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Last active February 13, 2022 09:33
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A collection of peer-to-peer decentralized projects.
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MaidSAFE ( A decentralised, end-to-end encrypted Internet
La'Zooz ( A decentralized Uber app.
Telegram ( A cloud-based and heavily encrypted messaging app.

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ghost commented Jun 26, 2015

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How about Sia for decentralized storage

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Sia is a decentralized storage platform. We went live a few months ago. I believe that we are the only live decentralized storage platform in the world right now. We've been building the project since October 2013, went live June 2015. I believe that we are also the most efficient platform out there, even against MaidSAFE and Storj.

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ghost commented Nov 4, 2015

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ghost commented Nov 19, 2015

Hey, what about I2P?
It's similar to Freenet, GNUnet and Tor.

  • Email: Integrated web mail interface, plugin for serverless email.
  • Web browsing: Anonymous websites, gateways to and from the public Internet.
  • Blogging and forums: Blogging and Syndie plugins.
  • Website hosting: Integrated anonymous web server.
  • Real-time chat: Instant messaging and IRC clients.
  • File sharing: ED2K and Gnutella clients, integrated BitTorrent client.
  • Decentralized file storage: Tahoe-LAFS distributed filesystem plugin.

Also, have a look to "Other Peer-to-Peer Networks" at for more projects

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@Mostest "Freenet Decentralized webwites network." should be "Freenet Decentralized websites network."

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mrosint commented Feb 29, 2016

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Weifund: decentralised crowdfunding built on Etherum (require ipfs)

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EtherTyper commented Jul 15, 2016

@moshest Can I use this Gist as CC-0 or another free license?

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moshest commented Jul 28, 2016

Thank you all for your support.
I close this gist and move it the a separate repository:

Please continue to contribute!

@EtherTyper The public repository has a public license. Please check.

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FoxQL is a social network that runs on your browser as peer to peer. It does not require any setup or registration

There is no magement stuff for checking the content. Users can decide which topics and content will stay in foxql cycle

How to use?

Decide the content that you would like to share with people. Then just clone the content via voting. That's all!

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