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Fetch data from Epicollect5 API using R
library(jsonlite) # if needing json format
cID<-"999" # client ID
secret<- "F00HaHa00G" # client secret
proj.slug<- "YourProjectSlug" # project slug
form.ref<- "YourFormRef" # form reference
branch.ref<- "YourFromRef+BranchExtension" # branch reference
res <- POST("",
body = list(grant_type = "client_credentials",
client_id = cID,
client_secret = secret))
token <- content(res)$access_token
# url.form<- paste("", proj.slug, "?map_index=0&form_ref=", form.ref, "&format=json", sep= "") ## if using json
url.form<- paste("", proj.slug, "?map_index=0&form_ref=", form.ref, "&format=csv&headers=true", sep= "")
res1<- GET(url.form, add_headers("Authorization" = paste("Bearer", token)))
# ct1<- fromJSON(rawToChar(content(res1))) ## if using json
ct1<- read.csv(res1$url)
# url.branch<- paste("", proj.slug, "?map_index=0&branch_ref=", branch.ref, "&format=json&per_page=1000", sep= "") ## if using json; pushing max number of records from default 50 to 1000
url.branch<- paste("", proj.slug, "?map_index=0&branch_ref=", branch.ref, "&format=csv&headers=true", sep= "")
res2<- GET(url.branch, add_headers("Authorization" = paste("Bearer", token)))
ct2<- read.csv(res2$url)
# ct2<- fromJSON(rawToChar(content(res2))) ## if using json
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mirko77 commented May 13, 2022


We have no experience of AWS we afraid.

It looks like your requests get capped at 78b, so they are either wrong or you are over a quota (30 requests per minute for media files on our API => You might want to catch any network errors as well. The 78b might be the error response, which you are saving as an image regardless of its content.

Is the access token valid? They expire every 2 hours.

You could try the Javascript example here, probably easier to debug things ->

There is a fiddle to play with as well

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mladencucak commented May 25, 2022

Apologies for the delay- it was an error message. I would imagine it was happening because of too many calls when I was developing this as it disappeared once I left it all for a day or two and added time breaks between API calls. Thank you!

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mirko77 commented May 25, 2022

Great, I am glad the issue is solved!

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ktemadarko commented Jun 5, 2022

That is interesting. I used exactly the code from above. The Jason one works fine. But the CSV one works fine until the ct1<- read.csv(res1$url).

@jimer666 I am facing the same issue you had, I am able to get the entries in the JSON format but the csv does not work. Were you able to resolve this issue?
Thank you

This line gives the error
ct1<- read.csv(res1$url)

Error in file(file, "rt") : cannot open the connection

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