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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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Twitter Bot for Flickr User Stats
# Requires: curl, jq, xargs, sed, bc, convert and t
# Flickr + Twitter User
# User Info URL
# Data sum
FAV=$(echo "Favorites...." $(echo $DATA | jq ".[] .count_faves" | xargs | sed -e 's/\ /+/g' | bc))
COM=$(echo "Comments....." $(echo $DATA | jq ".[] .count_comments" | xargs | sed -e 's/\ /+/g' | bc))
VIE=$(echo "Views........" $(echo $DATA | jq ".[] .views" | xargs | sed -e 's/\ /+/g' | bc))
COU=$(echo "sum(Images).." $(echo $DATA | jq ".[] .count_faves" | wc -l))
# Add Image
convert -size 350x84 xc:whitesmoke -font Courier-Bold -pointsize 14 -fill black -draw "text 5,14 'Flickr stats for : $(echo $FUSER)'" -draw "text 5,38 '$(echo $VIE)'" -draw "text 5,52 '$(echo $FAV)'" -draw "text 5,66 '$(echo $COM)'" -draw "text 5,80 '$(echo $COU)'" $FUSER.jpg
# Twitter stuff
t update -f $FUSER.jpg "$TUSER"
# Delete File
rm $FUSER.jpg
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