View AbsoluteDirectory.rb
class AbsoluteDirectory < AbstractPath
def self.root [])
def initialize(nodes:)
raise "Last node cannot be a file, got (#{nodes.last.class})" if nodes.last&.file?
if nodes.first&.root?
super(nodes: nodes)
elsif nodes.first&.current?
View any_enumerable.rb
class AnyEnumerable
include Enumerable
def initialize(&each_impl)
@each_impl = each_impl
def each(&block)
View Token.swift
/// Useful for maintaining a strong reference to
/// something which would otherwise be deinitialized.
public final class Token<A> {
public let id: A
private let dispose: (A) -> Void
/// Create a new token
/// - Parameters:
/// - id: A unique identifier for this token.
View Collection+random.swift
import Darwin
extension RandomAccessCollection {
// Fails if collection is larger than UInt32.max
var randomIndex: Index {
guard !isEmpty else { return endIndex }
let fullDistance = UInt32(distance(from: startIndex, to: endIndex))
let randomDistance = IndexDistance(arc4random_uniform(fullDistance))
return index(startIndex, offsetBy: randomDistance)
View Identifier.swift
/// Useful as a type-safe String identifier for objects, records, etc.
/// Generic type A is the type of the object being "identified".
public struct Identifier<A>: Equatable, Hashable, Comparable {
public let string: String
public init(_ string: String) {
self.string = string
public var hashValue: Int {
View Algebra.swift
// A Number-like type that can represent algebraic expressions.
public enum Algebra {
case scalar(Double)
case variable(name: String, () -> Double)
indirect case add(Algebra, Algebra)
indirect case subtract(Algebra, Algebra)
indirect case multiply(Algebra, by: Algebra)
indirect case divide(Algebra, by: Algebra)
indirect case magnitude(Algebra)
indirect case raise(Algebra, toPower: Int)
View algebra.rb
# A Numeric-like class that can represent algebraic expressions.
# Uses typecases to define what operations are representable.
class Algebra
include Enum
# Represents number literals
typecase :scalar, value: Numeric do
def to_s
View method_reflection.rb
class Object
# List Methods defined directly in the receiver's class.
def my_methods
# List Methods with names matching the regex.
def methods_matching(regex)
methods_where { |meth| regex.match( }
View OpenSource.rb
# A method for opening the `source_location`
# of a method or proc in your preferred editor.
# Depends on the presence of $EDITOR in your environment.
module OpenSource
def open_source
return false unless
loc = source_location and
loc.first != '(irb)'
path = loc.join(':') # append the line number to the file path.
system("eval \"$EDITOR #{path}\"")
View auto_rake.rb
module AutoRake
require 'rake'
Rails.application.load_tasks if Rake::Task.tasks.empty?
def const_missing(const)
mod =
mod.extend AutoRake
const_set(const, mod)