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Last active November 27, 2023 17:05
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Get the Telegram channel ID

To get the channel id

  1. Create your bot with botfather
  2. Make you bot an admin of your channel

New improved next steps

  1. Go to
  2. Click on your channel
  3. Look at the URL and find the part that looks like c12112121212_17878787878787878
  4. Remove the underscore and after c12112121212
  5. Remove the prefixed letter 12112121212
  6. Prefix with a -100 so -10012112121212
  7. That's your channel id.

Old yucky next steps

  1. Make your channel public
  2. Create a public link
  3. Send a message from console to @[your_public_link_text]
  4. Copy chat id from response in console as the channel id
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Remember to make your bot admin in your channel, otherwise none of this shit above will work

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ArgX11 commented Sep 30, 2023

How to send a DM to someone using Telegram Chat ID?
If someone's Username is John then the chat URL will be
So, if someone's Chat ID is 12345 then what will be the Telegram chat URL?

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