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Beispiel für functionpointer in c
#include <stdio.h>
#include <math.h>
double f1(double x) {return x*x*x;}
double xq(double x) {return x*x;}
double sin_func(double x) {return sin(x);}
double f(double begin, double end, double pieces, double (*fp)(double))
double delta_x = (end-begin)/pieces;
//printf("delta_x = %f\n", delta_x);
int i;
double return_value = 0;
for(i=0;i<=pieces;i++) {
return_value += fp(begin+(i*delta_x)+(delta_x*0.5))*delta_x;
return return_value;
int main( int argc, char **argv)
//int i = 0;
//double result = f(0,2,100);
//double (fp*)(double);
printf("Result [0,2]: %f\n", f(0,2,100, xq));
printf("Result [1,2]: %f\n", f(1,2,100, xq));
printf("Result [-1,1]: %f\n", f(-1,1,100, xq));
printf("Result [4,7]: %f\n", f(4,7,100, xq));
printf("Result [0,2] 20rec: %f\n", f(0,2,20, xq));
printf("Result [0,2] 60rec: %f\n", f(0,2,60, xq));
printf("Result [0,2] 200rec x^3: %f\n", f(0,2,200, f1));
printf("Result [0,PI] 200rec: %f\n", f(0,M_PI,20, sin_func));
return 0;
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