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[0;30;42m>>> ======= GUI Inspect =======[0m
Sun Apr 11 15:49:48 CEST 2021
mvc kmom01 mack20
download, docker
Inspect GUI v2.8.0 (2021-04-09)
[0;30;42m>>> ======= Download (and potato) =======[0m
Doing a silent download, potatoe if needed.
[0;30;42m>>> ======= Pre kmom01 =======[0m
[0;30;42m>>> ======= dbwebb inspect =======[0m
Do dbwebb inspect in the background, using docker, and write output to logfile.
[0;30;42m>>> ======= Docker run scripts =======[0m
docker-compose -f docker-compose.yaml run --rm --service-ports server bash .dbwebb/inspect-src/kmom.d/run.bash kmom01 mack20 .log/inspect/docker.txt
[32;01m>>> -------------- Start -------------------------[0m
Running scripts in '/home/dbwebb/repo/.dbwebb/inspect-src/kmom.d/kmom01'.
[32;01m>>> -------------- 005_starta-apache.bash -------------------------[0m
[0;30;42mOK[0m 005_starta-apache.bash
[32;01m>>> -------------- 010_check-out-latest-tag.bash -------------------------[0m
[mack20] using tag = v1.0.6
[0;30;42mOK[0m 010_check-out-latest-tag.bash
[32;01m>>> -------------- 020_git-tags.bash -------------------------[0m
[mack20] tags=7
[0;30;42mOK[0m 020_git-tags.bash
[32;01m>>> -------------- 022_git-tag-exists.bash -------------------------[0m
[mack20] tag >= 1.0.0 and < 2.0.0 (v1.0.6)
[0;30;42mOK[0m 022_git-tag-exists.bash
[32;01m>>> -------------- 024_git-commits.bash -------------------------[0m
[mack20] commits=7
addNewLine f0e8984 - wadholm, 5 days ago : Fixed validation for commit
7f6e5e0 - wadholm, 5 days ago : Fixed validation for commit
890a616 - wadholm, 5 days ago : Fixed validation
ff49a68 - wadholm, 5 days ago : Fourth commit, kmom01
7033153 - wadholm, 5 days ago : Third commit, kmom01
[0;30;42mOK[0m 024_git-commits.bash
[32;01m>>> -------------- 030_check-paths.bash -------------------------[0m
[0;30;42mOK[0m 030_check-paths.bash
[32;01m>>> -------------- 050_make-clean-all-install.bash -------------------------[0m
[0;30;42mOK[0m 050_make-clean-all-install.bash
[32;01m>>> -------------- 070_make-test.bash -------------------------[0m
[0;30;42mOK[0m 070_make-test.bash
[32;01m>>> -------------- 072_make-phpcpd.bash -------------------------[0m
[0;30;42mOK[0m 072_make-phpcpd.bash
[32;01m>>> -------------- 074_make-phpcs.bash -------------------------[0m
[0;30;42mOK[0m 074_make-phpcs.bash
[32;01m>>> -------------- 076_make-phpmd.bash -------------------------[0m
[0;30;43mWARNING[0m 076_make-phpmd.bash
[32;01m>>> -------------- 078_make-phpstan.bash -------------------------[0m
[0;30;42mOK[0m 078_make-phpstan.bash
[32;01m>>> -------------- 090_log-summary.bash -------------------------[0m
[+] using tag = 'v1.0.6'
[+] Number of tags = 7 (>=1)
[+] Has tag between 1.0.0 and 2.0.0 (v1.0.6)
[+] Number of commits = 7 (>=5)
[+] check dirs (5/5)
[+] make clean-all install
[+] make test
[+] phpcpd: no clones found (5 build/phpcpd)
[+] phpcs: code style PSR12 (0 build/phpcs)
[-] phpmd: mess detected (2 build/phpmd)
[+] phpstan: mess detected (3 build/phpstan)
[0;30;42mOK[0m 090_log-summary.bash
[32;01m>>> -------------- 100_bash.bash -------------------------[0m
[mack20] Do manual stuff (e/exit to exit)
Makefile build/ composer.lock css/ htdocs/ vendor/ composer.json config/ docker-compose.yaml src/ view/
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