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What would you like to do?
- Team in Brussels
- Running nimbus on 5 phones
impressive reception by the community:
- Now using monthly sprint
- Milestones public:
- Testing:
- fixing tests that were not enabled after 10.x changes (and preventing forgetting to reenable tests on spec changes)
- ironing out 10.1 bugs
- fixing fuzzing bug
- Core
- Update our SSZ parser to better handle malformatted SSZ
- sync refactoring 90% (has been worked on for >1 month)
- Hiring:
- recruited a new Nimbuses dev
- junior dev
- tech writer
Testing update
ongoing update from LeastAuthority
Fork choice test
Value in testing the reference API?
Danny: Proto travelling but working on testing tool
for pubsub message
Client updates
Teku / Artemis
Sync ongoing
working on Prysm compute
10.1 BLS ready
issue on Prysm testnet: BeaconBlockByRanges issue (counting skipped slots issue)
Working on 10.1
Eth1 integration progress
progress on Disc v5
Trio (?)
Still working on SSZ implementation
Loose ends in typescript’s types, pushed upstream
Passing 0.9.4 spec tests
Some work to do on fork choice (but no tests)
Upgrading libp2p to the new async version
Testnet updates
improving CPU usage and block time (?)
Hiring final stages 20+ applicants
more stability
network stack update
- noise
- …
Ready to merge 10.1
Preparing for 10k testnet
issue of large RAM usage on high validator count
Memory fragmentation in tree-hashing due to absence of compacting garbage collector
-> build abstraction, reduce RAM usage by half
-> + moved memory to the stack, and saved 70% usage
- excused
Research updates
Vitalik: research on 51% attack detection and recovery
Will / Quilt:
Writing a book
- Eth 1 overview
- Eth 2 overview
- Proof-of-stake, long-range attack, weak subjectivity
- (?)
- beacon chain
initial release target: 2~3 months
- Static state access model review (taking a skeptical view and then checking the benefits)
- can run (?) T-analysis on Eth1 contract to highlight which 1 are using dynamic state access
- contract analysed by hand, Uniswap
(? protocol compatible with beacon chain)
- hardening protocol
- relaxed adversarial model
- collaboration on EEs with Quilt
Paper on 1-way bridge (planned next week), followup on 2 way bridge
Write-up on client implementation from Proto
First draft target for EthBarcelona in May
Discord #education
Eth222 conf on Feb 22
Consensus 2020, spot open for Eth2:
Network updates
Call 1 week ago:
- (link to minutes)
Q: on snappy frame vs block compression
Q: on compression ratio
libp2p specified the noise protocol
Need XX handshake for our use-case
EthDenver next week
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