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Mamy Ratsimbazafy mratsim

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  • Mainnet launch, documentation

  • Thanks for supporters, in particular those who supported us on Gitcoin over a year ago.

  • Hot fixes yesterday, another scheduled today

  • Release management: mailing lists, hash of releases

  • Software:

View validator_slashing_protection.nim
# beacon_chain
# Copyright (c) 2018-2020 Status Research & Development GmbH
# Licensed and distributed under either of
# * MIT license (license terms in the root directory or at
# * Apache v2 license (license terms in the root directory or at
# at your option. This file may not be copied, modified, or distributed except according to those terms.
# Standard library
std/[tables, os, options],
View 2020-11-12 Eth2 Call 52.txt
#52 call -
- Improve tracking of resources: streams, channels
- Gossipsub audit fixes (done late because 1.1 was not tested enough during its allocated phase)
- Toledo
View 2020-10-01 Eth2 Call 49.txt
Testing and Release updates
Eth 1.0 release candidate WIP
mratsim / bung.nim
Created Sep 20, 2020
Bung's debugging session
View bung.nim
import arraymancer
import sequtils
import random
import strformat
# 3.2 LinearRegressionImplementationfromScratch english version.
iterator data_iter[T](batch_size:Natural, features:Tensor[T], labels:Tensor[T]): (Tensor[T],Tensor[T]) =
let num_examples = len(features)
var indices = toSeq(countup(0,num_examples - 1))
View debug_pairing.nim
# Internal
./milagro, ./common
proc PAIR_BLS12381_double(A: var ECP2_BLS12381, a, b, c: var FP2_BLS12381) {.importc, cdecl.}
proc PAIR_BLS12381_add(A, B: var ECP2_BLS12381, a, b, c: var FP2_BLS12381) {.importc, cdecl.}
proc ECP_BLS12381_set(P: var ECP_BLS12381, a, b: BIG_384): int {.importc, cdecl.}
proc PAIR_BLS12381_line(v: var FP12_BLS12381, A, B: var ECP2_BLS12381, Qx, Qy: ptr FP_BLS12381) {.importc, cdecl.}
proc PAIR_BLS12381_ate(r: var FP12_BLS12381, A: var ECP2_BLS12381, B: var ECP_BLS12381) {.importc, cdecl.}
mratsim / 2020-09-17 Eth2 Call 48.txt
Created Sep 17, 2020
2020-09-17 Eth2 Implementer's Call 48
View 2020-09-17 Eth2 Call 48.txt
- Last phase of audit started
- Validator core: secrets & keystores
- Attestation/block proposal + Slashing protection
- Gossipsub (1.1)
mratsim / 2020-09-03 Eth2 Call 47.txt
Created Sep 3, 2020
2020-09-03 Eth2 Call 47.txt
View 2020-09-03 Eth2 Call 47.txt
- Highlighted several potential for malicious attestations or blocks
to exhaust the system memory, so now use bounded buffer and explicit drops
when late
Current focus:
View 2020-08-20 Eth2 Call 46.txt
1. Losing peers
2. Syncing performance
3. (very) High-memory usage for 2 caches:
- epoch cache that in particular caches validators public keys
was way too aggressive after a couple speed optimizations (gigabytes!)
View 2020-08-06 Eth2 Call 45.txt
Medalla issues:
1. The increased number of attestations in Medalla revealed limits in our stack between libp2p and the beacon node. In particular we are doing the same work multiple times especially in periods of non-finality. This is fixed
2. Attestation processing bug: we wanted to optimize database loading by delaying
the deserialisation of public keys/signatures. 2 approaches were explored
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