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View displays.scpt
on launchDisplaysPane()
tell application "System Preferences"
set displayPane to pane ""
set displayTab to anchor named "displaysDisplayTab" of displayPane
reveal displayTab
delay 0.5
end tell
end launchDisplaysPane
from datetime import datetime, timedelta
import sys
class Stopwatch:
def __init__(self):
self._hacks = []
def laps(self):
return len(self._hacks) - 1
from __future__ import print_function
class NoneError(TypeError):
class maybe:
A two-state monad that represents the presents or absence of a value.
Think of it as a collection of zero or one values.
View SketchSystems.spec
No Opportunities*
parts uploaded -> Estimate Requested
Estimate Requested
Reviewing Parts*
redact prints -> Reviewing Parts
upload dummies -> Reviewing Parts
all parts clean -> Clean

In the course of time, I found myself wanting to run RSpec automatically in response to file changes. I found a nice tool called fswatch to handle the file events, but I wanted a "smarter" pipeline. Following the Unix philosophy, I wrote a few tiny command line tools which I've provided the source to.

  • specname — maps a file in a rails project to its corresponding spec file.
  • debounce — makes sure multiple rapid saves don't trigger as many RSpec runs.
  • throttle — could be used to collect multiple file changes into one RSpec run, but I haven't figured that last part out yet.

The core functions are fully generic and have no dependencies on anything but Foundation, so they could be easily incorporated into a larger project if there's a use for them.

View Final-Tagless Views.rb
class View
def self.image(url:) { |img| img.url = url }
def self.button(title:) { |btn| btn.title = title }
def self.stack(subviews)

New literal for Data from contents of file

  • Proposal: SE-NNNN
  • Authors: Michael Bates
  • Review Manager: TBD
  • Status: Awaiting implementation


In Swift today, literals give us the ability to embed files, images, and colors directly into our programs. This proposes a new literal that will embed the contents of a file as Data. The proposed syntax is…

View AbsoluteDirectory.rb
class AbsoluteDirectory < AbstractPath
def self.root [])
def initialize(nodes:)
raise "Last node cannot be a file, got (#{nodes.last.class})" if nodes.last&.file?
if nodes.first&.root?
super(nodes: nodes)
elsif nodes.first&.current?
View any_enumerable.rb
class AnyEnumerable
include Enumerable
def initialize(&each_impl)
@each_impl = each_impl
def each(&block)
View Token.swift
/// Useful for maintaining a strong reference to
/// something which would otherwise be deinitialized.
public final class Token<A> {
public let id: A
private let dispose: (A) -> Void
/// Create a new token
/// - Parameters:
/// - id: A unique identifier for this token.