belize BZ-CY Cayo District BZ-CY 12691 26 BZ BLZ
Belize BZ-CZL Corozal District BZ-CZL 12688 26 BZ BLZ
Belize BZ-OW Orange Walk District BZ-OW 12689 26 BZ BLZ
Belize BZ-SC Stann Creek District BZ-SC 12686 26 BZ BLZ
Belize BZ-TOL Toledo District BZ-TOL 12690 26 BZ BLZ
Benin BJ-AL Alibori Department BJ-AL* 12696 27 BJ BEN
Benin BJ-AK Atakora Department Atakora BJ-AK* 12702 27 BJ BEN
Benin BJ-AQ Atlantique Department BJ-AQ* 12697 27 BJ BEN
Benin BJ-BO Borgou Department BJ-BO* 12698 27 BJ BEN
Benin BJ-CO Collines Department BJ-CO* 12704 27 BJ BEN
Benin BJ-DO Donga Department BJ-DO* 12705 27 BJ BEN
Benin BJ-KO Kouffo Department Kouffo BJ-KO* 12699 27 BJ BEN
Benin BJ-LI Littoral Department BJ-LI* 12694 27 BJ BEN
Benin BJ-MO Mono Department BJ-MO* 12700 27 BJ BEN
Benin BJ-OU Ouémé Department BJ-OU* 12701 27 BJ BEN
Benin BJ-PL Plateau Department BJ-PL* 12693 27 BJ BEN
Benin BJ-ZO Zou Department BJ-ZO* 12692 27 BJ BEN
Bermuda BM-DEV Devonshire Parish BM-DEV 12708 28 BM BMU
Bermuda BM-HAM Hamilton Parish BM-HAM 12707 28 BM BMU
Bermuda BM-HA Hamilton municipality Municipality BM-HA 12709 28 BM BMU
Bermuda BM-PAG Paget Parish BM-PAG 12710 28 BM BMU
Bermuda BM-PEM Pembroke Parish BM-PEM 12711 28 BM BMU
Bermuda BM-SGE Saint George Parish BM-SGE 12712 28 BM BMU
Bermuda BM-SG Saint George municipality Municipality BM-SG 12716 28 BM BMU
Bermuda BM-SAN Sandys Parish BM-SAN 12713 28 BM BMU
Bermuda BM-SMI Smiths Parish BM-SMI 12706 28 BM BMU
Bermuda BM-SOU Southampton Parish BM-SOU 12714 28 BM BMU
Bermuda BM-WAR Warwick Parish BM-WAR 12715 28 BM BMU
Bhutan BT-33 Bumthang District BT-33 12724 29 BT BTN
Bhutan BT-12 Chhukha District Chhuka, Chuka, Chukha BT-12 12735 29 BT BTN
Bhutan BT-22 Dagana District Daga, Dagana BT-22 12723 29 BT BTN
Bhutan BT-GA Gasa District Gaza BT-GA* 12733 29 BT BTN
Bhutan BT-13 Ha District Ha, Haa BT-13 12736 29 BT BTN
Bhutan BT-44 Lhuentse District Lhuentse, Lhun Tshi, Lhuntshi, Lhuntsi BT-44 12727 29 BT BTN
Bhutan BT-42 Monggar District Monggar, Mongor BT-42 12722 29 BT BTN
Bhutan BT-11 Paro District Paro, Rinpung BT-11 12729 29 BT BTN
Bhutan BT-43 Pemagatshel District Pema Gatshel, Pemagatsel BT-43 12728 29 BT BTN
Bhutan BT-23 Punakha District BT-23 12719 29 BT BTN
Bhutan BT-45 Samdrup Jongkha District Samdruk Jongkhar, Samdrup, Samdrup Jongkha BT-45 12730 29 BT BTN
Bhutan BT-14 Samtse District Samchi, Samtse BT-14 12718 29 BT BTN
Bhutan BT-31 Sarpang District Gaylegphug, Geylegphug, Sarbhang, Sarpang BT-31 12726 29 BT BTN
Bhutan BT-15 Thimphu District Thimbu, Thimphu, Thimpu, Timbhu, Timbu, Timphu BT-15 12731 29 BT BTN
Bhutan BT-TY Trashi Yangtse District Tashiyangtse BT-TY* 12734 29 BT BTN
Bhutan BT-41 Trashigang District Tashigang, Trashigang BT-41 12721 29 BT BTN
Bhutan BT-32 Trongsa District Tongsa, Trongsa BT-32 12717 29 BT BTN
Bhutan BT-21 Tsirang District Chirang, Tsirang BT-21 12725 29 BT BTN
Bhutan BT-24 Wangdue Phodrang District Wangdi Phodrang, Wangdiphodrang, Wangdue, Wangdue Phodrang BT-24 12732 29 BT BTN
Bhutan BT-34 Zhemgang District Shemgang, Zhemgang BT-34 12720 29 BT BTN
Bolivia, Plurinational State Of BO-H Chuquisaca Department BO-H 12739 30 BO BOL
Bolivia, Plurinational State Of BO-C Cochabamba Department BO-C 12741 30 BO BOL
Bolivia, Plurinational State Of BO-B El Beni Department BO-B 12740 30 BO BOL
Bolivia, Plurinational State Of BO-L La Paz Department BO-L 12742 30 BO BOL
Bolivia, Plurinational State Of BO-O Oruro Department BO-O 12738 30 BO BOL
Bolivia, Plurinational State Of BO-N Pando Department BO-N 12743 30 BO BOL
Bolivia, Plurinational State Of BO-P Potosí Department BO-P 12737 30 BO BOL
Bolivia, Plurinational State Of BO-S Santa Cruz Department BO-S 12744 30 BO BOL
Bolivia, Plurinational State Of BO-T Tarija Department BO-T 12745 30 BO BOL
Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba BQ-BO Bonaire municipality BQ-BO 48682 700 BQ BES
Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba BQ-SA Saba municipality BQ-SA 48683 700 BQ BES
Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba BQ-SE Sint Eustatius municipality BQ-SE 48684 700 BQ BES
Bosnia and Herzegovina BA-05 Bosansko-podrinjski kanton canton BA-05* 48161 31 BA BIH
Bosnia and Herzegovina BA-BRC Brčko distrikt District BA-BRC* 42644 31 BA BIH
Bosnia and Herzegovina BA-BIH Federacija Bosna i Hercegovina Entity BA-BIH* 12746 31 BA BIH
Bosnia and Herzegovina BA-07 Hercegova?ko-neretvanski kanton canton BA-07* 48162 31 BA BIH
Bosnia and Herzegovina BA-10 Kanton br. 10 (Livanjski kanton) canton BA-10* 48163 31 BA BIH
Bosnia and Herzegovina BA-09 Kanton Sarajevo canton BA-09* 48164 31 BA BIH
Bosnia and Herzegovina BA-02 Posavski kanton canton BA-02* 48165 31 BA BIH
Bosnia and Herzegovina BA-SRP Republika Srpska Entity BA-SRP* 12747 31 BA BIH
Bosnia and Herzegovina BA-06 Srednjobosanski kanton canton BA-06* 48166 31 BA BIH
Bosnia and Herzegovina BA-03 Tuzlanski kanton canton BA-03* 48167 31 BA BIH
Bosnia and Herzegovina BA-01 Unsko-sanski kanton canton BA-01* 48168 31 BA BIH
Bosnia and Herzegovina BA-08 Zapadnohercegova?ki kanton canton BA-08* 48169 31 BA BIH
Bosnia and Herzegovina BA-04 Zeni?ko-dobojski kanton canton BA-04* 48170 31 BA BIH
Botswana BW-CE Central District BW-CE* 19401 32 BW BWA
Botswana BW-GH Ghanzi District Ghansi, Khanzi BW-GH* 12759 32 BW BWA
Botswana BW-KG Kgalagadi District BW-KG* 19402 32 BW BWA
Botswana BW-KL Kgatleng District BW-KL* 12770 32 BW BWA
Botswana BW-KW Kweneng District BW-KW* 12762 32 BW BWA
Botswana BW-NE North-East District BW-NE* 12749 32 BW BWA
Botswana BW-NW North-West District BW-NW* 19403 32 BW BWA
Botswana BW-SE South-East District BW-SE* 12751 32 BW BWA
Botswana BW-SO Southern District BW-SO* 19404 32 BW BWA
Brazil BR-AC Acre state BR-AC 12793 34 BR BRA
Brazil BR-AL Alagoas state BR-AL 12784 34 BR BRA
Brazil BR-AP Amapá state BR-AP 12775 34 BR BRA
Brazil BR-AM Amazonas state BR-AM 12794 34 BR BRA
Brazil BR-BA Bahia state BR-BA 12776 34 BR BRA
Brazil BR-CE Ceará state BR-CE 12795 34 BR BRA
Brazil BR-DF Distrito Federal federal district BR-DF 12777 34 BR BRA
Brazil BR-ES Espírito Santo state BR-ES 12778 34 BR BRA
Brazil BR-GO Goiás state BR-GO 12796 34 BR BRA
Brazil BR-MA Maranhão state BR-MA 12779 34 BR BRA
Brazil BR-MT Mato Grosso state BR-MT 12780 34 BR BRA
Brazil BR-MS Mato Grosso do Sul state BR-MS 12774 34 BR BRA
Brazil BR-MG Minas Gerais state BR-MG 12781 34 BR BRA
Brazil BR-PR Paraná state BR-PR 12783 34 BR BRA
Brazil BR-PB Paraíba state BR-PB 12782 34 BR BRA
Brazil BR-PA Pará state BR-PA 12797 34 BR BRA
Brazil BR-PE Pernambuco state BR-PE 12773 34 BR BRA
Brazil BR-PI Piauí state BR-PI 12785 34 BR BRA
Brazil BR-RJ Rio de Janeiro state BR-RJ 12786 34 BR BRA
Brazil BR-RN Rio Grande do Norte state BR-RN 12798 34 BR BRA
Brazil BR-RS Rio Grande do Sul state BR-RS 12787 34 BR BRA
Brazil BR-RO Rondônia state BR-RO 12772 34 BR BRA
Brazil BR-RR Roraima state BR-RR 12788 34 BR BRA
Brazil BR-SC Santa Catarina state BR-SC 12789 34 BR BRA
Brazil BR-SE Sergipe state BR-SE 12790 34 BR BRA
Brazil BR-SP São Paulo state BR-SP 12771 34 BR BRA
Brazil BR-TO Tocantins state BR-TO* 12791 34 BR BRA
Brunei Darussalam BN-BE Belait District BN-BE* 12805 36 BN BRN
Brunei Darussalam BN-BM Brunei-Muara District BN-BM* 12807 36 BN BRN
Brunei Darussalam BN-TE Temburong District BN-TE* 12806 36 BN BRN
Brunei Darussalam BN-TU Tutong District BN-TU* 12804 36 BN BRN
Bulgaria BG-01 Blagoevgrad Region BG-01 12829 37 BG BGR
Bulgaria BG-02 Burgas Region BG-02 12813 37 BG BGR
Bulgaria BG-08 Dobrich Region BG-08 12830 37 BG BGR
Bulgaria BG-07 Gabrovo Region BG-07 12823 37 BG BGR
Bulgaria BG-26 Haskovo Region BG-26 12824 37 BG BGR
Bulgaria BG-09 Kardzhali Region BG-09 12825 37 BG BGR
Bulgaria BG-10 Kjustendil Region BG-10 12831 37 BG BGR
Bulgaria BG-11 Lovech Region BG-11 12826 37 BG BGR
Bulgaria BG-12 Montana Region BG-12 12811 37 BG BGR
Bulgaria BG-13 Pazardzhik Region BG-13 12827 37 BG BGR
Bulgaria BG-14 Pernik Region BG-14 12832 37 BG BGR
Bulgaria BG-15 Pleven Region BG-15 12828 37 BG BGR
Bulgaria BG-16 Plovdiv Region BG-16 12814 37 BG BGR
Bulgaria BG-17 Razgrad Region BG-17 12810 37 BG BGR
Bulgaria BG-18 Ruse Region BG-18 12815 37 BG BGR
Bulgaria BG-19 Silistra Region BG-19 12833 37 BG BGR
Bulgaria BG-20 Sliven Region BG-20 12816 37 BG BGR
Bulgaria BG-21 Smolyan Region BG-21 12809 37 BG BGR
Bulgaria BG-23 Sofia Region BG-23 12834 37 BG BGR
Bulgaria BG-22 Sofia-Grad Region BG-22 12817 37 BG BGR
Bulgaria BG-24 Stara Zagora Region BG-24 12818 37 BG BGR
Bulgaria BG-25 Targovishte Region BG-25 12835 37 BG BGR
Bulgaria BG-03 Varna Region BG-03 12820 37 BG BGR
Bulgaria BG-04 Veliko Tarnovo Region BG-04 12808 37 BG BGR
Bulgaria BG-05 Vidin Region BG-05 12821 37 BG BGR
Bulgaria BG-06 Vratsa Region BG-06 12822 37 BG BGR
Bulgaria BG-28 Yambol Region BG-28 12812 37 BG BGR
Bulgaria BG-27 Šumen Region BG-27 12819 37 BG BGR
Burkina Faso BF-BAL Balé Province BF-BAL* 12846 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-BAM Bam Province BF-BAM* 12855 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-BAN Banwa Province BF-BAN* 12847 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-BAZ Bazèga Province BF-BAZ* 12856 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-01 Boucle du Mouhoun region BF-01* 48171 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-BGR Bougouriba Province BF-BGR* 12857 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-BLG Boulgou Province BF-BLG* 12848 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-BLK Boulkiemdé Province BF-BLK* 12858 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-02 Cascades region BF-02* 48172 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-03 Centre region BF-03* 48173 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-04 Centre-Est region BF-04* 48174 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-05 Centre-Nord region BF-05* 48175 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-06 Centre-Ouest region BF-06* 48176 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-07 Centre-Sud region BF-07* 48177 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-COM Comoé Province BF-COM* 12849 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-08 Est region BF-08* 48178 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-GAN Ganzourgou Province BF-GAN* 12859 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-GNA Gnagna Province BF-GNA* 12860 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-GOU Gourma Province BF-GOU* 12850 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-09 Hauts-Bassins region BF-09* 48179 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-HOU Houet Province BF-HOU* 12861 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-IOB Ioba Province BF-IOB* 12851 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-KAD Kadiogo Province BF-KAD* 12862 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-KMD Komondjari Province Komandjoari, Komondjari BF-KMD* 12863 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-KMP Kompienga Province BF-KMP* 12864 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-KOS Kossi Province BF-KOS* 12853 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-KOP Koulpélogo Province BF-KOP* 12865 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-KOT Kouritenga Province BF-KOT* 12854 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-KOW Kourwéogo Province BF-KOW* 12866 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-KEN Kénédougou Province BF-KEN* 12852 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-LOR Loroum Province BF-LOR* 12837 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-LER Léraba Province BF-LER* 12867 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-MOU Mouhoun Province BF-MOU* 12868 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-NAO Nahouri Province Naouri BF-NAO* 12838 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-NAM Namentenga Province BF-NAM* 12869 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-NAY Nayala Province BF-NAY* 12870 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-10 Nord region BF-10* 48180 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-NOU Noumbiel Province BF-NOU* 12839 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-OUB Oubritenga Province BF-OUB* 12871 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-OUD Oudalan Province BF-OUD* 12840 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-PAS Passoré Province BF-PAS* 12872 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-11 Plateau-Central region BF-11* 48181 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-PON Poni Province BF-PON* 12873 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-12 Sahel region BF-12* 48182 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-SNG Sanguié Province BF-SNG* 12841 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-SMT Sanmatenga Province BF-SMT* 12874 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-SIS Sissili Province BF-SIS* 12843 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-SOM Soum Province BF-SOM* 12844 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-SOR Sourou Province BF-SOR* 12845 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-13 Sud-Ouest region BF-13* 48183 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-SEN Séno Province BF-SEN* 12842 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-TAP Tapoa Province BF-TAP* 12879 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-TUI Tui Province Tui BF-TUI* 12880 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-YAG Yagha Province BF-YAG* 12878 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-YAT Yatenga Province BF-YAT* 12877 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-ZIR Ziro Province BF-ZIR* 12876 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-ZON Zondoma Province BF-ZON* 12881 38 BF BFA
Burkina Faso BF-ZOU Zoundwéogo Province BF-ZOU* 12882 38 BF BFA
Burundi BI-BB Bubanza Province BI-BB* 12893 39 BI BDI
Burundi BI-BM Bujumbura Mairie Province BI-BM* 48128 39 BI BDI
Burundi BI-BL Bujumbura Rural Province BI-BL* 48129 39 BI BDI
Burundi BI-BR Bururi Province BI-BR* 12895 39 BI BDI
Burundi BI-CA Cankuzo Province BI-CA* 12885 39 BI BDI
Burundi BI-CI Cibitoke Province BI-CI* 12896 39 BI BDI
Burundi BI-GI Gitega Province Kitega BI-GI* 12886 39 BI BDI
Burundi BI-KR Karuzi Province Karusi BI-KR* 12887 39 BI BDI
Burundi BI-KY Kayanza Province BI-KY* 12894 39 BI BDI
Burundi BI-KI Kirundo Province BI-KI* 12888 39 BI BDI
Burundi BI-MA Makamba Province BI-MA* 12889 39 BI BDI
Burundi BI-MU Muramvya Province Muramuya BI-MU* 12897 39 BI BDI
Burundi BI-MY Muyinga Province Muhinga BI-MY* 12890 39 BI BDI
Burundi BI-MW Mwaro Province BI-MW* 12898 39 BI BDI
Burundi BI-NG Ngozi Province BI-NG* 12891 39 BI BDI
Burundi BI-RT Rutana Province BI-RT* 12892 39 BI BDI
Burundi BI-RY Ruyigi Province BI-RY* 12883 39 BI BDI
Cambodia KH-2 Baat Dambang [Batdâmbâng] province Batdâmbâng, Battambang KH-2 12918 40 KH KHM
Cambodia KH-1 Banteay Mean Chey [Bântéay Méanchey] province KH-1 12911 40 KH KHM
Cambodia KH-3 Kampong Chaam [Kâmpóng Cham] province Kompong Cham KH-3 12912 40 KH KHM
Cambodia KH-4 Kampong Chhnang [Kâmpóng Chhnang] province Kompong Chhnang KH-4 12919 40 KH KHM
Cambodia KH-5 Kampong Spueu [Kâmpóng Spœ] province Kompong Speu, Kompong Spoe KH-5 12920 40 KH KHM
Cambodia KH-6 Kampong Thum [Kâmpóng Thum] province Kompong Thom, Kompong Thum KH-6 12902 40 KH KHM
Cambodia KH-7 Kampot [Kâmpôt] province KH-7 12903 40 KH KHM
Cambodia KH-8 Kandaal [Kândal] province KH-8 12904 40 KH KHM
Cambodia KH-9 Kaoh Kong [Kaôh Kong] province Koh Kong KH-9 12905 40 KH KHM
Cambodia KH-10 Kracheh [Krâchéh] province Kratié KH-10 12906 40 KH KHM
Cambodia KH-23 Krong Kaeb [Krong Kêb] autonomous municipality KH-23 12907 40 KH KHM
Cambodia KH-24 Krong Pailin [Krong Pailin] autonomous municipality KH-24* 12908 40 KH KHM
Cambodia KH-18 Krong Preah Sihanouk [Krong Preah Sihanouk] autonomous municipality Preah Seihânu, Sihanoukville KH-18 12909 40 KH KHM
Cambodia KH-11 Mondol Kiri [Môndól Kiri] province Mondolkiri KH-11 12910 40 KH KHM
Cambodia KH-22 Otdar Mean Chey [Otdâr Méanchey] province KH-22 12901 40 KH KHM
Cambodia KH-12 Phnom Penh [Phnum Pénh] autonomous municipality Phnom Penh KH-12 12921 40 KH KHM
Cambodia KH-15 Pousaat [Pouthisat] province Poŭthĭsăt, Pursat KH-15 12900 40 KH KHM
Cambodia KH-13 Preah Vihear [Preah Vihéar] province KH-13 12913 40 KH KHM
Cambodia KH-14 Prey Veaeng [Prey Vêng] province Prey Vêng KH-14 12914 40 KH KHM
Cambodia KH-16 Rotanak Kiri [Rôtânôkiri] province Ratanakiri, Rotanokiri, Rôtanah Kiri KH-16 12922 40 KH KHM
Cambodia KH-17 Siem Reab [Siemréab] province Siem Reap, Siemréab KH-17 12915 40 KH KHM
Cambodia KH-19 Stueng Traeng [Stœ?ng Trêng] province Stoeng Trêng, Stung Treng KH-19 12925 40 KH KHM
Cambodia KH-20 Svaay Rieng [Svay Rieng] province KH-20 12916 40 KH KHM
Cambodia KH-21 Taakaev [Takêv] province Takeo, Takêv KH-21 12924 40 KH KHM
Cameroon CM-AD Adamaoua Region Adamawa CM-AD 12932 41 CM CMR
Cameroon CM-CE Centre Region CM-CE 12928 41 CM CMR
Cameroon CM-ES East Region CM-ES 12933 41 CM CMR
Cameroon CM-EN Far North Region CM-EN 12934 41 CM CMR
Cameroon CM-LT Littoral Region CM-LT 12929 41 CM CMR
Cameroon CM-NO North Region Bénoué CM-NO 12931 41 CM CMR
Cameroon CM-NW North-West Region CM-NW 12927 41 CM CMR
Cameroon CM-SU South Region CM-SU 12935 41 CM CMR
Cameroon CM-SW South-West Region CM-SW 12926 41 CM CMR
Cameroon CM-OU West Region CM-OU 12930 41 CM CMR
Canada CA-AB Alberta province CA-AB 12940 42 CA CAN
Canada CA-BC British Columbia province CA-BC 12938 42 CA CAN
Canada CA-MB Manitoba province CA-MB 12941 42 CA CAN
Canada CA-NB New Brunswick province Nouveau-Brunswick CA-NB 12937 42 CA CAN
Canada CA-NL Newfoundland and Labrador province CA-NL 12942 42 CA CAN
Canada CA-NT Northwest Territories territory Territoires du Nord-Ouest CA-NT 12939 42 CA CAN
Canada CA-NS Nova Scotia province Nouvelle-Écosse CA-NS 12943 42 CA CAN
Canada CA-NU Nunavut territory CA-NU 12944 42 CA CAN
Canada CA-ON Ontario province CA-ON 12948 42 CA CAN
Canada CA-PE Prince Edward Island province CA-PE 12945 42 CA CAN
Canada CA-QC Quebec province Québec CA-QC 12946 42 CA CAN
Canada CA-SK Saskatchewan province CA-SK 12936 42 CA CAN
Canada CA-YT Yukon Territory territory CA-YT 12947 42 CA CAN
Cape Verde CV-BV Boa Vista municipality CV-BV* 12953 43 CV CPV
Cape Verde CV-BR Brava municipality CV-BR* 12957 43 CV CPV
Cape Verde CV-B Ilhas de Barlavento geographical region CV-B* 48184 43 CV CPV
Cape Verde CV-S Ilhas de Sotavento geographical region CV-S* 48185 43 CV CPV
Cape Verde CV-MA Maio municipality CV-MA* 12954 43 CV CPV
Cape Verde CV-MO Mosteiros municipality CV-MO* 19406 43 CV CPV
Cape Verde CV-PA Paul municipality CV-PA* 19407 43 CV CPV
Cape Verde CV-PN Porto Novo municipality CV-PN* 19408 43 CV CPV
Cape Verde CV-PR Praia municipality CV-PR* 19409 43 CV CPV
Cape Verde CV-RB Ribeira Brava municipality CV-RB* 48244 43 CV CPV
Cape Verde CV-RG Ribeira Grande municipality Santiago CV-RG* 12955 43 CV CPV
Cape Verde CV-RS Ribeira Grande de Santiago municipality CV-RS* 48245 43 CV CPV
Cape Verde CV-SL Sal municipality CV-SL* 12956 43 CV CPV
Cape Verde CV-CA Santa Catarina municipality CV-CA* 19411 43 CV CPV
Cape Verde CV-CF Santa Catarina do Fogo municipality CV-CF* 48246 43 CV CPV
Cape Verde CV-CR Santa Cruz municipality CV-CR* 19412 43 CV CPV
Cape Verde CV-SD São Domingos municipality CV-SD 19413 43 CV CPV
Cape Verde CV-SF São Filipe municipality CV-SF* 19414 43 CV CPV
Cape Verde CV-SO São Lourenço dos Órgãos municipality CV-SO* 48904 43 CV CPV
Cape Verde CV-SM São Miguel municipality CV-SM* 48247 43 CV CPV
Cape Verde CV-SS São Salvador do Mundo municipality CV-SS* 48248 43 CV CPV
Cape Verde CV-SV São Vicente municipality CV-SV* 12950 43 CV CPV
Cape Verde CV-TA Tarrafal municipality CV-TA* 19415 43 CV CPV
Cape Verde CV-TS Tarrafal de São Nicolau municipality CV-TS* 48249 43 CV CPV
Cayman Islands KY-01~ Bodden Town District KY-01~ 48080 44 KY CYM
Cayman Islands KY-02~ Cayman Brac District KY-02~ 12962 44 KY CYM
Cayman Islands KY-03~ East End District KY-03~ 20891 44 KY CYM
Cayman Islands KY-04~ George Town District KY-04~ 48081 44 KY CYM
Cayman Islands Ky-05~ Little Cayman District Ky-05~ 12958 44 KY CYM
Cayman Islands KY-06~ North Side District KY-06~ 48082 44 KY CYM
Cayman Islands KY-07~ West Bay District KY-07~ 48083 44 KY CYM
Central African Republic CF-BB Bamingui-Bangoran prefecture CF-BB 12972 45 CF CAF
Central African Republic CF-BGF Bangui commune CF-BGF 12969 45 CF CAF
Central African Republic CF-BK Basse-Kotto prefecture CF-BK 12973 45 CF CAF
Central African Republic CF-KB Gribingui economic prefecture Gribingui, Nana-Grébisi CF-KB 12965 45 CF CAF
Central African Republic CF-HM Haut-Mbomou prefecture Haut-Mʿbomou CF-HM 12974 45 CF CAF
Central African Republic CF-HK Haute-Kotto prefecture CF-HK 12968 45 CF CAF
Central African Republic CF-HS Haute-Sangha / Mambéré-Kadéï prefecture Haut-Sangha CF-HS 12966 45 CF CAF
Central African Republic CF-KG Kémo-Gribingui prefecture Kémo Gribingui CF-KG 12967 45 CF CAF
Central African Republic CF-LB Lobaye prefecture CF-LB 12975 45 CF CAF
Central African Republic CF-MB Mbomou prefecture Mʿbomou CF-MB 12976 45 CF CAF
Central African Republic CF-NM Nana-Mambéré prefecture CF-NM 12977 45 CF CAF
Central African Republic CF-MP Ombella-Mpoko prefecture Ombella-Mʿpoko, Ombelle Mpoko CF-MP 12964 45 CF CAF
Central African Republic CF-UK Ouaka prefecture CF-UK 12979 45 CF CAF
Central African Republic CF-AC Ouham prefecture CF-AC 12978 45 CF CAF
Central African Republic CF-OP Ouham-Pendé prefecture CF-OP 12970 45 CF CAF
Central African Republic CF-SE Sangha economic prefecture Mbaeré, Sangha CF-SE 12963 45 CF CAF
Central African Republic CF-VK Vakaga prefecture CF-VK 12971 45 CF CAF
Chad TD-BA Al Baṭḩah Region TD-BA 12981 46 TD TCD
Chad TD-LC Al Buḩayrah Region TD-LC 12985 46 TD TCD
Chad TD-BG Baḩr al Ghazāl region TD-BG* 48189 46 TD TCD
Chad TD-BO Būrkū region TD-BO* 48190 46 TD TCD
Chad TD-EN Innīdī region TD-EN* 48191 46 TD TCD
Chad TD-KA Kānim Region TD-KA 12984 46 TD TCD
Chad TD-LO Lūqūn al Gharbī Region TD-LO 12986 46 TD TCD
Chad TD-LR Lūqūn ash Sharqī Region TD-LR 12987 46 TD TCD
Chad TD-ND Madīnat Injamīnā Region TD-ND* 19420 46 TD TCD
Chad TD-MA Māndūl Region TD-MA* 19417 46 TD TCD
Chad TD-MO Māyū Kībbī al Gharbī Region TD-MO* 19419 46 TD TCD
Chad TD-ME Māyū Kībbī ash Sharqī Region TD-ME* 19418 46 TD TCD
Chad TD-GR Qīrā Region TD-GR 12983 46 TD TCD
Chad TD-SA Salāmāt Region TD-SA 12992 46 TD TCD
Chad TD-MC Shārī al Awsaṭ Region TD-MC 12991 46 TD TCD
Chad TD-CB Shārī Bāqirmī Region TD-CB 12990 46 TD TCD
Chad TD-SI Sīlā region TD-SI* 48192 46 TD TCD
Chad TD-TI Tibastī region TD-TI* 48193 46 TD TCD
Chad TD-TA Tānjilī Region TD-TA 12980 46 TD TCD
Chad TD-OD Waddāy Region TD-OD 12988 46 TD TCD
Chad TD-WF Wādī Fīrā Region TD-WF* 19421 46 TD TCD
Chad TD-HL Ḥajjar Lamīs Region TD-HL* 19416 46 TD TCD
Chile CL-AI Aisén del General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo Region Aisén del General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo, Aysén CL-AI* 13004 47 CL CHL
Chile CL-AN Antofagasta Region CL-AN* 12998 47 CL CHL
Chile CL-AR Araucanía Region La Araucanía CL-AR* 12997 47 CL CHL
Chile CL-AP Arica y Parinacota Region CL-AP 21383 47 CL CHL
Chile CL-AT Atacama Region CL-AT* 12999 47 CL CHL
Chile CL-BI Bío-Bío Region Bíobío CL-BI* 13005 47 CL CHL
Chile CL-CO Coquimbo Region CL-CO* 12996 47 CL CHL
Chile CL-LI Libertador General Bernardo O'Higgins Region General Bernardo O'Higgins, Libertador, Libertador OʿHiggins CL-LI* 13000 47 CL CHL
Chile CL-LL Los Lagos Region CL-LL* 13006 47 CL CHL
Chile CL-LR Los Ríos Region CL-LR 21384 47 CL CHL
Chile CL-MA Magallanes Region Magellantes y la Antártica Chilena CL-MA* 13001 47 CL CHL
Chile CL-ML Maule Region CL-ML* 12995 47 CL CHL
Chile CL-RM Región Metropolitana de Santiago Region Metropolitana de Santiago CL-RM* 13002 47 CL CHL
Chile CL-TA Tarapacá Region CL-TA* 12994 47 CL CHL
Chile CL-VS Valparaíso Region CL-VS* 13003 47 CL CHL
China CN-34 Anhui province CN-34 13012 48 CN CHN
China CN-92 Aomen (zh) *** special administrative region CN-92 13034 48 CN CHN
China CN-11 Beijing municipality Beijing, Pekín CN-11 13013 48 CN CHN
China CN-50 Chongqing municipality CN-50 13014 48 CN CHN
China CN-35 Fujian province CN-35 13035 48 CN CHN
China CN-62 Gansu province CN-62 13015 48 CN CHN
China CN-44 Guangdong province CN-44 13016 48 CN CHN
China CN-45 Guangxi autonomous region Guangxi Zhuang CN-45 13036 48 CN CHN
China CN-52 Guizhou province CN-52 13017 48 CN CHN
China CN-46 Hainan province CN-46 13018 48 CN CHN
China CN-13 Hebei province CN-13 13019 48 CN CHN
China CN-23 Heilongjiang province CN-23 13028 48 CN CHN
China CN-41 Henan province CN-41 13029 48 CN CHN
China CN-42 Hubei province CN-42 13020 48 CN CHN
China CN-43 Hunan province CN-43 13030 48 CN CHN
China CN-32 Jiangsu province CN-32 13031 48 CN CHN
China CN-36 Jiangxi province CN-36 13021 48 CN CHN
China CN-22 Jilin province CN-22 13022 48 CN CHN
China CN-21 Liaoning province CN-21 13023 48 CN CHN
China CN-15 Nei Mongol (mn) autonomous region Inner Mongolia, Nei Monggol CN-15 13024 48 CN CHN
China CN-64 Ningxia autonomous region Ningxia Hui CN-64 13025 48 CN CHN
China CN-63 Qinghai province CN-63 13026 48 CN CHN
China CN-61 Shaanxi province CN-61 13027 48 CN CHN
China CN-37 Shandong province CN-37 13011 48 CN CHN
China CN-31 Shanghai municipality Schanghai CN-31 13037 48 CN CHN
China CN-14 Shanxi province CN-14 13010 48 CN CHN
China CN-51 Sichuan province CN-51 13038 48 CN CHN
China CN-71 Taiwan * province CN-71 18995 48 CN CHN
China CN-12 Tianjin municipality CN-12 13009 48 CN CHN
China CN-91 Xianggang (zh) ** special administrative region Xianggang, Hongkong CN-91 13039 48 CN CHN
China CN-65 Xinjiang autonomous region Uighur, Uygur CN-65 13008 48 CN CHN
China CN-54 Xizang autonomous region Tibet CN-54 13032 48 CN CHN
China CN-53 Yunnan province CN-53 13033 48 CN CHN
China CN-33 Zhejiang province CN-33 13007 48 CN CHN
Colombia CO-AMA Amazonas department CO-AMA* 13045 51 CO COL
Colombia CO-ANT Antioquia department CO-ANT* 13055 51 CO COL
Colombia CO-ARA Arauca department CO-ARA* 13046 51 CO COL
Colombia CO-ATL Atlántico department CO-ATL* 13047 51 CO COL
Colombia CO-BOL Bolívar department CO-BOL* 13048 51 CO COL
Colombia CO-BOY Boyacá department CO-BOY* 13057 51 CO COL
Colombia CO-CAL Caldas department CO-CAL* 13049 51 CO COL
Colombia CO-CAQ Caquetá department CO-CAQ* 13050 51 CO COL
Colombia CO-CAS Casanare department CO-CAS* 13058 51 CO COL
Colombia CO-CAU Cauca department CO-CAU* 13051 51 CO COL
Colombia CO-CES Cesar department CO-CES* 13059 51 CO COL
Colombia CO-CHO Chocó department CO-CHO* 13052 51 CO COL
Colombia CO-CUN Cundinamarca department CO-CUN* 13060 51 CO COL
Colombia CO-COR Córdoba department CO-COR* 13053 51 CO COL
Colombia CO-DC Distrito Capital de Bogotá capital district Santafé de Bogotá Distrito Capital CO-DC* 13056 51 CO COL
Colombia CO-GUA Guainía department CO-GUA* 13054 51 CO COL
Colombia CO-GUV Guaviare department CO-GUV* 13061 51 CO COL
Colombia CO-HUI Huila department CO-HUI* 13063 51 CO COL
Colombia CO-LAG La Guajira department CO-LAG* 13064 51 CO COL
Colombia CO-MAG Magdalena department CO-MAG* 13062 51 CO COL
Colombia CO-MET Meta department CO-MET* 13065 51 CO COL
Colombia CO-NAR Nariño department CO-NAR* 13044 51 CO COL
Colombia CO-NSA Norte de Santander department CO-NSA* 13066 51 CO COL
Colombia CO-PUT Putumayo department CO-PUT* 13067 51 CO COL
Colombia CO-QUI Quindío department CO-QUI* 13042 51 CO COL
Colombia CO-RIS Risaralda department CO-RIS* 13068 51 CO COL
Colombia CO-SAP San Andrés, Providencia y Santa Catalina department CO-SAP* 13043 51 CO COL
Colombia CO-SAN Santander department CO-SAN* 13069 51 CO COL
Colombia CO-SUC Sucre department CO-SUC* 13041 51 CO COL
Colombia CO-TOL Tolima department CO-TOL* 13070 51 CO COL
Colombia CO-VAC Valle del Cauca department CO-VAC* 13071 51 CO COL
Colombia CO-VAU Vaupés department CO-VAU* 13040 51 CO COL
Colombia CO-VID Vichada department CO-VID* 13072 51 CO COL
Comoros KM-G Andjazîdja island Grande Comore, Njazídja KM-G* 13074 52 KM COM
Comoros KM-A Andjouân (Anjwān) island Anjouan, Ndzuwani, Nzwani KM-A* 13073 52 KM COM
Comoros KM-M Moûhîlî (Mūhīlī) island Mohilla, Mohéli, Moili KM-M* 13075 52 KM COM
Congo CG-11 Bouenza Department Bouénza CG-11 13078 53 CG COG
Congo CG-BZV Brazzaville Commune CG-BZV 13080 53 CG COG
Congo CG-8 Cuvette Department CG-8 13077 53 CG COG
Congo CG-15 Cuvette-Ouest Department Cuvette Ouest CG-15 13076 53 CG COG
Congo CG-5 Kouilou Department CG-5 13081 53 CG COG
Congo CG-7 Likouala Department CG-7 13079 53 CG COG
Congo CG-2 Lékoumou Department CG-2 13082 53 CG COG
Congo CG-9 Niari Department CG-9 13083 53 CG COG
Congo CG-14 Plateaux Department CG-14 13086 53 CG COG
Congo CG-12 Pool Department CG-12 13084 53 CG COG
Congo CG-13 Sangha Department CG-13 13085 53 CG COG
Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The CD-BN Bandundu province CD-BN 13094 54 CD COD
Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The CD-BC Bas-Congo province Bas-Zaire CD-BC* 13088 54 CD COD
Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The CD-KW Kasai-Occidental province CD-KW 13092 54 CD COD
Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The CD-KE Kasai-Oriental province CD-KE 13090 54 CD COD
Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The CD-KA Katanga province Shaba CD-KA* 13097 54 CD COD
Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The CD-KN Kinshasa city CD-KN 13091 54 CD COD
Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The CD-MA Maniema province CD-MA* 13095 54 CD COD
Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The CD-NK Nord-Kivu province CD-NK* 13087 54 CD COD
Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The CD-OR Orientale province Haut-Zaire, Orientale CD-OR* 13089 54 CD COD
Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The CD-SK Sud-Kivu province CD-SK* 13096 54 CD COD
Congo, The Democratic Republic Of The CD-EQ Équateur province CD-EQ 13093 54 CD COD
Costa Rica CR-A Alajuela Province CR-A 13119 56 CR CRI
Costa Rica CR-C Cartago Province CR-C 13115 56 CR CRI
Costa Rica CR-G Guanacaste Province CR-G 13116 56 CR CRI
Costa Rica CR-H Heredia Province CR-H 13118 56 CR CRI
Costa Rica CR-L Limón Province CR-L 13114 56 CR CRI
Costa Rica CR-P Puntarenas Province CR-P 13113 56 CR CRI
Costa Rica CR-SJ San José Province CR-SJ 13117 56 CR CRI
Croatia HR-07 Bjelovarsko-bilogorska županija county HR-07 13135 58 HR HRV
Croatia HR-12 Brodsko-posavska županija county HR-12 13130 58 HR HRV
Croatia HR-19 Dubrovacko-neretvanska županija county HR-19 13122 58 HR HRV
Croatia HR-21 Grad Zagreb city HR-21 13123 58 HR HRV
Croatia HR-18 Istarska županija county Istria HR-18 13121 58 HR HRV
Croatia HR-04 Karlovacka županija county HR-04 13124 58 HR HRV
Croatia HR-06 Koprivnicko-križevacka županija county HR-06 13136 58 HR HRV
Croatia HR-02 Krapinsko-zagorska županija county HR-02 13125 58 HR HRV
Croatia HR-09 Licko-senjska županija county HR-09 13126 58 HR HRV
Croatia HR-20 Medimurska županija county HR-20 13140 58 HR HRV
Croatia HR-14 Osjecko-baranjska županija county HR-14 13127 58 HR HRV
Croatia HR-11 Požeško-slavonska županija county HR-11 13139 58 HR HRV
Croatia HR-08 Primorsko-goranska županija county HR-08 13128 58 HR HRV
Croatia HR-03 Sisacko-moslavacka županija county HR-03 13138 58 HR HRV
Croatia HR-17 Splitsko-dalmatinska županija county Split-Dalmatia HR-17 13137 58 HR HRV
Croatia HR-05 Varaždinska županija county HR-05 13131 58 HR HRV
Croatia HR-10 Viroviticko-podravska županija county HR-10 13132 58 HR HRV
Croatia HR-16 Vukovarsko-srijemska županija county Vukovar-Sirmium HR-16 13120 58 HR HRV
Croatia HR-13 Zadarska županija county HR-13 13133 58 HR HRV
Croatia HR-01 Zagrebacka županija county HR-01 13134 58 HR HRV
Croatia HR-15 Šibensko-kninska županija county HR-15 13129 58 HR HRV
Cuba CU-09 Camagüey province CU-09 13152 59 CU CUB
Cuba CU-08 Ciego de Ávila province CU-08 13153 59 CU CUB
Cuba CU-06 Cienfuegos province CU-06 13154 59 CU CUB
Cuba CU-03 Ciudad de La Habana province CU-03 13142 59 CU CUB
Cuba CU-12 Granma province CU-12 13155 59 CU CUB
Cuba CU-14 Guantánamo province CU-14 13157 59 CU CUB
Cuba CU-11 Holguín province CU-11 13156 59 CU CUB
Cuba CU-99 Isla de la Juventud special municipality CU-99 13143 59 CU CUB
Cuba CU-02 La Habana province CU-02 13159 59 CU CUB
Cuba CU-10 Las Tunas province CU-10 13144 59 CU CUB
Cuba CU-04 Matanzas province CU-04 13145 59 CU CUB
Cuba CU-01 Pinar del Río province CU-01 13160 59 CU CUB
Cuba CU-07 Sancti Spíritus province CU-07 13146 59 CU CUB
Cuba CU-13 Santiago de Cuba province CU-13 13158 59 CU CUB
Cuba CU-05 Villa Clara province CU-05 13147 59 CU CUB
Cyprus CY-04 Ammochostos District CY-04 20225 60 CY CYP
Cyprus CY-06 Keryneia District CY-06 19428 60 CY CYP
Cyprus CY-03 Larnaka District CY-03 19429 60 CY CYP
Cyprus CY-01 Lefkosia District CY-01 19430 60 CY CYP
Cyprus CY-02 Lemesos District CY-02 19431 60 CY CYP
Cyprus CY-05 Pafos District CY-05 19433 60 CY CYP
Czech Republic CZ-201 Benešov district CZ-201 13247 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-202 Beroun district CZ-202 13201 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-621 Blansko district CZ-621 13231 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-622 Brno-město district CZ-622 13192 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-623 Brno-venkov district CZ-623 13233 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-801 Bruntál district CZ-801 13180 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-624 Břeclav district CZ-624 13232 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-411 Cheb district CZ-411 13175 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-422 Chomutov district CZ-422 13173 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-531 Chrudim district CZ-531 13240 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-321 Domažlice district CZ-321 13242 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-421 Děčín district CZ-421 13164 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-802 Frýdek Místek district CZ-802 13213 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-611 Havlíčkův Brod district CZ-611 13204 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-625 Hodonín district CZ-625 13174 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-521 Hradec Králové district CZ-521 13237 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-512 Jablonec nad Nisou district CZ-512 13179 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-711 Jeseník district CZ-711 13216 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-612 Jihlava district CZ-612 13205 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-JC Jihoceský kraj Region Budějovický, Českobudějovický CZ-JC* 13219 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-JM Jihomoravský kraj Region Brnenský CZ-JM* 13220 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-313 Jindřichův Hradec district CZ-313 13228 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-522 Jičín district CZ-522 13177 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-KA Karlovarský kraj Region CZ-KA* 13183 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-412 Karlovy Vary district CZ-412 13236 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-803 Karviná district CZ-803 13181 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-203 Kladno district CZ-203 13200 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-322 Klatovy district CZ-322 13243 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-204 Kolín district CZ-204 13202 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-721 Kromĕříž district CZ-721 13207 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-KR Královéhradecký kraj Region CZ-KR* 13221 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-205 Kutná Hora district CZ-205 13165 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-513 Liberec district CZ-513 13211 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-LI Liberecký kraj Region CZ-LI* 13184 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-423 Litoměřice district CZ-423 13248 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-424 Louny district CZ-424 13252 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-207 Mladá Boleslav district CZ-207 13167 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-MO Moravskoslezský kraj Region Ostravský CZ-MO* 13222 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-425 Most district CZ-425 13251 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-206 Mělník district CZ-206 13166 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-804 Nový Jičín district CZ-804 13214 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-208 Nymburk district CZ-208 13168 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-523 Náchod district CZ-523 13238 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-712 Olomouc district CZ-712 13193 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-OL Olomoucký kraj Region CZ-OL* 13185 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-805 Opava district CZ-805 13182 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-806 Ostrava město district CZ-806 13215 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-532 Pardubice district CZ-532 13195 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-PA Pardubický kraj Region CZ-PA* 13223 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-613 Pelhřimov district CZ-613 13253 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-PL Plzenský kraj Region CZ-PL* 13186 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-324 Plzeň jih district CZ-324 13197 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-323 Plzeň město district CZ-323 13244 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-325 Plzeň sever district CZ-325 13198 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-315 Prachatice district CZ-315 13190 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-101 Praha 1 district CZ-101 48300 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-10A Praha 10 district CZ-10A 48309 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-10B Praha 11 district CZ-10B 48310 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-10C Praha 12 district CZ-10C 48311 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-10D Praha 13 district CZ-10D 48312 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-10E Praha 14 district CZ-10E 48313 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-10F Praha 15 district CZ-10F 48314 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-102 Praha 2 district CZ-102 48301 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-103 Praha 3 district CZ-103 48302 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-104 Praha 4 district CZ-104 48303 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-105 Praha 5 district CZ-105 48304 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-106 Praha 6 district CZ-106 48305 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-107 Praha 7 district CZ-107 48306 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-108 Praha 8 district CZ-108 48307 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-109 Praha 9 district CZ-109 48308 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-209 Praha východ district CZ-209 13170 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-20A Praha západ district CZ-20A 13171 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-PR Praha, hlavní mesto Region Hlavi město Praha, Praha, Prag, Prague CZ-PR* 13224 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-713 Prostĕjov district CZ-713 13194 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-314 Písek district CZ-314 13229 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-714 Přerov district CZ-714 13217 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-20B Příbram district CZ-20B 13169 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-20C Rakovník district CZ-20C 13172 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-326 Rokycany district CZ-326 13245 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-524 Rychnov nad Kněžnou district CZ-524 13239 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-514 Semily district CZ-514 13212 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-413 Sokolov district CZ-413 13176 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-316 Strakonice district CZ-316 13230 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-ST Stredoceský kraj Region Central Bohemia, Mittelböhmen, Stredocesky CZ-ST* 13187 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-533 Svitavy district CZ-533 13241 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-327 Tachov district CZ-327 13246 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-426 Teplice district CZ-426 13203 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-525 Trutnov district CZ-525 13178 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-317 Tábor district CZ-317 13191 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-614 Třebíč district CZ-614 13206 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-722 Uherské Hradištĕ district CZ-722 13208 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-723 Vsetín district CZ-723 13163 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-VY Vysocina Region Jihlavský CZ-VY* 13188 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-626 Vyškov district CZ-626 13234 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-724 Zlín district CZ-724 13209 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-ZL Zlínský kraj Region CZ-ZL* 13226 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-627 Znojmo district CZ-627 13235 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-US Ústecký kraj Region CZ-US* 13225 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-427 Ústí nad Labem district CZ-427 13250 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-534 Ústí nad Orlicí district CZ-534 13196 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-511 Česká Lípa district CZ-511 13210 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-311 České Budějovice district CZ-311 13227 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-312 Český Krumlov district CZ-312 13189 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-715 Šumperk district CZ-715 13218 61 CZ CZE
Czech Republic CZ-615 Žd’ár nad Sázavou district CZ-615 13249 61 CZ CZE
Côte D'Ivoire CI-06 18 Montagnes (Région des) Region CI-06 18974 57 CI CIV
Côte D'Ivoire CI-16 Agnébi (Région de l') Region CI-16 18975 57 CI CIV
Côte D'Ivoire CI-17 Bafing (Région du) Region CI-17* 18976 57 CI CIV
Côte D'Ivoire CI-09 Bas-Sassandra (Région du) Region CI-09 18977 57 CI CIV
Côte D'Ivoire CI-10 Denguélé (Région du) Region CI-10 18978 57 CI CIV
Côte D'Ivoire CI-18 Fromager (Région du) Region CI-18* 18979 57 CI CIV
Côte D'Ivoire CI-02 Haut-Sassandra (Région du) Region CI-02 18980 57 CI CIV
Côte D'Ivoire CI-07 Lacs (Région des) Region CI-07 18981 57 CI CIV
Côte D'Ivoire CI-01 Lagunes (Région des) Region CI-01 18982 57 CI CIV
Côte D'Ivoire CI-12 Marahoué (Région de la) Region CI-12 18983 57 CI CIV
Côte D'Ivoire CI-19 Moyen-Cavally (Région du) Region CI-19* 18984 57 CI CIV
Côte D'Ivoire CI-05 Moyen-Comoé (Région du) Region CI-05 18985 57 CI CIV
Côte D'Ivoire CI-11 Nzi-Comoé (Région) Region CI-11 18986 57 CI CIV
Côte D'Ivoire CI-03 Savanes (Région des) Region CI-03 18987 57 CI CIV
Côte D'Ivoire CI-15 Sud-Bandama (Région du) Region CI-15 18988 57 CI CIV
Côte D'Ivoire CI-13 Sud-Comoé (Région du) Region CI-13 18989 57 CI CIV
Côte D'Ivoire CI-04 Vallée du Bandama (Région de la) Region CI-04 18990 57 CI CIV
Côte D'Ivoire CI-14 Worodougou (Région du) Region CI-14 18991 57 CI CIV
Côte D'Ivoire CI-08 Zanzan (Région du) Region CI-08 18992 57 CI CIV
Denmark DK-84 Capital Region Region Hovedstaden DK-84 19434 62 DK DNK
Denmark DK-82 Central Jutland Region Midtjylland DK-82 19435 62 DK DNK
Denmark DK-81 North Jutland Region Nordjylland DK-81 19436 62 DK DNK
Denmark DK-83 South Denmark Region Syddanmark DK-83 19438 62 DK DNK
Denmark DK-85 Zeeland Region Sjælland DK-85 19437 62 DK DNK
Djibouti DJ-AS Ali Sabieh Region Ali Sabieh, Ali Sabih DJ-AS* 13283 63 DJ DJI
Djibouti DJ-AR Arta Region DJ-AR* 19439 63 DJ DJI
Djibouti DJ-DI Dikhil Region Dikhil, Dikkil DJ-DI* 13282 63 DJ DJI
Djibouti DJ-DJ Djibouti City Djibouti DJ-DJ* 13280 63 DJ DJI
Djibouti DJ-OB Obock Region Obock, Obok DJ-OB* 13281 63 DJ DJI
Djibouti DJ-TA Tadjourah Region Tadjoura, Tadjourah, Tajura DJ-TA* 13284 63 DJ DJI
Dominica DM-02 Saint Andrew Parish DM-02* 13286 64 DM DMA
Dominica DM-03 Saint David Parish DM-03* 13289 64 DM DMA
Dominica DM-04 Saint George Parish DM-04* 13293 64 DM DMA
Dominica DM-05 Saint John Parish DM-05* 13292 64 DM DMA
Dominica DM-06 Saint Joseph Parish DM-06* 13291 64 DM DMA
Dominica DM-07 Saint Luke Parish DM-07* 13294 64 DM DMA
Dominica DM-08 Saint Mark Parish DM-08* 13290 64 DM DMA
Dominica DM-09 Saint Patrick Parish DM-09* 13285 64 DM DMA
Dominica DM-10 Saint Paul Parish DM-10* 13287 64 DM DMA
Dominica DM-11 Saint Peter Parish DM-11* 13288 64 DM DMA
Dominican Republic DO-02 Azua province DO-02 13506 65 DO DOM
Dominican Republic DO-03 Bahoruco province Bahoruco, Baoruco DO-03 13489 65 DO DOM
Dominican Republic DO-04 Barahona province DO-04 13477 65 DO DOM
Dominican Republic DO-05 Dajabón province DO-05 13490 65 DO DOM
Dominican Republic DO-01 Distrito Nacional (Santo Domingo) province DO-01 13520 65 DO DOM
Dominican Republic DO-06 Duarte province DO-06 13491 65 DO DOM
Dominican Republic DO-08 El Seybo [El Seibo] province DO-08 13492 65 DO DOM
Dominican Republic DO-09 Espaillat province DO-09 13493 65 DO DOM
Dominican Republic DO-30 Hato Mayor province DO-30 13510 65 DO DOM
Dominican Republic DO-10 Independencia province DO-10 13494 65 DO DOM
Dominican Republic DO-11 La Altagracia province DO-11 13511 65 DO DOM
Dominican Republic DO-07 La Estrelleta [Elías Piña] province DO-07 13509 65 DO DOM
Dominican Republic DO-12 La Romana province DO-12 13487 65 DO DOM
Dominican Republic DO-13 La Vega province DO-13 13512 65 DO DOM
Dominican Republic DO-14 María Trinidad Sánchez province DO-14 13496 65 DO DOM
Dominican Republic DO-28 Monseñor Nouel province DO-28 13513 65 DO DOM
Dominican Republic DO-15 Monte Cristi province DO-15 13497 65 DO DOM
Dominican Republic DO-29 Monte Plata province DO-29 13514 65 DO DOM
Dominican Republic DO-16 Pedernales province DO-16 13498 65 DO DOM
Dominican Republic DO-17 Peravia province DO-17 13499 65 DO DOM
Dominican Republic DO-18 Puerto Plata province DO-18 13515 65 DO DOM
Dominican Republic DO-19 Salcedo province DO-19 13500 65 DO DOM
Dominican Republic DO-20 Samaná province DO-20 13516 65 DO DOM
Dominican Republic DO-21 San Cristóbal province DO-21 13517 65 DO DOM
Dominican Republic DO-31 San Jose de Ocoa province DO-31 13502 65 DO DOM
Dominican Republic DO-22 San Juan province DO-22 13518 65 DO DOM
Dominican Republic DO-23 San Pedro de Macorís province DO-23 13503 65 DO DOM
Dominican Republic DO-25 Santiago province DO-25 13519 65 DO DOM
Dominican Republic DO-26 Santiago Rodríguez province DO-26 13504 65 DO DOM
Dominican Republic DO-32 Santo Domingo DO-32 13508 65 DO DOM
Dominican Republic DO-24 Sánchez Ramírez province DO-24 13501 65 DO DOM
Dominican Republic DO-27 Valverde province DO-27 13505 65 DO DOM
Ecuador EC-A Azuay Province EC-A 13570 66 EC ECU
Ecuador EC-B Bolívar Province EC-B 13571 66 EC ECU
Ecuador EC-C Carchi Province EC-C 13572 66 EC ECU
Ecuador EC-F Cañar Province EC-F 13578 66 EC ECU
Ecuador EC-H Chimborazo Province EC-H 13579 66 EC ECU
Ecuador EC-X Cotopaxi Province EC-X 13573 66 EC ECU
Ecuador EC-O El Oro Province EC-O 13574 66 EC ECU
Ecuador EC-E Esmeraldas Province EC-E 13580 66 EC ECU
Ecuador EC-W Galápagos Province EC-W 13575 66 EC ECU
Ecuador EC-G Guayas Province EC-G 13576 66 EC ECU
Ecuador EC-I Imbabura Province EC-I 13581 66 EC ECU
Ecuador EC-L Loja Province EC-L 13577 66 EC ECU
Ecuador EC-R Los Ríos Province EC-R 13582 66 EC ECU
Ecuador EC-M Manabí Province EC-M 13583 66 EC ECU
Ecuador EC-S Morona-Santiago Province EC-S 13584 66 EC ECU
Ecuador EC-N Napo Province EC-N 13569 66 EC ECU
Ecuador EC-D Orellana Province EC-D* 13585 66 EC ECU
Ecuador EC-Y Pastaza Province EC-Y 13568 66 EC ECU
Ecuador EC-P Pichincha Province EC-P 13586 66 EC ECU
Ecuador EC-SE Santa Elena Province EC-SE* 21342 66 EC ECU
Ecuador EC-SD Santo Domingo de los Tsachilas Province EC-SD* 21343 66 EC ECU
Ecuador EC-U Sucumbíos Province EC-U 13567 66 EC ECU
Ecuador EC-T Tungurahua Province EC-T 13587 66 EC ECU
Ecuador EC-Z Zamora-Chinchipe Province EC-Z 13566 66 EC ECU
Egypt EG-DK Ad Daqahliyah Governorate Dakahlia, El Daqahliya, ad-Daqahliyah EG-DK 13607 67 EG EGY
Egypt EG-BA Al Bahr al Ahmar Governorate El Bahr el Ahmar EG-BA* 13605 67 EG EGY
Egypt EG-BH Al Buhayrah Governorate El Buhayra, al-Buh̨ayrah EG-BH 13606 67 EG EGY
Egypt EG-FYM Al Fayyum Governorate El Faiyūm, al-Fayyum, al-Fayyūm EG-FYM 13608 67 EG EGY
Egypt EG-GH Al Gharbiyah Governorate El Gharbiya, Gharbiya, al-Garbiyah, al-Ġarbīyah EG-GH 13609 67 EG EGY
Egypt EG-ALX Al Iskandariyah Governorate El Iskandariya, al-Iskandariyah, al-Iskandarīyah, Alexandria, Alexandrie, Alexandria EG-ALX 13595 67 EG EGY
Egypt EG-IS Al Ismā`īlīyah Governorate El Ismailia, Ismaʿiliya, al-Ismailiyah, al-Ismāīlīyah EG-IS 13610 67 EG EGY
Egypt EG-GZ Al Jizah Governorate El Giza, Gise, Giza, Gizah, Jiza, Jizah, al-Jīzah, Giseh, Gîza EG-GZ 13596 67 EG EGY
Egypt EG-MNF Al Minufiyah Governorate El Minufiya, Menufiya, al-Minufiyah, al-Minūfīyah EG-MNF 13612 67 EG EGY
Egypt EG-MN Al Minya Governorate El Minya, Minia, al-Minya, al-Minyā EG-MN 13591 67 EG EGY
Egypt EG-C Al Qahirah Governorate El Qahira, Le Caire-sur-Mer, al-Qāhirah, Kairo, Caire, Cairo EG-C 13598 67 EG EGY
Egypt EG-KB Al Qalyubiyah Governorate El Qalubiya, al-Qalyubiyah EG-KB 13613 67 EG EGY
Egypt EG-WAD Al Wadi al Jadid Governorate El Wadi el Jadid, El Wadi el Jedid EG-WAD 13588 67 EG EGY
Egypt EG-LX al-Uqsur Governorate al-Uqsur, al-Uqşur, Luxor, Louxor EG-LX 13589 67 EG EGY
Egypt EG-SUZ As Suways Governorate El Suweiz, as-Suways EG-SUZ 13601 67 EG EGY
Egypt EG-SU As Sādis min Uktūbar governorate EG-SU* 48194 67 EG EGY
Egypt EG-SHR Ash Sharqiyah Governorate ash-Sharqiyah, aš-Šarqīyah EG-SHR 13600 67 EG EGY
Egypt EG-ASN Aswan Governorate Aswān, Assuan, Assouan EG-ASN 13602 67 EG EGY
Egypt EG-AST Asyut Governorate Asiut, Assyût, Siut, Asyūţ, Assiut, Assiout EG-AST 13604 67 EG EGY
Egypt EG-BNS Bani Suwayf Governorate Bani Suwayf, Banī Suwayf EG-BNS 13603 67 EG EGY
Egypt EG-PTS Būr Sa`īd Governorate Bur Said, Būr Saʿīd EG-PTS 13593 67 EG EGY
Egypt EG-DT Dumyat Governorate Damiat, Dumyat, Dumyāţ, Damiette EG-DT 13594 67 EG EGY
Egypt EG-HU Ḩulwān governorate EG-HU* 48195 67 EG EGY
Egypt EG-JS Janub Sina' Governorate Sina al-Janūbīyah, Sinai al-Janubiyah, South Sinai EG-JS* 13611 67 EG EGY
Egypt EG-KFS Kafr ash Shaykh Governorate Kafr-ash-Shaykh, Kafr-aš-Šayẖ EG-KFS 13592 67 EG EGY
Egypt EG-MT Matrūh Governorate Matrah, Matrūh EG-MT 13597 67 EG EGY
Egypt EG-KN Qina Governorate Qina, Qinā EG-KN 13599 67 EG EGY
Egypt EG-SIN Shamal Sina' Governorate Shamal Sina, Sina aš-Šamālīyah, Sinai ash-Shamaliyah, Šamāl Sīna EG-SIN 13590 67 EG EGY
Egypt EG-SHG Suhaj Governorate Sawhaj, Suhag, Suhaj, Sūhaj, Sawhāj EG-SHG 13614 67 EG EGY
El Salvador SV-AH Ahuachapán Department SV-AH* 13619 68 SV SLV
El Salvador SV-CA Cabañas Department SV-CA* 13620 68 SV SLV
El Salvador SV-CH Chalatenango Department SV-CH* 13618 68 SV SLV
El Salvador SV-CU Cuscatlán Department SV-CU* 13621 68 SV SLV
El Salvador SV-LI La Libertad Department SV-LI* 13627 68 SV SLV
El Salvador SV-PA La Paz Department SV-PA* 13622 68 SV SLV
El Salvador SV-UN La Unión Department SV-UN* 13623 68 SV SLV
El Salvador SV-MO Morazán Department SV-MO* 13617 68 SV SLV
El Salvador SV-SM San Miguel Department SV-SM* 13624 68 SV SLV
El Salvador SV-SS San Salvador Department SV-SS* 13628 68 SV SLV
El Salvador SV-SV San Vicente Department SV-SV* 13616 68 SV SLV
El Salvador SV-SA Santa Ana Department SV-SA* 13625 68 SV SLV
El Salvador SV-SO Sonsonate Department SV-SO* 13626 68 SV SLV
El Salvador SV-US Usulután Department SV-US* 13615 68 SV SLV
Equatorial Guinea GQ-AN Annobón province GQ-AN* 13635 69 GQ GNQ
Equatorial Guinea GQ-BN Bioko Norte province GQ-BN* 13632 69 GQ GNQ
Equatorial Guinea GQ-BS Bioko Sur province GQ-BS* 13634 69 GQ GNQ
Equatorial Guinea GQ-CS Centro Sur province GQ-CS* 13633 69 GQ GNQ
Equatorial Guinea GQ-KN Kie-Ntem province GQ-KN* 13630 69 GQ GNQ
Equatorial Guinea GQ-LI Litoral province GQ-LI* 13631 69 GQ GNQ
Equatorial Guinea GQ-C Región Continental region GQ-C* 19440 69 GQ GNQ
Equatorial Guinea GQ-I Región Insular region GQ-I* 19441 69 GQ GNQ
Equatorial Guinea GQ-WN Wele-Nzás province GQ-WN* 13629 69 GQ GNQ
Eritrea ER-AN Anseba Region Ansabā ER-AN* 13638 70 ER ERI
Eritrea ER-DU Debub Region Al Janūbī ER-DU* 13641 70 ER ERI
Eritrea ER-DK Debubawi K’eyyĭḥ Baḥri Region Janūbī al Baḩrī al Aḩmar ER-DK* 13639 70 ER ERI
Eritrea ER-GB Gash-Barka Region Qāsh-Barkah ER-GB* 13637 70 ER ERI
Eritrea ER-MA Ma’ĭkel Region Al Awsaţ ER-MA* 13640 70 ER ERI
Eritrea ER-SK Semienawi K’eyyĭḥ Baḥri Region Shimālī al Baḩrī al Aḩmar ER-SK* 13636 70 ER ERI
Estonia EE-37 Harjumaa County EE-37 13653 71 EE EST
Estonia EE-39 Hiiumaa County Dagden, Dagö EE-39 13654 71 EE EST
Estonia EE-44 Ida-Virumaa County EE-44 13646 71 EE EST
Estonia EE-51 Järvamaa County EE-51 13652 71 EE EST
Estonia EE-49 Jõgevamaa County Jogevamaa EE-49 13647 71 EE EST
Estonia EE-59 Lääne-Virumaa County EE-59 13655 71 EE EST
Estonia EE-57 Läänemaa County EE-57 13648 71 EE EST
Estonia EE-67 Pärnumaa County EE-67 13649 71 EE EST
Estonia EE-65 Põlvamaa County Polvamaa EE-65 13650 71 EE EST
Estonia EE-70 Raplamaa County EE-70 13643 71 EE EST
Estonia EE-74 Saaremaa County Saare, Ösel EE-74 13645 71 EE EST
Estonia EE-78 Tartumaa County EE-78 13656 71 EE EST
Estonia EE-82 Valgamaa County EE-82 13651 71 EE EST
Estonia EE-84 Viljandimaa County EE-84 13644 71 EE EST
Estonia EE-86 Võrumaa County Vorumaa EE-86 13642 71 EE EST
Ethiopia ET-AA Adis Abeba administration ET-AA* 13661 73 ET ETH
Ethiopia ET-AF Afar state Affar ET-AF* 13662 73 ET ETH
Ethiopia ET-AM Amara state ET-AM* 13658 73 ET ETH
Ethiopia ET-BE Binshangul Gumuz state ET-BE* 13663 73 ET ETH
Ethiopia ET-DD Dire Dawa administration ET-DD* 13667 73 ET ETH
Ethiopia ET-GA Gambela Hizboch state Gambela ET-GA* 13666 73 ET ETH
Ethiopia ET-HA Hareri Hizb state ET-HA* 13665 73 ET ETH
Ethiopia ET-OR Oromiya state ET-OR* 13668 73 ET ETH
Ethiopia ET-SO Sumale state ET-SO* 13664 73 ET ETH
Ethiopia ET-TI Tigray state ET-TI* 13659 73 ET ETH
Ethiopia ET-SN YeDebub Biheroch Bihereseboch na Hizboch state ET-SN* 13657 73 ET ETH
Fiji FJ-C Central division FJ-C* 13683 76 FJ FJI
Fiji FJ-E Eastern division FJ-E* 13682 76 FJ FJI
Fiji FJ-N Northern division FJ-N* 13684 76 FJ FJI
Fiji FJ-R Rotuma dependency FJ-R* 18998 76 FJ FJI
Fiji FJ-W Western division FJ-W* 13681 76 FJ FJI
Finland FI-01 Ahvenanmaan maakunta region Landskapet Åland FI-01 48686 77 FI FIN
Finland FI-02 Etelä-Karjala region Södra Karelen FI-02 48687 77 FI FIN
Finland FI-03 Etelä-Pohjanmaa region Södra Österbotten FI-03 48688 77 FI FIN
Finland FI-04 Etelä-Savo region Södra Savolax FI-04 48689 77 FI FIN
Finland FI-05 Kainuu region Kajanaland FI-05 48690 77 FI FIN
Finland FI-06 Kanta-Häme region Egentliga Tavastland FI-06 48691 77 FI FIN
Finland FI-07 Keski-Pohjanmaa region Mellersta Österbotten FI-07 48692 77 FI FIN
Finland FI-08 Keski-Suomi region Mellersta Finland FI-08 48693 77 FI FIN
Finland FI-09 Kymenlaakso region Kymmenedalen FI-09 48694 77 FI FIN
Finland FI-10 Lappi region Lappland FI-10 48695 77 FI FIN
Finland FI-11 Pirkanmaa region Birkaland FI-11 48696 77 FI FIN
Finland FI-12 Pohjanmaa region Österbotten FI-12 48697 77 FI FIN
Finland FI-13 Pohjois-Karjala region Norra Karelen FI-13 48698 77 FI FIN
Finland FI-14 Pohjois-Pohjanmaa region Norra Österbotten FI-14 48699 77 FI FIN
Finland FI-15 Pohjois-Savo region Norra Savolax FI-15 48700 77 FI FIN
Finland FI-16 Päijät-Häme region Päijänne-Tavastland FI-16 48701 77 FI FIN
Finland FI-17 Satakunta region Satakunda FI-17 48702 77 FI FIN
Finland FI-18 Uusimaa region Nyland FI-18 48703 77 FI FIN
Finland FI-19 Varsinais-Suomi region Egentliga Finland FI-19 48704 77 FI FIN
France FR-01 Ain metropolitan department FR-01 13736 78 FR FRA
France FR-02 Aisne metropolitan department FR-02 13737 78 FR FRA
France FR-03 Allier metropolitan department FR-03 13717 78 FR FRA
France FR-04 Alpes-de-Haute-Provence metropolitan department FR-04 13738 78 FR FRA
France FR-06 Alpes-Maritimes metropolitan department FR-06 13718 78 FR FRA
France FR-A Alsace Metropolitan regions FR-A 48315 78 FR FRA
France FR-B Aquitaine Metropolitan regions FR-B 48316 78 FR FRA
France FR-08 Ardennes metropolitan department FR-08 13719 78 FR FRA
France FR-07 Ardèche metropolitan department FR-07 13739 78 FR FRA
France FR-09 Ariège metropolitan department FR-09 13740 78 FR FRA
France FR-10 Aube metropolitan department FR-10 13741 78 FR FRA
France FR-11 Aude metropolitan department FR-11 13720 78 FR FRA
France FR-C Auvergne Metropolitan regions FR-C 48317 78 FR FRA
France FR-12 Aveyron metropolitan department FR-12 13742 78 FR FRA
France FR-67 Bas-Rhin metropolitan department FR-67 13721 78 FR FRA
France FR-P Basse-Normandie Metropolitan regions FR-P 48318 78 FR FRA
France FR-13 Bouches-du-Rhône metropolitan department FR-13 13743 78 FR FRA
France FR-D Bourgogne Metropolitan regions FR-D 48319 78 FR FRA
France FR-E Bretagne Metropolitan regions FR-E 48320 78 FR FRA
France FR-14 Calvados metropolitan department FR-14 13722 78 FR FRA
France FR-15 Cantal metropolitan department FR-15 13744 78 FR FRA
France FR-F Centre Metropolitan regions FR-F 48321 78 FR FRA
France FR-G Champagne-Ardenne Metropolitan regions FR-G 48322 78 FR FRA
France FR-16 Charente metropolitan department FR-16 13723 78 FR FRA
France FR-17 Charente-Maritime metropolitan department FR-17 13745 78 FR FRA
France FR-18 Cher metropolitan department FR-18 13746 78 FR FRA
France FR-CP Clipperton Dependency FR-CP 21344 78 FR FRA
France FR-19 Corrèze metropolitan department FR-19 13791 78 FR FRA
France FR-H Corse Metropolitan regions FR-H 48323 78 FR FRA
France FR-2A Corse-du-Sud metropolitan department FR-2A 13747 78 FR FRA
France FR-23 Creuse metropolitan department FR-23 13794 78 FR FRA
France FR-21 Côte-d'Or metropolitan department FR-21 13792 78 FR FRA
France FR-22 Côtes-d'Armor metropolitan department Côtes-du-Nord FR-22 13793 78 FR FRA
France FR-79 Deux-Sèvres metropolitan department FR-79 13795 78 FR FRA
France FR-24 Dordogne metropolitan department FR-24 13796 78 FR FRA
France FR-25 Doubs metropolitan department FR-25 13797 78 FR FRA
France FR-26 Drôme metropolitan department FR-26 13816 78 FR FRA
France FR-91 Essonne metropolitan department FR-91 13817 78 FR FRA
France FR-27 Eure metropolitan department FR-27 13818 78 FR FRA
France FR-28 Eure-et-Loir metropolitan department FR-28 13819 78 FR FRA
France FR-29 Finistère metropolitan department FR-29 13820 78 FR FRA
France FR-I Franche-Comté Metropolitan regions FR-I 48324 78 FR FRA
France FR-30 Gard metropolitan department FR-30 13821 78 FR FRA
France FR-32 Gers metropolitan department FR-32 13822 78 FR FRA
France FR-33 Gironde metropolitan department FR-33 13823 78 FR FRA
France FR-GP Guadeloupe (see also separate entry under GP) overseas regions FR-GP 48337 78 FR FRA
France FR-GF Guyane (française) (see also separate entry under GF) overseas regions FR-GF 48338 78 FR FRA
France FR-68 Haut-Rhin metropolitan department FR-68 13753 78 FR FRA
France FR-2B Haute-Corse metropolitan department FR-2B 13748 78 FR FRA
France FR-31 Haute-Garonne metropolitan department FR-31 13824 78 FR FRA
France FR-43 Haute-Loire metropolitan department FR-43 13749 78 FR FRA
France FR-52 Haute-Marne metropolitan department FR-52 13807 78 FR FRA
France FR-Q Haute-Normandie Metropolitan regions FR-Q 48325 78 FR FRA
France FR-74 Haute-Savoie metropolitan department FR-74 13751 78 FR FRA
France FR-70 Haute-Saône metropolitan department FR-70 13808 78 FR FRA
France FR-87 Haute-Vienne metropolitan department FR-87 13809 78 FR FRA
France FR-05 Hautes-Alpes metropolitan department FR-05 13750 78 FR FRA
France FR-65 Hautes-Pyrénées metropolitan department FR-65 13752 78 FR FRA
France FR-92 Hauts-de-Seine metropolitan department FR-92 13810 78 FR FRA
France FR-34 Hérault metropolitan department FR-34 13754 78 FR FRA
France FR-35 Ille-et-Vilaine metropolitan department FR-35 13811 78 FR FRA
France FR-36 Indre metropolitan department FR-36 13755 78 FR FRA
France FR-37 Indre-et-Loire metropolitan department FR-37 13756 78 FR FRA
France FR-38 Isère metropolitan department FR-38 13812 78 FR FRA
France FR-39 Jura metropolitan department FR-39 13757 78 FR FRA
France FR-RE La Réunion (see also separate entry under RE) overseas regions FR-RE 48340 78 FR FRA
France FR-40 Landes metropolitan department FR-40 13813 78 FR FRA
France FR-K Languedoc-Roussillon Metropolitan regions FR-K 48327 78 FR FRA
France FR-L Limousin Metropolitan regions FR-L 48328 78 FR FRA
France FR-41 Loir-et-Cher metropolitan department FR-41 13760 78 FR FRA
France FR-42 Loire metropolitan department FR-42 13758 78 FR FRA
France FR-44 Loire-Atlantique metropolitan department FR-44 13814 78 FR FRA
France FR-45 Loiret metropolitan department FR-45 13759 78 FR FRA
France FR-M Lorraine Metropolitan regions FR-M 48329 78 FR FRA
France FR-46 Lot metropolitan department FR-46 13815 78 FR FRA
France FR-47 Lot-et-Garonne metropolitan department FR-47 13761 78 FR FRA
France FR-48 Lozère metropolitan department FR-48 13798 78 FR FRA
France FR-49 Maine-et-Loire metropolitan department FR-49 13762 78 FR FRA
France FR-50 Manche metropolitan department FR-50 13799 78 FR FRA
France FR-51 Marne metropolitan department FR-51 13763 78 FR FRA
France FR-MQ Martinique (see also separate entry under MQ) overseas regions FR-MQ 48339 78 FR FRA
France FR-53 Mayenne metropolitan department FR-53 13764 78 FR FRA
France FR-YT Mayotte (see also separate entry under YT) territorial collectivity FR-YT 18999 78 FR FRA
France FR-54 Meurthe-et-Moselle metropolitan department FR-54 13800 78 FR FRA
France FR-55 Meuse metropolitan department FR-55 13765 78 FR FRA
France FR-N Midi-Pyrénées Metropolitan regions FR-N 48330 78 FR FRA
France FR-56 Morbihan metropolitan department FR-56 13801 78 FR FRA
France FR-57 Moselle metropolitan department FR-57 13766 78 FR FRA
France FR-58 Nièvre metropolitan department FR-58 13802 78 FR FRA
France FR-59 Nord metropolitan department FR-59 13767 78 FR FRA
France FR-O Nord-Pas-de-Calais Metropolitan regions FR-O 48331 78 FR FRA
France FR-NC Nouvelle-Calédonie (see also separate entry under NC) overseas territory FR-NC 19000 78 FR FRA
France FR-60 Oise metropolitan department FR-60 13768 78 FR FRA
France FR-61 Orne metropolitan department FR-61 13803 78 FR FRA
France FR-75 Paris metropolitan department FR-75 13769 78 FR FRA
France FR-62 Pas-de-Calais metropolitan department FR-62 13804 78 FR FRA
France FR-R Pays-de-la-Loire Metropolitan regions FR-R 48332 78 FR FRA
France FR-S Picardie Metropolitan regions FR-S 48333 78 FR FRA
France FR-T Poitou-Charentes Metropolitan regions FR-T 48334 78 FR FRA
France FR-PF Polynésie française (see also separate entry under PF) overseas territory FR-PF 19001 78 FR FRA
France FR-U Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur Metropolitan regions FR-U 48335 78 FR FRA
France FR-63 Puy-de-Dôme metropolitan department FR-63 13770 78 FR FRA
France FR-64 Pyrénées-Atlantiques metropolitan department FR-64 13805 78 FR FRA
France FR-66 Pyrénées-Orientales metropolitan department FR-66 13771 78 FR FRA
France FR-69 Rhône metropolitan department FR-69 13772 78 FR FRA
France FR-V Rhône-Alpes Metropolitan regions FR-V 48336 78 FR FRA
France FR-BL Saint-Barthélemy (see also separate entry under BL) Overseas territorial collectivity FR-BL 21345 78 FR FRA
France FR-MF Saint-Martin (see also separate entry under MF) Overseas territorial collectivity FR-MF 21346 78 FR FRA
France FR-PM Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon (see also separate entry under PM) territorial collectivity FR-PM 19002 78 FR FRA
France FR-72 Sarthe metropolitan department FR-72 13773 78 FR FRA
France FR-73 Savoie metropolitan department FR-73 13714 78 FR FRA
France FR-71 Saône-et-Loire metropolitan department FR-71 13806 78 FR FRA
France FR-77 Seine-et-Marne metropolitan department FR-77 13774 78 FR FRA
France FR-76 Seine-Maritime metropolitan department FR-76 13710 78 FR FRA
France FR-93 Seine-Saint-Denis metropolitan department FR-93 13775 78 FR FRA
France FR-80 Somme metropolitan department FR-80 13711 78 FR FRA
France FR-81 Tarn metropolitan department FR-81 13776 78 FR FRA
France FR-82 Tarn-et-Garonne metropolitan department FR-82 13712 78 FR FRA
France FR-TF Terres Australes Françaises (see also separate entry under TF) overseas territory FR-TF 19003 78 FR FRA
France FR-90 Territoire de Belfort metropolitan department FR-90 13777 78 FR FRA
France FR-95 Val-d'Oise metropolitan department FR-95 13709 78 FR FRA
France FR-94 Val-de-Marne metropolitan department FR-94 13778 78 FR FRA
France FR-83 Var metropolitan department FR-83 13779 78 FR FRA
France FR-84 Vaucluse metropolitan department FR-84 13713 78 FR FRA
France FR-85 Vendée metropolitan department FR-85 13780 78 FR FRA
France FR-86 Vienne metropolitan department FR-86 13781 78 FR FRA
France FR-88 Vosges metropolitan department FR-88 13708 78 FR FRA
France FR-WF Wallis et Futuna (see also separate entry under WF) overseas territory FR-WF 19004 78 FR FRA
France FR-89 Yonne metropolitan department FR-89 13782 78 FR FRA
France FR-78 Yvelines metropolitan department FR-78 13707 78 FR FRA
France FR-J Île-de-France Metropolitan regions FR-J 48326 78 FR FRA
French Southern Territories TF-X2~ Crozet Islands district TF-X2~ 13836 82 TF ATF
French Southern Territories TF-X1~ Ile Saint-Paul et Ile Amsterdam district TF-X1~ 13834 82 TF ATF
French Southern Territories TF-X4~ Iles Eparses district TF-X4~ 21356 82 TF ATF
French Southern Territories TF-X3~ Kerguelen district TF-X3~ 13837 82 TF ATF
Gabon GA-1 Estuaire Province GA-1 13839 83 GA GAB
Gabon GA-2 Haut-Ogooué Province GA-2 13845 83 GA GAB
Gabon GA-3 Moyen-Ogooué Province GA-3 13841 83 GA GAB
Gabon GA-4 Ngounié Province Nʿgounié GA-4 13844 83 GA GAB
Gabon GA-5 Nyanga Province GA-5 13846 83 GA GAB
Gabon GA-6 Ogooué-Ivindo Province GA-6 13842 83 GA GAB
Gabon GA-7 Ogooué-Lolo Province GA-7 13843 83 GA GAB
Gabon GA-8 Ogooué-Maritime Province GA-8 13840 83 GA GAB
Gabon GA-9 Woleu-Ntem Province Woleu-Nʿtem GA-9 13838 83 GA GAB
Gambia GM-B Banjul city GM-B* 13880 84 GM GMB
Gambia GM-L Lower River division Lower River GM-L* 13887 84 GM GMB
Gambia GM-M MacCarthy Island division GM-M* 13877 84 GM GMB
Gambia GM-N North Bank division North Bank GM-N* 13885 84 GM GMB
Gambia GM-U Upper River division Upper River GM-U* 13881 84 GM GMB
Gambia GM-W Western division Western GM-W* 13882 84 GM GMB
Georgia GE-AB Abkhazia autonomous republic Abhasia GE-AB* 13902 1 GE GEO
Georgia GE-AJ Ajaria autonomous republic Achara, Adzharia, Adžaria GE-AJ* 13896 1 GE GEO
Georgia GE-GU Guria region GE-GU* 13897 1 GE GEO
Georgia GE-IM Imereti region GE-IM* 13901 1 GE GEO
Georgia GE-KA Kakheti region Kaheti GE-KA* 13898 1 GE GEO
Georgia GE-KK Kvemo Kartli region GE-KK* 13900 1 GE GEO
Georgia GE-MM Mtskheta-Mtianeti region Mcheta-Mtianeti GE-MM* 13905 1 GE GEO
Georgia GE-RL Racha-Lechkhumi [and] Kvemo Svaneti region Racha, Racha-Lechkumi and Kverno Svaneti GE-RL* 13899 1 GE GEO
Georgia GE-SZ Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti region GE-SZ* 13906 1 GE GEO
Georgia GE-SJ Samtskhe-Javakheti region Samche-Žavaheti GE-SJ* 13903 1 GE GEO
Georgia GE-SK Shida Kartli region Šida Kartli GE-SK* 13904 1 GE GEO
Georgia GE-TB Tbilisi city Tiflis GE-TB* 13895 1 GE GEO
Germany DE-BW Baden-Württemberg State DE-BW 14337 85 DE DEU
Germany DE-BY Bayern State Bavière, Bayern, Bavaria DE-BY 14044 85 DE DEU
Germany DE-BE Berlin State Berlín DE-BE 14338 85 DE DEU
Germany DE-BB Brandenburg State Brandenbourg, Brandenburgo DE-BB 14045 85 DE DEU
Germany DE-HB Bremen State Brème DE-HB 14339 85 DE DEU
Germany DE-HH Hamburg State Amburgo, Hambourg, Hamburgo DE-HH 14046 85 DE DEU
Germany DE-HE Hessen State Hessen, Hesse DE-HE 14340 85 DE DEU
Germany DE-MV Mecklenburg-Vorpommern State Mecklenburg-Vorpommern DE-MV 14047 85 DE DEU
Germany DE-NI Niedersachsen State Niedersachsen DE-NI 14341 85 DE DEU
Germany DE-NW Nordrhein-Westfalen State Nordrhein-Westfalen, Rhénanie-Westphalie DE-NW 14048 85 DE DEU
Germany DE-RP Rheinland-Pfalz State Rheinland-Pfalz, Rhénanie-Palatinat DE-RP 14342 85 DE DEU
Germany DE-SL Saarland State DE-SL 14049 85 DE DEU
Germany DE-SN Sachsen State Sachsen DE-SN 14343 85 DE DEU
Germany DE-ST Sachsen-Anhalt State DE-ST 14050 85 DE DEU
Germany DE-SH Schleswig-Holstein State DE-SH 14344 85 DE DEU
Germany DE-TH Thüringen State Thüringen DE-TH 14051 85 DE DEU
Ghana GH-AH Ashanti Region Asante GH-AH 14403 86 GH GHA
Ghana GH-BA Brong-Ahafo Region GH-BA 14400 86 GH GHA
Ghana GH-CP Central Region GH-CP 14404 86 GH GHA
Ghana GH-EP Eastern Region GH-EP 14405 86 GH GHA
Ghana GH-AA Greater Accra Region GH-AA 14399 86 GH GHA
Ghana GH-NP Northern Region GH-NP 14402 86 GH GHA
Ghana GH-UE Upper East Region GH-UE* 14406 86 GH GHA
Ghana GH-UW Upper West Region GH-UW* 14397 86 GH GHA
Ghana GH-TV Volta Region GH-TV 14401 86 GH GHA
Ghana GH-WP Western Region GH-WP 14398 86 GH GHA
Greece GR-13 Achaïa department Achaia, Akhaia GR-13 14414 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-69 Agio Oros self-governed part Aghion Oros, Agion Oros, Akte, Aktí, Athos, Mount Athos GR-69 14417 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-01 Aitolia kai Akarnania department Aetolia and Acarnania, Áitoloakarnanía GR-01 14423 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-A Anatoliki Makedonia kai Thraki administrative regions GR-A 48444 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-11 Argolida department Argolis GR-11 14415 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-12 Arkadia department Arcadia GR-12 14424 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-31 Arta department GR-31 14425 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-A1 Attiki department Attica, Attika GR-A1 14416 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-I Attiki administrative regions GR-I 48445 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-64 Chalkidiki department Chalcidice, Khalkikdiki GR-64 14421 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-94 Chania department Canea, Chania, Khaniá, La Canée GR-94 14432 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-85 Chios department Chios, Khios GR-85 14422 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-81 Dodekanisos department Dodecanese, Dodekanes GR-81 14426 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-52 Drama department GR-52 14427 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-G Dytiki Ellada administrative regions GR-G 48446 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-C Dytiki Makedonia administrative regions GR-C 48447 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-71 Evros department GR-71 14428 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-05 Evrytania department Evrytania GR-05 14418 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-04 Evvoia department Euboea, Evvoia GR-04 14419 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-63 Florina department GR-63 14429 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-07 Fokida department Phocis, Phokis GR-07 14430 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-06 Fthiotida department Phtiotis GR-06 14420 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-51 Grevena department GR-51 14431 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-14 Ileia department Elia GR-14 14433 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-53 Imathia department GR-53 14450 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-33 Ioannina department Yannina GR-33 14451 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-F Ionia Nisia administrative regions GR-F 48448 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-D Ipeiros administrative regions GR-D 48449 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-91 Irakleio department Candia, Herakleion, Heraklion, Iraclion, Iraklio GR-91 14434 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-41 Karditsa department GR-41 14435 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-56 Kastoria department GR-56 14452 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-55 Kavala department Cavalla, Kaválla GR-55 14436 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-23 Kefallonia department Cephalonia, Kefallinia GR-23 14453 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-B Kentriki Makedonia administrative regions GR-B 48450 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-22 Kerkyra department Corfu, Kerkyra, Korfu GR-22 14454 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-57 Kilkis department GR-57 14455 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-15 Korinthia department Corinth, Korinth, Kórinthos GR-15 14438 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-58 Kozani department GR-58 14456 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-M Kriti administrative regions GR-M 48451 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-82 Kyklades department Cyclades, Kykladen GR-82 14437 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-16 Lakonia department Laconia GR-16 14439 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-42 Larisa department Larissa GR-42 14457 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-92 Lasithi department Lassithi GR-92 14440 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-24 Lefkada department Leucas, Levkáda, Santa Maura GR-24 14441 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-83 Lesvos department Lesbos GR-83 14413 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-43 Magnisia department Magnesia, Magnessia GR-43 14458 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-17 Messinia department Messenia GR-17 14442 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-L Notio Aigaio administrative regions GR-L 48452 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-59 Pella department GR-59 14443 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-J Peloponnisos administrative regions GR-J 48453 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-61 Pieria department GR-61 14412 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-34 Preveza department GR-34 14444 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-93 Rethymno department Rethymno GR-93 14459 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-73 Rodopi department Rhodope GR-73 14445 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-84 Samos department GR-84 14411 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-62 Serres department Serres GR-62 14446 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-H Sterea Ellada administrative regions GR-H 48454 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-32 Thesprotia department GR-32 14410 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-E Thessalia administrative regions GR-E 48455 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-54 Thessaloniki department Salonika, Salonike, Saloniki, Thessalonike GR-54 14447 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-44 Trikala department Trikala, Trikkala GR-44 14409 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-03 Voiotia department Boeotia GR-03 14448 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-K Voreio Aigaio administrative regions GR-K 48456 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-72 Xanthi department GR-72 14408 88 GR GRC
Greece GR-21 Zakynthos department Zakynthos, Zante, Zanti GR-21 14449 88 GR GRC
Greenland GL-KU Kommune Kujalleq (kl) municipality GL-KU* 48225 89 GL GRL
Greenland GL-SM Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq (kl) municipality GL-SM* 48226 89 GL GRL
Greenland GL-QA Qaasuitsup Kommunia (kl) municipality GL-QA* 48227 89 GL GRL
Greenland GL-QE Qeqqata Kommunia (kl) municipality GL-QE* 48228 89 GL GRL
Grenada GD-01 Saint Andrew Parish GD-01* 14484 90 GD GRD
Grenada GD-02 Saint David Parish GD-02* 14486 90 GD GRD
Grenada GD-03 Saint George Parish GD-03* 14485 90 GD GRD
Grenada GD-04 Saint John Parish GD-04* 14483 90 GD GRD
Grenada GD-05 Saint Mark Parish GD-05* 14480 90 GD GRD
Grenada GD-06 Saint Patrick Parish GD-06* 14482 90 GD GRD
Grenada GD-10 Southern Grenadine Islands Dependency GD-10* 14481 90 GD GRD
Guatemala GT-AV Alta Verapaz Department GT-AV* 14531 93 GT GTM
Guatemala GT-BV Baja Verapaz Department GT-BV* 14526 93 GT GTM
Guatemala GT-CM Chimaltenango Department GT-CM* 14532 93 GT GTM
Guatemala GT-CQ Chiquimula Department GT-CQ* 14527 93 GT GTM
Guatemala GT-PR El Progreso Department GT-PR* 14533 93 GT GTM
Guatemala GT-ES Escuintla Department GT-ES* 14528 93 GT GTM
Guatemala GT-GU Guatemala Department GT-GU* 14529 93 GT GTM
Guatemala GT-HU Huehuetenango Department GT-HU* 14534 93 GT GTM
Guatemala GT-IZ Izabal Department GT-IZ* 14535 93 GT GTM
Guatemala GT-JA Jalapa Department GT-JA* 14536 93 GT GTM
Guatemala GT-JU Jutiapa Department GT-JU* 14537 93 GT GTM
Guatemala GT-PE Petén Department GT-PE* 14538 93 GT GTM
Guatemala GT-QZ Quetzaltenango Department Quetzaltenango GT-QZ* 14525 93 GT GTM
Guatemala GT-QC Quiché Department GT-QC* 14539 93 GT GTM
Guatemala GT-RE Retalhuleu Department GT-RE* 14524 93 GT GTM
Guatemala GT-SA Sacatepéquez Department GT-SA* 14540 93 GT GTM
Guatemala GT-SM San Marcos Department GT-SM* 14523 93 GT GTM
Guatemala GT-SR Santa Rosa Department GT-SR* 14541 93 GT GTM
Guatemala GT-SO Sololá Department GT-SO* 14522 93 GT GTM
Guatemala GT-SU Suchitepéquez Department GT-SU* 14542 93 GT GTM
Guatemala GT-TO Totonicapán Department GT-TO* 14521 93 GT GTM
Guatemala GT-ZA Zacapa Department GT-ZA* 14530 93 GT GTM
Guinea GN-BE Beyla Perfecture GN-BE* 14565 95 GN GIN
Guinea GN-BF Boffa Perfecture GN-BF* 14566 95 GN GIN
Guinea GN-BK Boké Perfecture GN-BK* 14567 95 GN GIN
Guinea GN-B Boké governorates GN-B 48437 95 GN GIN
Guinea GN-C Conakry special zone. GN-C 14568 95 GN GIN
Guinea GN-CO Coyah Perfecture GN-CO* 14569 95 GN GIN
Guinea GN-DB Dabola Perfecture GN-DB* 14575 95 GN GIN
Guinea GN-DL Dalaba Perfecture GN-DL* 14570 95 GN GIN
Guinea GN-DI Dinguiraye Perfecture GN-DI* 14576 95 GN GIN
Guinea GN-DU Dubréka Perfecture GN-DU* 14573 95 GN GIN
Guinea GN-FA Faranah Perfecture GN-FA* 14577 95 GN GIN
Guinea GN-F faranah governorates GN-F 48438 95 GN GIN
Guinea GN-FO Forécariah Perfecture Forécaria GN-FO* 14571 95 GN GIN
Guinea GN-FR Fria Perfecture GN-FR* 14578 95 GN GIN
Guinea GN-GA Gaoual Perfecture GN-GA* 14572 95 GN GIN
Guinea GN-GU Guékédou Perfecture GN-GU* 14579 95 GN GIN
Guinea GN-K Kankan governorates GN-K 48439 95 GN GIN
Guinea GN-KA Kankan Perfecture GN-KA* 14580 95 GN GIN
Guinea GN-KD Kindia Perfecture GN-KD* 14581 95 GN GIN
Guinea GN-D Kindia governorates GN-D 48440 95 GN GIN
Guinea GN-KS Kissidougou Perfecture GN-KS* 14592 95 GN GIN
Guinea GN-KB Koubia Perfecture GN-KB* 14582 95 GN GIN
Guinea GN-KN Koundara Perfecture GN-KN* 14583 95 GN GIN
Guinea GN-KO Kouroussa Perfecture GN-KO* 14560 95 GN GIN
Guinea GN-KE Kérouané Perfecture GN-KE* 14561 95 GN GIN
Guinea GN-LA Labé Perfecture GN-LA* 14584 95 GN GIN
Guinea GN-L Labé governorates GN-L 48441 95 GN GIN
Guinea GN-LO Lola Perfecture GN-LO* 14585 95 GN GIN
Guinea GN-LE Lélouma Perfecture GN-LE* 14593 95 GN GIN
Guinea GN-MC Macenta Perfecture GN-MC* 14586 95 GN GIN
Guinea GN-ML Mali Perfecture GN-ML* 14559 95 GN GIN
Guinea GN-MM Mamou Perfecture GN-MM* 14587 95 GN GIN
Guinea GN-M Mamou governorates GN-M 48442 95 GN GIN
Guinea GN-MD Mandiana Perfecture GN-MD* 14558 95 GN GIN
Guinea GN-NZ Nzérékoré Perfecture GN-NZ* 14588 95 GN GIN
Guinea GN-N Nzérékoré governorates GN-N 48443 95 GN GIN
Guinea GN-PI Pita Perfecture GN-PI* 14557 95 GN GIN
Guinea GN-SI Siguiri Perfecture GN-SI* 14589 95 GN GIN
Guinea GN-TO Tougué Perfecture GN-TO* 14556 95 GN GIN
Guinea GN-TE Télimélé Perfecture GN-TE* 14590 95 GN GIN
Guinea GN-YO Yomou Perfecture GN-YO* 14591 95 GN GIN
Guinea-Bissau GW-BA Bafatá region GW-BA* 14595 96 GW GNB
Guinea-Bissau GW-BM Biombo region GW-BM* 14598 96 GW GNB
Guinea-Bissau GW-BS Bissau autonomous sector GW-BS* 14597 96 GW GNB
Guinea-Bissau GW-BL Bolama region GW-BL* 14601 96 GW GNB
Guinea-Bissau GW-CA Cacheu region Cacheo GW-CA* 14599 96 GW GNB
Guinea-Bissau GW-GA Gabú region GW-GA* 14602 96 GW GNB
Guinea-Bissau GW-L Leste province GW-L 48457 96 GW GNB
Guinea-Bissau GW-N Norte province GW-N 48458 96 GW GNB
Guinea-Bissau GW-OI Oio region GW-OI* 14596 96 GW GNB
Guinea-Bissau GW-QU Quinara region GW-QU* 14594 96 GW GNB
Guinea-Bissau GW-S Sul province GW-S 48459 96 GW GNB
Guinea-Bissau GW-TO Tombali region GW-TO* 14600 96 GW GNB
Guyana GY-BA Barima-Waini Region GY-BA* 14605 97 GY GUY
Guyana GY-CU Cuyuni-Mazaruni Region GY-CU* 14612 97 GY GUY
Guyana GY-DE Demerara-Mahaica Region GY-DE* 14606 97 GY GUY
Guyana GY-EB East Berbice-Corentyne Region GY-EB* 14611 97 GY GUY
Guyana GY-ES Essequibo Islands-West Demerara Region GY-ES* 14607 97 GY GUY
Guyana GY-MA Mahaica-Berbice Region GY-MA* 14608 97 GY GUY
Guyana GY-PM Pomeroon-Supenaam Region GY-PM* 14604 97 GY GUY
Guyana GY-PT Potaro-Siparuni Region GY-PT* 14609 97 GY GUY
Guyana GY-UD Upper Demerara-Berbice Region GY-UD* 14603 97 GY GUY
Guyana GY-UT Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo Region GY-UT* 14610 97 GY GUY
Haiti HT-AR Artibonite Department LʿArtibonite HT-AR* 14621 98 HT HTI
Haiti HT-CE Centre Department HT-CE* 14617 98 HT HTI
Haiti HT-GA Grande-Anse Department Grande Anse HT-GA* 14620 98 HT HTI
Haiti HT-NI Nippes Department Nip HT-NI* 48705 98 HT HTI
Haiti HT-ND Nord Department HT-ND* 14616 98 HT HTI
Haiti HT-NE Nord-Est Department HT-NE* 14618 98 HT HTI
Haiti HT-NO Nord-Ouest Department HT-NO* 14614 98 HT HTI
Haiti HT-OU Ouest Department HT-OU* 14615 98 HT HTI
Haiti HT-SD Sud Department HT-SD* 14613 98 HT HTI
Haiti HT-SE Sud-Est Department HT-SE* 14619 98 HT HTI
Honduras HN-AT Atlántida Department HN-AT* 14635 101 HN HND
Honduras HN-CH Choluteca Department HN-CH* 14624 101 HN HND
Honduras HN-CL Colón Department HN-CL* 14625 101 HN HND
Honduras HN-CM Comayagua Department HN-CM* 14636 101 HN HND
Honduras HN-CP Copán Department HN-CP* 14626 101 HN HND
Honduras HN-CR Cortés Department HN-CR* 14637 101 HN HND
Honduras HN-EP El Paraíso Department HN-EP* 14638 101 HN HND
Honduras HN-FM Francisco Morazán Department HN-FM* 14628 101 HN HND
Honduras HN-GD Gracias a Dios Department HN-GD* 14629 101 HN HND
Honduras HN-IN Intibucá Department HN-IN* 14623 101 HN HND
Honduras HN-IB Islas de la Bahía Department HN-IB* 14630 101 HN HND
Honduras HN-LP La Paz Department HN-LP* 14639 101 HN HND
Honduras HN-LE Lempira Department HN-LE* 14631 101 HN HND
Honduras HN-OC Ocotepeque Department HN-OC* 14640 101 HN HND
Honduras HN-OL Olancho Department HN-OL* 14632 101 HN HND
Honduras HN-SB Santa Bárbara Department HN-SB* 14633 101 HN HND
Honduras HN-VA Valle Department HN-VA* 14622 101 HN HND
Honduras HN-YO Yoro Department HN-YO* 14634 101 HN HND
Hungary HU-BA Baranya county HU-BA 14646 103 HU HUN
Hungary HU-BZ Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county HU-BZ 14660 103 HU HUN
Hungary HU-BU Budapest capital city HU-BU 14649 103 HU HUN
Hungary HU-BK Bács-Kiskun county HU-BK 14647 103 HU HUN
Hungary HU-BE Békés county HU-BE 14648 103 HU HUN
Hungary HU-BC Békéscsaba city of county right HU-BC 19442 103 HU HUN
Hungary HU-CS Csongrád county HU-CS 14650 103 HU HUN
Hungary HU-DE Debrecen city of county right HU-DE 19443 103 HU HUN
Hungary HU-DU Dunaújváros city of county right HU-DU 19444 103 HU HUN
Hungary HU-EG Eger city of county right HU-EG 19445 103 HU HUN
Hungary HU-ER Erd County HU-ER* 21352 103 HU HUN
Hungary HU-FE Fejér county HU-FE 14645 103 HU HUN
Hungary HU-GY Gyor city of county right HU-GY 19446 103 HU HUN
Hungary HU-GS Gyor-Moson-Sopron county HU-GS 14651 103 HU HUN
Hungary HU-HB Hajdú-Bihar county HU-HB 14661 103 HU HUN
Hungary HU-HE Heves county HU-HE 14652 103 HU HUN
Hungary HU-HV Hódmezovásárhely city of county right HU-HV 19447 103 HU HUN
Hungary HU-JN Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county HU-JN 14653 103 HU HUN
Hungary HU-KV Kaposvár city of county right HU-KV 19448 103 HU HUN
Hungary HU-KM Kecskemét city of county right HU-KM 19449 103 HU HUN
Hungary HU-KE Komárom-Esztergom county HU-KE 14644 103 HU HUN
Hungary HU-MI Miskolc city of county right HU-MI 19450 103 HU HUN
Hungary HU-NK Nagykanizsa city of county right HU-NK 19451 103 HU HUN
Hungary HU-NY Nyíregyháza city of county right HU-NY 19452 103 HU HUN
Hungary HU-NO Nógrád county Novohrad HU-NO 14654 103 HU HUN
Hungary HU-PE Pest county HU-PE 14643 103 HU HUN
Hungary HU-PS Pécs city of county right HU-PS 19453 103 HU HUN
Hungary HU-ST Salgótarján city of county right HU-ST 19454 103 HU HUN
Hungary HU-SO Somogy county HU-SO 14655 103 HU HUN
Hungary HU-SN Sopron city of county right HU-SN 19455 103 HU HUN
Hungary HU-SZ Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county HU-SZ 14656 103 HU HUN
Hungary HU-SD Szeged city of county right HU-SD 19456 103 HU HUN
Hungary HU-SS Szekszárd city of county right HU-SS 19458 103 HU HUN
Hungary HU-SK Szolnok city of county right HU-SK 19459 103 HU HUN
Hungary HU-SH Szombathely city of county right HU-SH 19460 103 HU HUN
Hungary HU-SF Székesfehérvár city of county right HU-SF 19457 103 HU HUN
Hungary HU-TB Tatabánya city of county right HU-TB 19461 103 HU HUN
Hungary HU-TO Tolna county HU-TO 14642 103 HU HUN
Hungary HU-VA Vas county HU-VA 14657 103 HU HUN
Hungary HU-VE Veszprém county HU-VE 14658 103 HU HUN
Hungary HU-VM Veszprém City city of county right HU-VM 19462 103 HU HUN
Hungary HU-ZA Zala county HU-ZA 14641 103 HU HUN
Hungary HU-ZE Zalaegerszeg city of county right HU-ZE 19463 103 HU HUN
Iceland IS-7 Austurland Region IS-7 14670 104 IS ISL
Iceland IS-1 Höfuðborgarsvæði utan Reykjavíkur Region IS-1 14666 104 IS ISL
Iceland IS-6 Norðurland eystra Region IS-6 14669 104 IS ISL
Iceland IS-5 Norðurland vestra Region IS-5 14664 104 IS ISL
Iceland IS-0 Reykjavík City IS-0 19009 104 IS ISL
Iceland IS-8 Suðurland Region IS-8 14668 104 IS ISL
Iceland IS-2 Suðurnes Region IS-2 14667 104 IS ISL
Iceland IS-4 Vestfirðir Region IS-4 14663 104 IS ISL
Iceland IS-3 Vesturland Region IS-3 14662 104 IS ISL
India IN-AN Andaman and Nicobar Islands union territory IN-AN 14673 105 IN IND
India IN-AP Andhra Pradesh state IN-AP 14695 105 IN IND
India IN-AR Arunachal Pradesh state IN-AR 14674 105 IN IND
India IN-AS Assam state IN-AS 14675 105 IN IND
India IN-BR Bihar state IN-BR 14676 105 IN IND
India IN-CH Chandigarh union territory IN-CH 14697 105 IN IND
India IN-CT Chhattisgarh state IN-CT* 14677 105 IN IND
India IN-DN Dadra and Nagar Haveli union territory IN-DN 14678 105 IN IND
India IN-DD Daman and Diu union territory IN-DD 14698 105 IN IND
India IN-DL Delhi union territory IN-DL 14679 105 IN IND
India IN-GA Goa state IN-GA 14699 105 IN IND
India IN-GJ Gujarat state IN-GJ 14680 105 IN IND
India IN-HR Haryana state IN-HR 14681 105 IN IND
India IN-HP Himachal Pradesh state IN-HP 14672 105 IN IND
India IN-JK Jammu and Kashmir state IN-JK 14682 105 IN IND
India IN-JH Jharkhand state Vananchal IN-JH* 14700 105 IN IND
India IN-KA Karnataka state Kanara IN-KA 14683 105 IN IND
India IN-KL Kerala state IN-KL 14684 105 IN IND
India IN-LD Lakshadweep union territory Laccadive, Lakkadiven IN-LD 14704 105 IN IND
India IN-MP Madhya Pradesh state IN-MP 14685 105 IN IND
India IN-MH Maharashtra state IN-MH 14686 105 IN IND
India IN-MN Manipur state IN-MN 14703 105 IN IND
India IN-ML Meghalaya state IN-ML 14687 105 IN IND
India IN-MZ Mizoram state IN-MZ 14702 105 IN IND
India IN-NL Nagaland state IN-NL 14688 105 IN IND
India IN-OR Orissa state IN-OR 14689 105 IN IND
India IN-PY Pondicherry union territory IN-PY 14705 105 IN IND
India IN-PB Punjab state IN-PB 14690 105 IN IND
India IN-RJ Rajasthan state IN-RJ 14691 105 IN IND
India IN-SK Sikkim state Denjong IN-SK 14701 105 IN IND
India IN-TN Tamil Nadu state IN-TN 14692 105 IN IND
India IN-TR Tripura state IN-TR 14693 105 IN IND
India IN-UP Uttar Pradesh state IN-UP 14694 105 IN IND
India IN-UT Uttaranchal state IN-UT 14671 105 IN IND
India IN-WB West Bengal state West Bengal IN-WB 14696 105 IN IND
Indonesia ID-AC Aceh autonomous province ID-AC 14720 106 ID IDN
Indonesia ID-BA Bali province ID-BA 14719 106 ID IDN
Indonesia ID-BB Bangka Belitung province Kepulauan Bangka-Belitung ID-BB 14721 106 ID IDN
Indonesia ID-BT Banten province ID-BT 14723 106 ID IDN
Indonesia ID-BE Bengkulu province ID-BE 14722 106 ID IDN
Indonesia ID-GO Gorontalo province ID-GO 14711 106 ID IDN
Indonesia ID-JK Jakarta Raya special district ID-JK 14724 106 ID IDN
Indonesia ID-JA Jambi province ID-JA 14712 106 ID IDN
Indonesia ID-JW Jawa geographic units ID-JW 48462 106 ID IDN
Indonesia ID-JB Jawa Barat province ID-JB 14725 106 ID IDN
Indonesia ID-JT Jawa Tengah province ID-JT 14713 106 ID IDN
Indonesia ID-JI Jawa Timur province ID-JI 14726 106 ID IDN
Indonesia ID-KA Kalimantan geographic units ID-KA 48463 106 ID IDN
Indonesia ID-KB Kalimantan Barat province ID-KB 14714 106 ID IDN
Indonesia ID-KS Kalimantan Selatan province ID-KS 14715 106 ID IDN
Indonesia ID-KT Kalimantan Tengah province ID-KT 14727 106 ID IDN
Indonesia ID-KI Kalimantan Timur province ID-KI 14728 106 ID IDN
Indonesia ID-KR Kepulauan Riau province ID-KR 14733 106 ID IDN
Indonesia ID-LA Lampung province ID-LA 14729 106 ID IDN
Indonesia ID-MA Maluku province Gewürzinseln, Moluccas, Molukken, Spice Islands ID-MA 14730 106 ID IDN
Indonesia ID-ML Maluku geographic units ID-ML 48905 106 ID IDN
Indonesia ID-MU Maluku Utara province ID-MU 14710 106 ID IDN
Indonesia ID-NU Nusa Tenggara geographic units ID-NU 48465 106 ID IDN
Indonesia ID-NB Nusa Tenggara Barat province ID-NB 14731 106 ID IDN
Indonesia ID-NT Nusa Tenggara Timur province ID-NT 14709 106 ID IDN
Indonesia ID-IJ Papua geographic units ID-IJ 48466 106 ID IDN
Indonesia ID-PA Papua province ID-PA 14732 106 ID IDN
Indonesia ID-PB Papua Barat province Papua Barat/ Irian Jaya Barat ID-PB 19010 106 ID IDN
Indonesia ID-RI Riau province ID-RI 14708 106 ID IDN
Indonesia ID-SL Sulawesi geographic units ID-SL 48467 106 ID IDN
Indonesia ID-SR Sulawesi Barat province ID-SR 19011 106 ID IDN
Indonesia ID-SN Sulawesi Selatan province ID-SN 14707 106 ID IDN
Indonesia ID-ST Sulawesi Tengah province ID-ST 14734 106 ID IDN
Indonesia ID-SG Sulawesi Tenggara province ID-SG 14736 106 ID IDN
Indonesia ID-SA Sulawesi Utara province ID-SA 14716 106 ID IDN
Indonesia ID-SM Sumatera geographic units ID-SM 48468 106 ID IDN
Indonesia ID-SB Sumatera Barat province ID-SB 14735 106 ID IDN
Indonesia ID-SS Sumatera Selatan province ID-SS 14717 106 ID IDN
Indonesia ID-SU Sumatera Utara province ID-SU 14706 106 ID IDN
Indonesia ID-YO Yogyakarta special region ID-YO 14718 106 ID IDN
Iran, Islamic Republic Of IR-03 Ardabil Province Ardabil, Ardebil IR-03 14748 107 IR IRN
Iran, Islamic Republic Of IR-02 Az¯arbayjan-e Gharbi Province Azarbayjān-e Bakhtari, West Azerbaijan IR-02 14756 107 IR IRN
Iran, Islamic Republic Of IR-01 Az¯arbayjan-e Sharqi Province Azarbayjān-e Khavari, East Azerbaijan IR-01 14749 107 IR IRN
Iran, Islamic Republic Of IR-06 Bushehr Province IR-06 14757 107 IR IRN
Iran, Islamic Republic Of IR-08 Chahar Mah¸all va Bakhtiari Province Chaharmahal Bakhtiari IR-08 14750 107 IR IRN
Iran, Islamic Republic Of IR-04 Esfahan Province Isfahan IR-04 14758 107 IR IRN
Iran, Islamic Republic Of IR-14 Fars Province IR-14 14751 107 IR IRN
Iran, Islamic Republic Of IR-19 Gilan Province Gilan IR-19 14759 107 IR IRN
Iran, Islamic Republic Of IR-27 Golestan Province IR-27* 14760 107 IR IRN
Iran, Islamic Republic Of IR-24 Hamadan Province Hamedan IR-24 14752 107 IR IRN
Iran, Islamic Republic Of IR-23 Hormozgan Province IR-23 14761 107 IR IRN
Iran, Islamic Republic Of IR-05 Ilam Province Ilam IR-05 14753 107 IR IRN
Iran, Islamic Republic Of IR-15 Kerman Province IR-15 14762 107 IR IRN
Iran, Islamic Republic Of IR-17 Kermanshah Province Bakhtaran IR-17 14739 107 IR IRN
Iran, Islamic Republic Of IR-09 Khorasan Khorasan IR-09 14740 107 IR IRN
Iran, Islamic Republic Of IR-29 Khorasan-e Janubi Province IR-29* 19012 107 IR IRN
Iran, Islamic Republic Of IR-30 Khorasan-e Razavi Province IR-30* 19013 107 IR IRN
Iran, Islamic Republic Of IR-31 Khorasan-e Shemali Province IR-31* 19014 107 IR IRN
Iran, Islamic Republic Of IR-10 Khuzestan Province Arabistan IR-10 14741 107 IR IRN
Iran, Islamic Republic Of IR-18 Kohkiluyeh va Buyer Ahmad Province Boyer Ahmad-e Kohkiluyeh, Kohkilouyeh IR-18 14742 107 IR IRN
Iran, Islamic Republic Of IR-16 Kordestan Province Kurdestan, Kurdistan IR-16 14743 107 IR IRN
Iran, Islamic Republic Of IR-20 Lorestan Province IR-20 14744 107 IR IRN
Iran, Islamic Republic Of IR-22 Markazi Province IR-22 14745 107 IR IRN
Iran, Islamic Republic Of IR-21 Mazandaran Province Mazandaran IR-21 14746 107 IR IRN
Iran, Islamic Republic Of IR-28 Qazvin Province IR-28* 14747 107 IR IRN
Iran, Islamic Republic Of IR-26 Qom Province IR-26* 14738 107 IR IRN
Iran, Islamic Republic Of IR-12 Semnan Province IR-12 14754 107 IR IRN
Iran, Islamic Republic Of IR-13 Sistan va Baluchestan Province Sistan-e Baluchistan IR-13 14764 107 IR IRN
Iran, Islamic Republic Of IR-07 Tehran Province Teheran IR-07 14755 107 IR IRN
Iran, Islamic Republic Of IR-25 Yazd Province IR-25 14763 107 IR IRN
Iran, Islamic Republic Of IR-11 Zanjan Province IR-11 14737 107 IR IRN
Iraq IQ-AN Al Anbar Province al-Anbar IQ-AN* 14771 108 IQ IRQ
Iraq IQ-BA Al Basrah Province Basra, Bassora, al-Basrah IQ-BA* 14773 108 IQ IRQ
Iraq IQ-MU Al Muthanná Province al-Muthanna IQ-MU* 14777 108 IQ IRQ
Iraq IQ-QA Al Qadisiyah Province al-Qadisiyah IQ-QA* 14766 108 IQ IRQ
Iraq IQ-NA An Najaf Province Najaf, Nedjef, Nejef IQ-NA* 14768 108 IQ IRQ
Iraq IQ-AR Arbil Province Arbil, Erbil, Irbil IQ-AR* 14769 108 IQ IRQ
Iraq IQ-SU As Sulaymaniyah Province Sulaymaniya, Sulaymānīyah, as-Sulaymaniyah IQ-SU 14779 108 IQ IRQ
Iraq IQ-TS At Ta'mim Province at-Tamim IQ-TS 14765 108 IQ IRQ
Iraq IQ-BB Babil Province Babil, Babylon IQ-BB* 14772 108 IQ IRQ
Iraq IQ-BG Baghdad Province Baġdād, Bagdad, Bagdad IQ-BG* 14770 108 IQ IRQ
Iraq IQ-DA Dahuk Province Dahuk IQ-DA* 14774 108 IQ IRQ
Iraq IQ-DQ Dhi Qar Province Dhi Qar, Thi Qar IQ-DQ* 14781 108 IQ IRQ
Iraq IQ-DI Diyalá Province Diyala IQ-DI* 14775 108 IQ IRQ
Iraq IQ-KA Karbala' Province Karbala, Kerbala, Kerbela IQ-KA* 14776 108 IQ IRQ
Iraq IQ-MA Maysan Province IQ-MA* 14782 108 IQ IRQ
Iraq IQ-NI Ninawá Province Nineveh, Niniveh IQ-NI* 14778 108 IQ IRQ
Iraq IQ-SD Salah ad Din Province Salah-ad-Din IQ-SD* 14767 108 IQ IRQ
Iraq IQ-WA Wasit Province Wasit IQ-WA* 14780 108 IQ IRQ
Ireland IE-CW Carlow County Ceatharlach IE-CW 14798 109 IE IRL
Ireland IE-CN Cavan County An Cabhán IE-CN 14795 109 IE IRL
Ireland IE-CE Clare County An Clár IE-CE 14799 109 IE IRL
Ireland IE-C Connaught province IE-C 48469 109 IE IRL
Ireland IE-CO Cork County Corcaigh IE-CO 48897 109 IE IRL
Ireland IE-DL Donegal County Dún na nGall IE-DL 14796 109 IE IRL
Ireland IE-D Dublin County Átha Cliath IE-D 14801 109 IE IRL
Ireland IE-G Galway County Gaillimh IE-G 14797 109 IE IRL
Ireland IE-KY Kerry County Ciarraighe, Ciarraí IE-KY 14802 109 IE IRL
Ireland IE-KE Kildare County Cill Dara IE-KE 14788 109 IE IRL
Ireland IE-KK Kilkenny County Cill Chainnigh IE-KK 14803 109 IE IRL
Ireland IE-LS Laois County Laoighis, Queenʿs IE-LS 14807 109 IE IRL
Ireland IE-L Leinster province IE-L 48470 109 IE IRL
Ireland IE-LM Leitrim County Liathdroim IE-LM 14804 109 IE IRL
Ireland IE-LK Limerick County Luimneach IE-LK 14805 109 IE IRL
Ireland IE-LD Longford County Longphort, Longphuirt IE-LD 14787 109 IE IRL
Ireland IE-LH Louth County Lughbhadh, Lú IE-LH 14806 109 IE IRL
Ireland IE-MO Mayo County Maigh Eo IE-MO 14808 109 IE IRL
Ireland IE-MH Meath County An Mhí, An Mhídhe IE-MH 14789 109 IE IRL
Ireland IE-MN Monaghan County Muineachán IE-MN 14786 109 IE IRL
Ireland IE-M Munster province IE-M 48471 109 IE IRL
Ireland IE-OY Offaly County Kingʿs, Kingʿs County, Ua Uíbh Fhailí, Uí Fáilghe IE-OY 14790 109 IE IRL
Ireland IE-RN Roscommon County Ros Comáin IE-RN 14809 109 IE IRL
Ireland IE-SO Sligo County Sligeach IE-SO 14791 109 IE IRL
Ireland IE-TA Tipperary County Tiobraid Árann IE-TA* 14792 109 IE IRL
Ireland IE-U Ulster province IE-U 48472 109 IE IRL
Ireland IE-WD Waterford County Port Láirge IE-WD 14784 109 IE IRL
Ireland IE-WH Westmeath County An Iarmhidhe IE-WH 14793 109 IE IRL
Ireland IE-WX Wexford County Loch Garman IE-WX 14783 109 IE IRL
Ireland IE-WW Wicklow County Cill Maintain, Cill Mhanntáin IE-WW 14794 109 IE IRL
Israel IL-D HaDarom District Southern IL-D 14847 111 IL ISR
Israel IL-HA Haifa District Hefa, H̱efa, Haifa, Haifa, Haifa IL-HA 14878 111 IL ISR
Israel IL-M HaMerkaz District Central IL-M 14877 111 IL ISR
Israel IL-Z HaZafon District Northern IL-Z 14848 111 IL ISR
Israel IL-TA Tel-Aviv District IL-TA 14850 111 IL ISR
Israel IL-JM Yerushalayim District al-Quds, Yerushalayim, Jerusalem, Jérusalem, Jerusalén IL-JM 14879 111 IL ISR
Italy IT-65 Abruzzo region Abruzzi, Abruzzo, Abruzzen IT-65 14895 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-AG Agrigento Province IT-AG 19465 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-AL Alessandria Province IT-AL 19466 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-AN Ancona Province IT-AN 19467 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-AO Aosta Province IT-AO 19468 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-AR Arezzo Province IT-AR 19469 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-AP Ascoli Piceno Province IT-AP 19470 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-AT Asti Province IT-AT 19471 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-AV Avellino Province IT-AV 19472 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-BA Bari Province IT-BA 19473 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-BT Barletta-Andria-Trani Province Barletta-Andria-Trani IT-BT 48088 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-77 Basilicata region Basilicate IT-77 14897 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-BL Belluno Province IT-BL 19474 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-BN Benevento Province IT-BN 19475 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-BG Bergamo Province IT-BG 19476 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-BI Biella Province IT-BI 19477 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-BO Bologna Province IT-BO 19478 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-BZ Bolzano Province IT-BZ 19479 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-BS Brescia Province IT-BS 19480 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-BR Brindisi Province IT-BR 19481 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-CA Cagliari Province IT-CA 19482 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-78 Calabria region Calabre IT-78 14896 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-CL Caltanissetta Province IT-CL 19483 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-72 Campania region Campanie IT-72 14898 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-CB Campobasso Province IT-CB 19484 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-CI Carbonia-Iglesias Province IT-CI* 19485 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-CE Caserta Province IT-CE 19486 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-CT Catania Province IT-CT 19487 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-CZ Catanzaro Province IT-CZ 19488 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-CH Chieti Province IT-CH 19489 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-CO Como Province IT-CO 19490 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-CS Cosenza Province IT-CS 19491 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-CR Cremona Province IT-CR 19492 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-KR Crotone Province IT-KR 19493 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-CN Cuneo Province IT-CN 19494 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-45 Emilia-Romagna region Émilie-Romagne IT-45 14886 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-EN Enna Province IT-EN 19495 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-FM Fermo Province Fermo IT-FM 48086 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-FE Ferrara Province IT-FE 19496 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-FI Firenze Province IT-FI 19497 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-FG Foggia Province IT-FG 19498 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-FC Forli-Cesena Province IT-FC 19499 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-36 Friuli-Venezia Giulia region Frioul-Vénétie Julienne IT-36 14885 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-FR Frosinone Province IT-FR 19500 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-GE Genova Province IT-GE 19501 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-GO Gorizia Province IT-GO 19502 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-GR Grosseto Province IT-GR 19503 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-IM Imperia Province IT-IM 19504 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-IS Isernia Province IT-IS 19505 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-AQ L'Aquila Province IT-AQ 19507 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-SP La Spezia Province IT-SP 19506 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-LT Latina Province IT-LT 19508 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-62 Lazio region Latium IT-62 14887 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-LE Lecce Province IT-LE 19509 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-LC Lecco Province IT-LC 19510 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-42 Liguria region Ligurien, Ligurie IT-42 14899 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-LI Livorno Province IT-LI 19511 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-LO Lodi Province IT-LO 19512 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-25 Lombardia region Lombardia, Lombardei, Lombardie IT-25 14888 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-LU Lucca Province IT-LU 19513 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-MC Macerata Province IT-MC 19514 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-MN Mantova Province IT-MN 19515 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-57 Marche region Marches, Marken IT-57 14889 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-MS Massa-Carrara Province IT-MS 19516 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-MT Matera Province IT-MT 19517 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-VS Medio Campidano Province IT-VS 19518 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-ME Messina Province IT-ME 19519 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-MI Milano Province IT-MI 19520 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-MO Modena Province IT-MO 19521 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-67 Molise region IT-67 14884 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-MB Monza e Brianza Province Monza e Brianza IT-MB 48087 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-NA Napoli Province IT-NA 19522 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-NO Novara Province IT-NO 19523 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-NU Nuoro Province IT-NU 19524 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-OG Ogliastra Province IT-OG* 19525 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-OT Olbia-Tempio Province IT-OT 19526 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-OR Oristano Province IT-OR 19527 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-PD Padova Province IT-PD 19528 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-PA Palermo Province IT-PA 19529 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-PR Parma Province IT-PR 19530 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-PV Pavia Province IT-PV 19531 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-PG Perugia Province IT-PG 19532 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-PU Pesaro e Urbino Province IT-PU 19533 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-PE Pescara Province IT-PE 19534 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-PC Piacenza Province IT-PC 19535 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-21 Piemonte region Piémont IT-21 14900 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-PI Pisa Province IT-PI 19536 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-PT Pistoia Province IT-PT 19537 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-PN Pordenone Province IT-PN 19538 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-PZ Potenza Province IT-PZ 19539 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-PO Prato Province IT-PO 19540 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-75 Puglia region Le Puglie, Puglia, Apulien, Pouilles IT-75 14890 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-RG Ragusa Province IT-RG 19541 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-RA Ravenna Province IT-RA 19542 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-RC Reggio Calabria Province IT-RC 19543 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-RE Reggio Emilia Province IT-RE 19544 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-RI Rieti Province IT-RI 19545 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-RN Rimini Province IT-RN 19546 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-RM Roma Province IT-RM 19547 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-RO Rovigo Province IT-RO 19548 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-SA Salerno Province IT-SA 19549 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-88 Sardegna region Sardigna, Sardinia, Sardinien, Sardaigne IT-88 14883 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-SS Sassari Province IT-SS 19550 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-SV Savona Province IT-SV 19551 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-82 Sicilia region Sicile, Sicilia, Sizilien, Sicilie IT-82 14891 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-SI Siena Province IT-SI 19552 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-SR Siracusa Province IT-SR 19553 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-SO Sondrio Province IT-SO 19554 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-TA Taranto Province IT-TA 19555 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-TE Teramo Province IT-TE 19556 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-TR Terni Province IT-TR 19557 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-TO Torino Province IT-TO 19558 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-52 Toscana region Toscane IT-52 14901 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-TP Trapani Province IT-TP 19559 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-32 Trentino-Alto Adige region Trentin-Haut Adige IT-32 14892 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-TN Trento Province IT-TN 19560 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-TV Treviso Province IT-TV 19561 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-TS Trieste Province IT-TS 19562 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-UD Udine Province IT-UD 19563 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-55 Umbria region Ombrie IT-55 14893 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-23 Valle d'Aosta region Vallée dʿAoste IT-23 14882 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-VA Varese Province IT-VA 19564 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-34 Veneto region Vénétie IT-34 14894 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-VE Venezia Province IT-VE 19565 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-VB Verbano-Cusio-Ossola Province IT-VB 19566 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-VC Vercelli Province IT-VC 19567 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-VR Verona Province IT-VR 19568 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-VV Vibo Valentia Province IT-VV 19569 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-VI Vicenza Province IT-VI 19570 112 IT ITA
Italy IT-VT Viterbo Province IT-VT 19571 112 IT ITA
Jamaica JM-13 Clarendon Parish JM-13 14905 113 JM JAM
Jamaica JM-09 Hanover Parish JM-09 14915 113 JM JAM
Jamaica JM-01 Kingston Parish JM-01 14906 113 JM JAM
Jamaica JM-12 Manchester Parish JM-12 14914 113 JM JAM
Jamaica JM-04 Portland Parish JM-04 14907 113 JM JAM
Jamaica JM-02 Saint Andrew Parish JM-02 14908 113 JM JAM
Jamaica JM-06 Saint Ann Parish JM-06 14904 113 JM JAM
Jamaica JM-14 Saint Catherine Parish JM-14 14909 113 JM JAM
Jamaica JM-11 Saint Elizabeth Parish JM-11 14903 113 JM JAM
Jamaica JM-08 Saint James Parish JM-08 14910 113 JM JAM
Jamaica JM-05 Saint Mary Parish JM-05 14911 113 JM JAM
Jamaica JM-03 Saint Thomas Parish JM-03 14902 113 JM JAM
Jamaica JM-07 Trelawny Parish JM-07 14912 113 JM JAM
Jamaica JM-10 Westmoreland Parish JM-10 14913 113 JM JAM
Japan JP-23 Aiti [Aichi] Perfecture JP-23 14931 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-05 Akita Perfecture JP-05 14954 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-02 Aomori Perfecture JP-02 14932 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-38 Ehime Perfecture JP-38 14955 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-21 Gihu [Gifu] Perfecture JP-21 14936 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-10 Gunma Perfecture JP-10 14937 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-34 Hirosima [Hiroshima] Perfecture JP-34 14938 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-01 Hokkaidô [Hokkaido] Territory JP-01 14957 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-18 Hukui [Fukui] Perfecture JP-18 14934 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-40 Hukuoka [Fukuoka] Perfecture JP-40 14935 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-07 Hukusima [Fukushima] Perfecture JP-07 14956 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-28 Hyôgo [Hyogo] Perfecture Hyogo JP-28 14939 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-08 Ibaraki Perfecture JP-08 14958 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-17 Isikawa [Ishikawa] Perfecture JP-17 14940 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-03 Iwate Perfecture JP-03 14941 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-37 Kagawa Perfecture JP-37 14942 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-46 Kagosima [Kagoshima] Perfecture JP-46 14959 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-14 Kanagawa Perfecture JP-14 14943 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-43 Kumamoto Perfecture JP-43 14960 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-26 Kyôto [Kyoto] Urban Perfecture Kyoto JP-26 14945 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-39 Kôti [Kochi] Perfecture Kochi JP-39 14944 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-24 Mie Perfecture JP-24 14946 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-04 Miyagi Perfecture JP-04 14921 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-45 Miyazaki Perfecture JP-45 14947 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-20 Nagano Perfecture JP-20 14948 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-42 Nagasaki Perfecture JP-42 14961 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-29 Nara Perfecture JP-29 14949 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-15 Niigata Perfecture JP-15 14950 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-33 Okayama Perfecture JP-33 14951 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-47 Okinawa Perfecture JP-47 14952 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-41 Saga Perfecture JP-41 14953 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-11 Saitama Perfecture JP-11 14922 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-25 Siga [Shiga] Perfecture JP-25 14919 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-32 Simane [Shimane] Perfecture JP-32 14923 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-22 Sizuoka [Shizuoka] Perfecture JP-22 14924 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-12 Tiba [Chiba] Perfecture JP-12 14933 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-36 Tokusima [Tokushima] Perfecture JP-36 14925 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-09 Totigi [Tochigi] Perfecture JP-09 14918 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-31 Tottori Perfecture JP-31 14917 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-16 Toyama Perfecture JP-16 14927 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-13 Tôkyô [Tokyo] Metropolis Tokyo, Tokio JP-13 14926 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-30 Wakayama Perfecture JP-30 14928 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-06 Yamagata Perfecture JP-06 14916 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-35 Yamaguti [Yamaguchi] Perfecture JP-35 14929 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-19 Yamanasi [Yamanashi] Perfecture JP-19 14930 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-44 Ôita [Oita] Perfecture Oita JP-44 14920 114 JP JPN
Japan JP-27 Ôsaka [Osaka] Urban Perfecture Osaka JP-27 14962 114 JP JPN
Jordan JO-BA Al Balqa' Province JO-BA* 14979 116 JO JOR
Jordan JO-KA Al Karak Province Karak, Kerak JO-KA* 14984 116 JO JOR
Jordan JO-MA Al Mafraq Province Mafraq JO-MA* 14981 116 JO JOR
Jordan JO-AQ Al ‘Aqabah Province Akaba, Aqaba, Aqqaba, al-Aqaba JO-AQ* 14985 116 JO JOR
Jordan JO-AT At Tafilah Province Tafiela, Tafileh, at-Tafilah JO-AT* 14975 116 JO JOR
Jordan JO-AZ Az Zarqā' Province Zarka, Zarqa, Zerka JO-AZ* 14976 116 JO JOR
Jordan JO-IR Irbid Province Irbit JO-IR* 14986 116 JO JOR
Jordan JO-JA Jarash Province Jarash, Jerash JO-JA* 14980 116 JO JOR
Jordan JO-MN Ma`an Province Maan, Maʿan JO-MN* 14977 116 JO JOR
Jordan JO-MD Mādabā Province Madaba, Maʿdaba, Maʿdabâ JO-MD* 14983 116 JO JOR
Jordan JO-AJ ‘Ajlūn Province Ajloan, Ajlun JO-AJ* 14982 116 JO JOR
Jordan JO-AM ‘Ammān (Al ‘A̅ şimah) Province Amman JO-AM* 14978 116 JO JOR
Kazakhstan KZ-ALA Almaty city Almati Oblasti, Almaty Oblasty, Almatı KZ-ALA 14993 117 KZ KAZ
Kazakhstan KZ-ALM Almaty oblysy region KZ-ALM* 20264 117 KZ KAZ
Kazakhstan KZ-AKM Aqmola oblysy region Akmola, Akmolinsk, Aķmola, Celinograd, Tselinograd KZ-AKM* 14991 117 KZ KAZ
Kazakhstan KZ-AKT Aqtöbe oblysy region Aktjubinsk, Aktyubinsk, Aktöbe, Aktʿubinsk KZ-AKT* 14992 117 KZ KAZ
Kazakhstan KZ-AST Astana city KZ-AST* 20265 117 KZ KAZ
Kazakhstan KZ-ATY Atyrau oblysy region Ateransk, Aterau, Atirau, Atırau, Gurjev, Guryev KZ-ATY* 14994 117 KZ KAZ
Kazakhstan KZ-ZAP Batys Qazaqstan oblysy region Batis Kazakstan, Batys Qazaqstan, Uralsk, Uralskaya Oblast, Western Kazakhstan KZ-ZAP* 14988 117 KZ KAZ
Kazakhstan KZ-BAY Bayqongyr city KZ-BAY 21376 117 KZ KAZ
Kazakhstan KZ-MAN Mangghystau oblysy region Mangghystau, Mangistau, Mangkistau, Mangqystau KZ-MAN* 14995 117 KZ KAZ
Kazakhstan KZ-YUZ Ongtüstik Qazaqstan oblysy region Ongtüstik Qazaqstan, Ongtüstük Kazakstan, Southern Kazakhstan KZ-YUZ* 14999 117 KZ KAZ
Kazakhstan KZ-PAV Pavlodar oblysy region KZ-PAV* 14998 117 KZ KAZ
Kazakhstan KZ-KAR Qaraghandy oblysy region Karaganda, Karagandi, Karagandy, Qaraghandy, Ķaragandı KZ-KAR* 14997 117 KZ KAZ
Kazakhstan KZ-KUS Qostanay oblysy region Kostanay, Kustanai, Kustanaj, Kustanay, Ķostanay KZ-KUS* 15000 117 KZ KAZ
Kazakhstan KZ-KZY Qyzylorda oblysy region Ak-Mechet, Kizilorda, Kyzyl-Orda, Kyzylorda, Kzyl-Orda, Qyzylorda, Ķızılorda KZ-KZY* 14990 117 KZ KAZ
Kazakhstan KZ-VOS Shyghys Qazaqstan oblysy region Eastern Kazakhstan, Shyghys Qazaqstan, Sigis Kazakstan KZ-VOS* 14996 117 KZ KAZ
Kazakhstan KZ-SEV Soltüstik Qazaqstan oblysy region Northern Kazakhstan, Soltüstik Kazakstan, Soltüstik Qazaqstan KZ-SEV* 14989 117 KZ KAZ
Kazakhstan KZ-ZHA Zhambyl oblysy region Aulie-Ata, Auliye-Ata, Cambil, Cambıl, Djambul, Dzhambul, Zhambul, Zhambyl, Zhambül KZ-ZHA* 14987 117 KZ KAZ
Kenya KE-200 Central province KE-200 15009 118 KE KEN
Kenya KE-300 Coast province KE-300 15005 118 KE KEN
Kenya KE-400 Eastern province KE-400 15006 118 KE KEN
Kenya KE-110 Nairobi province KE-110 15010 118 KE KEN
Kenya KE-500 North-Eastern province KE-500 15004 118 KE KEN
Kenya KE-600 Nyanza province KE-600 15001 118 KE KEN
Kenya KE-700 Rift Valley province KE-700 15007 118 KE KEN
Kenya KE-800 Western province KE-800 15003 118 KE KEN
Kiribati KI-G Gilbert Islands Island group KI-G* 19016 119 KI KIR
Kiribati KI-L Line Islands Island group KI-L* 15018 119 KI KIR
Kiribati KI-P Phoenix Islands Island group Abariringa, Canton, Gardner, Hull, Kanton, Kemins, Manra, Mary Island, Nikumaroro, Orona, Phoenix, Rawaki, Sydney KI-P* 15033 119 KI KIR
Korea, Democratic People's Republic Of KP-04 Chagang-do province Chagang, Jagang KP-04 21370 121 KP PRK
Korea, Democratic People's Republic Of KP-09 Hamgyong-bukdo province Hamgyongbukto, North Hamgyong KP-09 21369 121 KP PRK
Korea, Democratic People's Republic Of KP-08 Hamgyong-namdo province Hamgyongnamdo, South Hamgyong KP-08 21368 121 KP PRK
Korea, Democratic People's Republic Of KP-06 Hwanghae-bukto province North Hwanghae KP-06 21367 121 KP PRK
Korea, Democratic People's Republic Of KP-05 Hwanghae-namdo province South Hwanghae KP-05 21366 121 KP PRK
Korea, Democratic People's Republic Of KP-07 Kangwon-do province Gangweon, Kangweon, Kangwon KP-07 15053 121 KP PRK
Korea, Democratic People's Republic Of KP-13 Nason Special City Nason (Najin-Sonbong) KP-13 21371 121 KP PRK
Korea, Democratic People's Republic Of KP-03 Pyongan-bukdo province North Phyongan, North Pyongan, Pyonganbukto KP-03 21363 121 KP PRK
Korea, Democratic People's Republic Of KP-02 Pyongan-namdo province Pyongannamdo, South Phyongan, South Pyongan KP-02 21364 121 KP PRK
Korea, Democratic People's Republic Of KP-01 Pyongyang Capital City Pyongyang KP-01 21372 121 KP PRK
Korea, Democratic People's Republic Of KP-10 Yanggang-do province Ryanggang KP-10 21365 121 KP PRK
Korea, Republic of KR-26 Busan Gwang'yeogsi [Pusan-Kwangyokshi] metropolitan city Busan KR-26 20247 120 KR KOR
Korea, Republic of KR-43 Chungcheongbugdo [Ch'ungch'ongbuk-do] province North Chungchong KR-43 20255 120 KR KOR
Korea, Republic of KR-44 Chungcheongnamdo [Ch'ungch'ongnam-do] province South Chungchong KR-44 20256 120 KR KOR
Korea, Republic of KR-27 Daegu Gwang'yeogsi [Taegu-Kwangyokshi] metropolitan city Daegu KR-27 20248 120 KR KOR
Korea, Republic of KR-30 Daejeon Gwang'yeogsi [Taejon-Kwangyokshi] metropolitan city Daejeon, Taejeon, Taejon KR-30 20251 120 KR KOR
Korea, Republic of KR-42 Gang'weondo [Kang-won-do] province Kangwon KR-42 15042 120 KR KOR
Korea, Republic of KR-29 Gwangju Gwang'yeogsi [Kwangju-Kwangyokshi] metropolitan city Gwangju KR-29 20250 120 KR KOR
Korea, Republic of KR-41 Gyeonggido [Kyonggi-do] province KR-41 20253 120 KR KOR
Korea, Republic of KR-47 Gyeongsangbugdo [Kyongsangbuk-do] province North Kyongsang KR-47 20259 120 KR KOR
Korea, Republic of KR-48 Gyeongsangnamdo [Kyongsangnam-do] province Gyeongsangnamdo/ Kyongsang-namdo/ South Kyongsang KR-48 20260 120 KR KOR
Korea, Republic of KR-28 Incheon Gwang'yeogsi [Inch'n-Kwangyokshi] metropolitan city Incheon, Inchon KR-28 20249 120 KR KOR
Korea, Republic of KR-49 Jejudo [Cheju-do] province Jeju, Quelpart KR-49 20261 120 KR KOR
Korea, Republic of KR-45 Jeonrabugdo[Chollabuk-do] province Chollapuk, North Cholla KR-45 20257 120 KR KOR
Korea, Republic of KR-46 Jeonranamdo [Chollanam-do] province South Cholla KR-46 20258 120 KR KOR
Korea, Republic of KR-11 Seoul Teugbyeolsi [Seoul-T'ukpyolshi] capital metropolitan city Seoul, Soul KR-11 20246 120 KR KOR
Korea, Republic of KR-31 Ulsan Gwang'yeogsi [Ulsan-Kwangyokshi] metropolitan city KR-31 20252 120 KR KOR
Kuwait KW-AH Al Ahmadi Governorate Ahmadi KW-AH* 15064 122 KW KWT
Kuwait KW-FA Al Farwaniyah Governorate Farwaniyah KW-FA* 15068 122 KW KWT
Kuwait KW-JA Al Jahrah Governorate Al Jahra, Jahra, Jahrah, al-Jahra, al-Jahraʿ KW-JA* 15063 122 KW KWT
Kuwait KW-KU Al Kuwayt (Al ‘Āşimah) Governorate Capital, Koweit, Kuwait, Kuwayt, al-Kuwayt KW-KU* 15066 122 KW KWT
Kuwait KW-HA Hawalli Governorate Hawalli KW-HA* 15067 122 KW KWT
Kuwait KW-MU Mubarak al-Kabir Governorate KW-MU 15065 122 KW KWT
Kyrgyzstan KG-B Batken region KG-B* 15070 123 KG KGZ
Kyrgyzstan KG-GB Bishkek city Bishkek, Kenesh Bishkek KG-GB* 15072 123 KG KGZ
Kyrgyzstan KG-C Chü region Chu, Chui, Chuy, Çüy KG-C* 15078 123 KG KGZ
Kyrgyzstan KG-J Jalal-Abad region KG-J* 15077 123 KG KGZ
Kyrgyzstan KG-N Naryn region Naryn KG-N* 15071 123 KG KGZ
Kyrgyzstan KG-O Osh region Osh KG-O* 15069 123 KG KGZ
Kyrgyzstan KG-T Talas region KG-T* 15075 123 KG KGZ
Kyrgyzstan KG-Y Ysyk-Köl region Balikchi, Balykchy, Balıkçı, Issyk-Kul KG-Y* 15074 123 KG KGZ
Lao People's Democratic Republic LA-AT Attapu [Attopeu] province Attapu, Attopei, Attopeu LA-AT* 15080 124 LA LAO
Lao People's Democratic Republic LA-BK Bokèo province LA-BK* 15081 124 LA LAO
Lao People's Democratic Republic LA-BL Bolikhamxai [Borikhane] province Bolikhamsai, Bolikhamxai, Borikhamxai LA-BL* 15089 124 LA LAO
Lao People's Democratic Republic LA-CH Champasak [Champassak] province Champasack, Champassak LA-CH* 15082 124 LA LAO
Lao People's Democratic Republic LA-HO Houaphan province Houaphan LA-HO* 15093 124 LA LAO
Lao People's Democratic Republic LA-KH Khammouan province LA-KH* 15094 124 LA LAO
Lao People's Democratic Republic LA-LM Louang Namtha province Louang Namtha, Louangnamtha, Luang Namtha, Luong Nam Tha LA-LM* 15083 124 LA LAO
Lao People's Democratic Republic LA-LP Louangphabang [Louang Prabang] province Louang Phrabang, Louang Prabang, Louangphrabang, Luang Phrabang LA-LP* 15092 124 LA LAO
Lao People's Democratic Republic LA-OU Oudômxai [Oudomsai] province Oudomsai, Oudomsay LA-OU* 15084 124 LA LAO
Lao People's Democratic Republic LA-PH Phôngsali [Phong Saly] province Phongsali LA-PH* 15085 124 LA LAO
Lao People's Democratic Republic LA-SL Salavan [Saravane] province Saravane LA-SL* 15091 124 LA LAO
Lao People's Democratic Republic LA-SV Savannakhét province LA-SV* 15086 124 LA LAO
Lao People's Democratic Republic LA-VI Vientiane province Vientiane Province LA-VI* 15095 124 LA LAO
Lao People's Democratic Republic LA-VT Vientiane Prefecture prefecture Viangchan City, Vientiane City LA-VT* 15087 124 LA LAO
Lao People's Democratic Republic LA-XA Xaignabouli [Sayaboury] province Sayaboury, Sayabury, Xaignaboury LA-XA* 15088 124 LA LAO
Lao People's Democratic Republic LA-XN Xaisômboun special zone Xaisômboun LA-XN* 15096 124 LA LAO
Lao People's Democratic Republic LA-XI Xiangkhoang [Xieng Khouang] province Xiang Khouang, Xiangkhouang, Xiangkhuang, Xieng Khouang LA-XI* 15079 124 LA LAO
Lao People's Democratic Republic LA-XE Xékong [Sékong] province Xékong LA-XE* 15090 124 LA LAO
Latvia LV-001 Aglonas novads (Aglona) District LV-001* 48896 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-002 Aizkraukles novads (Aizkraukle) District LV-002* 48728 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-003 Aizputes novads (Aizpute) District LV-003* 48729 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-004 Aknīstes novads (Aknīste) District LV-004* 48730 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-005 Alojas novads (Aloja) District LV-005* 48731 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-006 Alsungas novads (Alsunga) District LV-006* 48732 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-007 Alūksnes novads (Alūksne) District LV-007* 48733 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-008 Amatas novads (Amata) District LV-008* 48734 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-009 Apes novads (Ape) District LV-009* 48735 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-010 Auces novads (Auce) District LV-010* 48736 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-012 Babītes novads (Babīte) District LV-012* 48738 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-013 Baldones novads (Baldone) District LV-013* 48739 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-014 Baltinavas novads (Baltinava) District LV-014* 48740 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-015 Balvu novads (Balvi) District LV-015* 48741 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-016 Bauskas novads (Bauska) District LV-016* 48742 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-017 Beverīnas novads (Beverīna) District LV-017* 48743 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-018 Brocēnu novads (Brocēni) District LV-018* 48744 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-019 Burtnieku novads (Burtnieki) District LV-019* 48745 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-020 Carnikavas novads (Carnikava) District LV-020* 48746 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-021 Cesvaines novads (Cesvaine) District LV-021* 48747 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-023 Ciblas novads (Cibla) District LV-023* 48749 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-022 Cēsu novads (Cēsis) District LV-022* 48748 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-024 Dagdas novads (Dagda) District LV-024* 48750 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-DGV Daugavpils city LV-DGV 15111 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-025 Daugavpils novads (Daugavpils) District LV-025* 48751 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-026 Dobeles novads (Dobele) District LV-026* 48752 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-027 Dundagas novads (Dundaga) District LV-027* 48753 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-028 Durbes novads (Durbe) District LV-028* 48754 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-029 Engures novads (Engure) District LV-029* 48755 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-031 Garkalnes novads (Garkalne) District LV-031* 48757 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-032 Grobiņas novads (Grobiņa) District LV-032* 48758 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-033 Gulbenes novads (Gulbene) District LV-033* 48759 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-034 Iecavas novads (Iecava) District LV-034* 48760 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-035 Ikšķiles novads (Ikšķile) District LV-035* 48761 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-036 Ilūkstes novads (Ilūkste) District LV-036* 48762 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-037 Inčukalna novads (Inčukalns) District LV-037* 48763 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-038 Jaunjelgavas novads (Jaunjelgava) District LV-038* 48764 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-039 Jaunpiebalgas novads (Jaunpiebalga) District LV-039* 48765 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-040 Jaunpils novads (Jaunpils) District LV-040* 48766 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-JEL Jelgava city LV-JEL* 15125 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-041 Jelgavas novads (Jelgava) District LV-041* 48767 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-JUR Jurmala city LV-JUR* 15127 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-JKB Jēkabpils City LV-JKB* 48838 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-042 Jēkabpils novads (Jēkabpils) District LV-042* 48768 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-043 Kandavas novads (Kandava) District LV-043* 48769 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-045 Kocēnu novads District LV-045* 48771 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-046 Kokneses novads (Koknese) District LV-046* 48772 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-048 Krimuldas novads (Krimulda) District LV-048* 48774 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-049 Krustpils novads (Krustpils) District LV-049* 48775 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-047 Krāslavas novads (Krāslava) District LV-047* 48773 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-050 Kuldīgas novads (Kuldīga) District LV-050* 48776 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-044 Kārsavas novads (Kārsava) District LV-044* 48770 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-053 Lielvārdes novads (Lielvārde) District LV-053* 48779 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-LPX Liepaja city LV-LPX 15128 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-054 Limbažu novads (Limbaži) District LV-054* 48781 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-057 Lubānas novads (Lubāna) District LV-057* 48784 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-058 Ludzas novads (Ludza) District LV-058* 48785 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-055 Līgatnes novads (Līgatne) District LV-055* 48782 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-056 Līvānu novads (Līvāni) District LV-056* 48783 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-059 Madonas novads (Madona) District LV-059* 48786 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-060 Mazsalacas novads (Mazsalaca) District LV-060* 48787 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-061 Mālpils novads (Mālpils) District LV-061* 48788 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-062 Mārupes novads (Mārupe) District LV-062* 48789 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-063 Mērsraga novads District LV-063* 48790 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-064 Naukšēnu novads (Naukšēni) District LV-064* 48791 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-065 Neretas novads (Nereta) District LV-065* 48792 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-066 Nīcas novads (Nīca) District LV-066* 48793 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-067 Ogres novads (Ogre) District LV-067* 48794 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-068 Olaines novads (Olaine) District LV-068* 48795 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-069 Ozolnieku novads (Ozolnieki) District LV-069* 48796 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-073 Preiļu novads (Preiļi) District LV-073* 48800 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-074 Priekules novads (Priekule) District LV-074* 48801 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-075 Priekuļu novads (Priekuļi) District LV-075* 48802 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-070 Pārgaujas novads (Pārgauja) District LV-070* 48797 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-071 Pāvilostas novads (Pāvilosta) District LV-071* 48798 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-072 Pļaviņu novads (Pļaviņas) District LV-072* 48799 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-076 Raunas novads (Rauna) District LV-076* 48803 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-REZ Rezekne city LV-REZ* 15099 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-078 Riebiņu novads (Riebiņi) District LV-078* 48805 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-RIX Riga city LV-RIX 15121 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-079 Rojas novads (Roja) District LV-079* 48806 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-080 Ropažu novads (Ropaži) District LV-080* 48807 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-081 Rucavas novads (Rucava) District LV-081* 48808 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-082 Rugāju novads (Rugāji) District LV-082* 48809 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-083 Rundāles novads (Rundāle) District LV-083* 48810 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-077 Rēzeknes novads (Rēzekne) District LV-077* 48804 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-084 Rūjienas novads (Rūjiena) District LV-084* 48811 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-086 Salacgrīvas novads (Salacgrīva) District LV-086* 48813 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-085 Salas novads (Sala) District LV-085* 48812 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-087 Salaspils novads (Salaspils) District LV-087* 48814 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-088 Saldus novads (Saldus) District LV-088* 48815 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-089 Saulkrastu novads (Saulkrasti) District LV-089* 48816 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-091 Siguldas novads (Sigulda) District LV-091* 48818 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-093 Skrundas novads (Skrunda) District LV-093* 48820 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-092 Skrīveru novads (Skrīveri) District LV-092* 48819 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-094 Smiltenes novads (Smiltene) District LV-094* 48821 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-095 Stopiņu novads (Stopiņi) District LV-095* 48822 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-096 Strenču novads (Strenči) District LV-096* 48823 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-090 Sējas novads (Sēja) District LV-090* 48817 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-097 Talsu novads (Talsi) District LV-097* 48824 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-099 Tukuma novads (Tukums) District LV-099* 48826 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-098 Tērvetes novads (Tērvete) District LV-098* 48825 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-100 Vaiņodes novads (Vaiņode) District LV-100* 48827 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-101 Valkas novads (Valka) District LV-101* 48828 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-VMR Valmiera city LV-VMR* 48839 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-102 Varakļānu novads (Varakļāni) District LV-102* 48829 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-104 Vecpiebalgas novads (Vecpiebalga) District LV-104* 48831 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-105 Vecumnieku novads (Vecumnieki) District LV-105* 48832 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-VEN Ventspils city LV-VEN* 15105 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-106 Ventspils novads (Ventspils) District LV-106* 48833 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-107 Viesītes novads (Viesīte) District LV-107* 48834 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-108 Viļakas novads (Viļaka) District LV-108* 48835 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-109 Viļānu novads (Viļāni) District LV-109* 48836 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-103 Vārkavas novads (Vārkava) District LV-103* 48830 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-110 Zilupes novads (Zilupe) District LV-110* 48837 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-011 Ādažu novads (Ādaži) District LV-011* 48737 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-030 Ērgļu novads (Ērgļi) District LV-030* 48756 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-051 Ķeguma novads (Ķegums) District LV-051* 48777 125 LV LVA
Latvia LV-052 Ķekavas novads (Ķekava) District LV-052* 48778 125 LV LVA
Lebanon LB-AK Aakkar Province LB-AK 48255 126 LB LBN
Lebanon LB-BH Baalbek-Hermel Province LB-BH 48256 126 LB LBN
Lebanon LB-BA Beirut Province Bayrout, Bayrut, Beirut, Beyrout, Beyrouth, Beyrût LB-BA* 15134 126 LB LBN
Lebanon LB-BI El Béqaa Province Bekaa LB-BI* 15135 126 LB LBN
Lebanon LB-JL Jabal Loubnâne Province Mount Lebanon LB-JL* 15133 126 LB LBN
Lebanon LB-AS Loubnâne ech Chemâli Province Ash Shamal, North LB-AS* 15131 126 LB LBN
Lebanon LB-JA Loubnâne ej Jnoûbi Province South LB-JA* 15136 126 LB LBN
Lebanon LB-NA Nabatîyé Province Nabatiyeh LB-NA* 15132 126 LB LBN
Lesotho LS-D Berea District LS-D 15138 127 LS LSO
Lesotho LS-B Butha-Buthe District LS-B 15139 127 LS LSO
Lesotho LS-C Leribe District LS-C 15145 127 LS LSO
Lesotho LS-E Mafeteng District LS-E 15140 127 LS LSO
Lesotho LS-A Maseru District LS-A 15146 127 LS LSO
Lesotho LS-F Mohale's Hoek District LS-F 15141 127 LS LSO
Lesotho LS-J Mokhotlong District LS-J 15142 127 LS LSO
Lesotho LS-H Qacha's Nek District LS-H 15137 127 LS LSO
Lesotho LS-G Quthing District LS-G 15143 127 LS LSO
Lesotho LS-K Thaba-Tseka District LS-K 15144 127 LS LSO
Liberia LR-BM Bomi County LR-BM* 15152 128 LR LBR
Liberia LR-BG Bong County LR-BG* 15148 128 LR LBR
Liberia LR-X1~ Gbarpolu County LR-X1~ 19021 128 LR LBR
Liberia LR-GB Grand Bassa County LR-GB* 15153 128 LR LBR
Liberia LR-CM Grand Cape Mount County LR-CM* 15156 128 LR LBR
Liberia LR-GG Grand Gedeh County Grand Gedah LR-GG* 15151 128 LR LBR
Liberia LR-GK Grand Kru County LR-GK* 19023 128 LR LBR
Liberia LR-LO Lofa County LR-LO* 15154 128 LR LBR
Liberia LR-MG Margibi County LR-MG* 15158 128 LR LBR
Liberia LR-MY Maryland County LR-MY* 15150 128 LR LBR
Liberia LR-MO Montserrado County LR-MO* 15157 128 LR LBR
Liberia LR-NI Nimba County LR-NI* 15155 128 LR LBR
Liberia LR-X2~ River Gee County LR-X2~ 19022 128 LR LBR
Liberia LR-RI Rivercess County LR-RI* 15149 128 LR LBR
Liberia LR-SI Sinoe County LR-SI* 15147 128 LR LBR
Libya LY-BU Al Butnan popularate LY-BU* 15171 129 LY LBY
Libya LY-JA Al Jabal al Akh?ar popularate LY-JA* 15174 129 LY LBY
Libya LY-JG Al Jabal al Gharbī popularate LY-JG* 48229 129 LY LBY
Libya LY-JI Al Jifarah popularate LY-JI* 15181 129 LY LBY
Libya LY-JU Al Jufrah popularate LY-JU* 15175 129 LY LBY
Libya LY-KF Al Kufrah popularate LY-KF* 15176 129 LY LBY
Libya LY-MJ Al Marj popularate LY-MJ* 15182 129 LY LBY
Libya LY-MB Al Marqab popularate LY-MB* 15160 129 LY LBY
Libya LY-WA Al Wāḩāt popularate LY-WA* 15167 129 LY LBY
Libya LY-NQ An Nuqat al Khams popularate LY-NQ* 15185 129 LY LBY
Libya LY-ZA Az Zawiyah popularate LY-ZA* 15168 129 LY LBY
Libya LY-BA Banghazi popularate LY-BA* 15177 129 LY LBY
Libya LY-DR Darnah popularate LY-DR* 15178 129 LY LBY
Libya LY-GT Ghat popularate LY-GT* 15173 129 LY LBY
Libya LY-MI Misratah popularate LY-MI* 15161 129 LY LBY
Libya LY-MQ Murzuq popularate LY-MQ* 15186 129 LY LBY
Libya LY-NL Nalut popularate LY-NL* 15162 129 LY LBY
Libya LY-SB Sabha popularate LY-SB* 15184 129 LY LBY
Libya LY-SR Surt popularate LY-SR* 15183 129 LY LBY
Libya LY-TB Tarabulus popularate Ţarābulus, Tripoli, Tripoli LY-TB* 15165 129 LY LBY
Libya LY-WD Wadi al ?ayat popularate LY-WD* 15166 129 LY LBY
Libya LY-WS Wādī ash Shāţiʾ popularate LY-WS* 48230 129 LY LBY
Liechtenstein LI-01 Balzers Commune LI-01* 15193 130 LI LIE
Liechtenstein LI-02 Eschen Commune LI-02* 15194 130 LI LIE
Liechtenstein LI-03 Gamprin Commune LI-03* 15192 130 LI LIE
Liechtenstein LI-04 Mauren Commune LI-04* 15195 130 LI LIE
Liechtenstein LI-05 Planken Commune LI-05* 15196 130 LI LIE
Liechtenstein LI-06 Ruggell Commune Ruggel LI-06* 15191 130 LI LIE
Liechtenstein LI-07 Schaan Commune LI-07* 15197 130 LI LIE
Liechtenstein LI-08 Schellenberg Commune LI-08* 15200 130 LI LIE
Liechtenstein LI-09 Triesen Commune LI-09* 15198 130 LI LIE
Liechtenstein LI-10 Triesenberg Commune LI-10* 15199 130 LI LIE
Liechtenstein LI-11 Vaduz Commune LI-11* 15190 130 LI LIE
Lithuania LT-AL Alytaus Apskritis County LT-AL* 15209 131 LT LTU
Lithuania LT-KU Kauno Apskritis County LT-KU* 15205 131 LT LTU
Lithuania LT-KL Klaipedos Apskritis County Klaipedos LT-KL* 15208 131 LT LTU
Lithuania LT-MR Marijampoles Apskritis County Mariampoles LT-MR* 15206 131 LT LTU
Lithuania LT-PN Panevežio Apskritis County Panevezhio LT-PN* 15202 131 LT LTU
Lithuania LT-TA Taurages Apskritis County Taurages LT-TA* 15210 131 LT LTU
Lithuania LT-TE Telšiu Apskritis County Telshiu LT-TE* 15207 131 LT LTU
Lithuania LT-UT Utenos Apskritis County LT-UT* 15203 131 LT LTU
Lithuania LT-VL Vilniaus Apskritis County LT-VL* 15201 131 LT LTU
Lithuania LT-SA Šiauliu Apskritis County Shiauliu LT-SA* 15204 131 LT LTU
Luxembourg LU-D Diekirch District LU-D* 15216 132 LU LUX
Luxembourg LU-G Grevenmacher District LU-G* 15215 132 LU LUX
Luxembourg LU-L Luxembourg (fr) District Luxemburg LU-L* 15220 132 LU LUX
Macao MO-I Ilhas MO-I 48266 133 MO MAC
Macao MO-M Macau MO-M 48267 133 MO MAC
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-01 Aerodrom municipality MK-01 48906 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-02 Aračinovo municipality MK-02 48907 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-03 Berovo municipality MK-03 48908 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-04 Bitola municipality MK-04 48909 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-05 Bogdanci municipality MK-05 48910 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-06 Bogovinje municipality MK-06 48911 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-07 Bosilovo municipality MK-07 48912 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-08 Brvenica municipality MK-08 48913 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-09 Butel municipality MK-09 48914 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-77 Centar municipality MK-77 48915 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-78 Centar Župa municipality MK-78 48916 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-21 Debar municipality MK-21 48921 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-22 Debarca municipality MK-22 48922 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-23 Delčevo municipality MK-23 48923 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-25 Demir Hisar municipality MK-25 48924 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-24 Demir Kapija municipality MK-24 48925 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-26 Dojran municipality MK-26 48926 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-27 Dolneni municipality MK-27 48927 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-28 Drugovo municipality MK-28 48928 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-17 Gazi Baba municipality MK-17 48929 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-18 Gevgelija municipality MK-18 48930 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-29 Gjorče Petrov municipality MK-29 48931 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-19 Gostivar municipality MK-19 48932 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-20 Gradsko municipality MK-20 48933 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-34 Ilinden municipality MK-34 48934 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-35 Jegunovce municipality MK-35 48935 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-37 Karbinci municipality MK-37 48936 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-38 Karpoš municipality MK-38 48937 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-36 Kavadarci municipality MK-36 48938 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-39 Kisela Voda municipality MK-39 48940 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-40 Kičevo municipality MK-40 48939 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-41 Konče municipality MK-41 48942 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-42 Kočani municipality MK-42 48941 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-43 Kratovo municipality MK-43 48943 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-44 Kriva Palanka municipality MK-44 48944 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-45 Krivogaštani municipality MK-45 48945 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-46 Kruševo municipality MK-46 48946 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-47 Kumanovo municipality MK-47 48947 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-48 Lipkovo municipality MK-48 48948 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-49 Lozovo municipality MK-49 48949 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-51 Makedonska Kamenica municipality MK-51 48950 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-52 Makedonski Brod municipality MK-52 48951 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-50 Mavrovo i Rostuša municipality MK-50 48952 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-53 Mogila municipality MK-53 48953 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-54 Negotino municipality MK-54 48954 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-55 Novaci municipality MK-55 48955 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-56 Novo Selo municipality MK-56 48956 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-58 Ohrid municipality MK-58 48957 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-57 Oslomej municipality MK-57 48958 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-60 Pehčevo municipality MK-60 48959 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-59 Petrovec municipality MK-59 48960 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-61 Plasnica municipality MK-61 48961 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-62 Prilep municipality MK-62 48962 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-63 Probištip municipality MK-63 48963 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-64 Radoviš municipality MK-64 48964 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-65 Rankovce municipality MK-65 48965 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-66 Resen municipality MK-66 48966 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-67 Rosoman municipality MK-67 48967 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-68 Saraj municipality MK-68 48968 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-70 Sopište municipality MK-70 48969 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-71 Staro Nagoričane municipality MK-71 48970 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-72 Struga municipality MK-72 48971 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-73 Strumica municipality MK-73 48972 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-74 Studeničani municipality MK-74 48973 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-69 Sveti Nikole municipality MK-69 48974 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-75 Tearce municipality MK-75 48977 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-76 Tetovo municipality MK-76 48978 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-10 Valandovo municipality MK-10 48979 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-11 Vasilevo municipality MK-11 48980 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-13 Veles municipality MK-13 48981 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-12 Vevčani municipality MK-12 48982 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-14 Vinica municipality MK-14 48983 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-15 Vraneštica municipality MK-15 48984 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-16 Vrapčište municipality MK-16 48985 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-31 Zajas municipality MK-31 48986 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-32 Zelenikovo municipality MK-32 48987 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-33 Zrnovci municipality MK-33 48988 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-79 Čair municipality MK-79 48917 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-80 Čaška municipality MK-80 48918 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-81 Češinovo-Obleševo municipality MK-81 48919 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-82 Čučer Sandevo municipality MK-82 48920 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-83 Štip municipality MK-83 48975 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-84 Šuto Orizari municipality MK-84 48976 134 MK MKD
Macedonia, the Former Yugoslav Republic Of MK-30 Želino municipality MK-30 48989 134 MK MKD
Madagascar MG-T Antananarivo Province Tananarive MG-T 15255 135 MG MDG
Madagascar MG-D Antsiranana Province Antseranana, Diégo Suarez MG-D 15254 135 MG MDG
Madagascar MG-F Fianarantsoa Province Fianar MG-F 15258 135 MG MDG
Madagascar MG-M Mahajanga Province Majunga MG-M 15257 135 MG MDG
Madagascar MG-A Toamasina Province Tamatave MG-A 15253 135 MG MDG
Madagascar MG-U Toliara Province Toliara, Tuléar MG-U 15256 135 MG MDG
Malawi MW-BA Balaka District MW-BA* 15279 136 MW MWI
Malawi MW-BL Blantyre District MW-BL* 15261 136 MW MWI
Malawi MW-C Central Region region MW-C* 48232 136 MW MWI
Malawi MW-CK Chikwawa District MW-CK* 15280 136 MW MWI
Malawi MW-CR Chiradzulu District MW-CR* 15262 136 MW MWI
Malawi MW-CT Chitipa District MW-CT* 15281 136 MW MWI