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Last active December 1, 2023 17:59
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Enables monitor mode for wl driver(Broadcom)
# so, by default, monitoring and injection cannot be used with Broadcom wl wifi drivers (such as those for Macs)
# this makes it impossible to do stuff like crack wifi passwords with aircrack-ng
# fortunately, there is a solution burried in
echo 1 > /proc/brcm_monitor0 #enables monitor mode. That's it!
# prism0 is now like "mon0" (monitor mode)
#IF YOU WANT TO USE airmod-ng
# airmod-ng check kill
# airmod-ng start prism0
# airodump-ng prism0
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keeps saying permission denied, even with sudo.

Try running adding the syntax sh -c after sudo to make sure the whole thing is routed as sudo.

sudo sh -c "echo 1 > /proc/brcm_monitor0"

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I am using a MacBook Pro 16,2, and I install the linux kernal 5.15.2-t2-big-sur. But I don't have the file /proc/brcm_monitor0. When I try to touch or cp a file in /proc/, I kept getting "touch: cannot touch '/proc/brcm_monitor0': No such file or directory" and "cp: cannot create regular file '/proc/brcm_monitor0': No such file or directory". Is that because I'm using bcm4364?

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ericsia commented Feb 23, 2022

@isweibin rip xps 9550 so meaning there is totally no hope to enter monitor mode with BCM43602 right?

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