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Last active May 24, 2017

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<!--Add this to your article page using the Source editor -->
<iframe src="" style="width:600px; height:500px;" frameborder="0"></iframe>
//responsive Iframes (add below $document.ready)
// Find all iframes
var $iframes = $( "iframe" );
// Find &#x26; save the aspect ratio for all iframes
$iframes.each(function () {
$( this ).data( "ratio", this.height / this.width )
// Remove the hardcoded width &#x26; height attributes
.removeAttr( "width" )
.removeAttr( "height" );
// Resize the iframes when the window is resized
$( window ).resize( function () {
$iframes.each( function() {
// Get the parent container&#x27;s width
var width = $( this ).parent().width();
$( this ).width( width )
.height( width * $( this ).data( "ratio" ) );
// Resize to fix all iframes on page load.
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