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Created July 23, 2021 13:11
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Testing the calculate function
import { assertEquals } from "";
import { calculateAverageScore } from './calculate.ts'
const mockGetContent = () => Promise.resolve(
"student_name,horoscope,exam_name,exam_score,feedback_score,would_recommend\n" +
"Braylen Natalia,Gemini,AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner,1,4.26,Yes\n" +
"Kash Macey,Leo,AWS Certified SysOps Administrator,2,3.04,Yes\n" +
"Erica Daniela,Sagittarius,AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner,3,7.61,Yes"
Deno.test("calculate", async () => {
const score = await calculateAverageScore(mockGetContent)
assertEquals(score, 2);
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