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name: Booking
synopsis: Handling a reservation request in Haskell. Proof of concept
description: Please see
license: MIT
license-file: LICENSE
author: Mark Seemann
copyright: 2016 Mark Seemann
category: Web
build-type: Simple
cabal-version: >=1.10
hs-source-dirs: src
exposed-modules: ApiModel, App, DB
default-language: Haskell2010
build-depends: base, directory, filepath, time, mtl, either
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import Distribution.Simple
main = defaultMain
# For more information, see:
# Specifies the GHC version and set of packages available (e.g., lts-3.5, nightly-2015-09-21, ghc-7.10.2)
resolver: lts-3.8
# Local packages, usually specified by relative directory name
- '.'
# Packages to be pulled from upstream that are not in the resolver (e.g., acme-missiles-0.3)
extra-deps: []
# Override default flag values for local packages and extra-deps
flags: {}
# Extra package databases containing global packages
extra-package-dbs: []
# Control whether we use the GHC we find on the path
# system-ghc: true
# Require a specific version of stack, using version ranges
# require-stack-version: -any # Default
# require-stack-version: >=
# Override the architecture used by stack, especially useful on Windows
# arch: i386
# arch: x86_64
# Extra directories used by stack for building
# extra-include-dirs: [/path/to/dir]
# extra-lib-dirs: [/path/to/dir]

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commented Mar 22, 2016

Make sure to put the modules from here to a folder called src — or adjust the Booking.cabal file accordingly.

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