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Last active December 11, 2021 17:04
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Google Apps Script function to change a YouTube video's privacy status
// schedule this Google Apps Script function to run at a certain time to change a YouTube video's privacy status
function updateVideoPrivacy() { // enable the YouTube Data API under "Services"
var channels = YouTube.Channels.list('contentDetails', {mine: true});
for (var i=0; i<channels.items.length; i++) {
var uploadsPlaylistId = channels.items[i].contentDetails.relatedPlaylists.uploads;
var playlistResponse = YouTube.PlaylistItems.list('snippet', {playlistId: uploadsPlaylistId, maxResults: 1}); // or more than 1 if needed
var video = playlistResponse.items[0]; // the first video in the list we retrieved
var metadata = {
status: {'privacyStatus': 'private'}, // public, unlisted, private
id: video.snippet.resourceId.videoId}; // we need to include the video ID from the playlist response
YouTube.Videos.update(metadata, 'id,status') // update the video's privacy status
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