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Last active July 25, 2019 14:43
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20190724 - ETH 2.0 Implementers Call 22
Nimbus team
- Most of 0.8.1 implemented except SSZ
- On the verge of important changes:
- unit testing coverage of most state transition functions
- Issues with justification and finalization
- Genesis bootstrap by Web3
- Libp2p testnet running for 2 weeks
- Updated build so that the go-lip2pd is automatically downloaded
- Focus on metrics
- Async:
- fix locking
- Implementation of sync channels
- Promising speed, 400k/blocks per hour until block 1.3 M
- We hired Andri Lim for Eth1, he has been a very long-time bounty contributor
Testing updates:
- Plan:
Client updates
- Prysm (Terence)
Client single-node with 64 validators.
Catching up with freezed spec
Mock Eth1 validator contract to bootstrap
- Parity (WeiTang)
Pass tests for 0.8
Node that can attest block and (?)
On refactoring
- Artemis (Joseph Delong)
Now in sync with 0.8, working towards 0.8.1
Working on taking yaml deposits to generate the genesis state
- Harmony (Mikhail)
Good progress on libp2p
Research on attestation aggregation
--> Potential issues in attestation delivery
Hiring for QA engineer
- Trinity (Hsiao Wei Wang)
Passing `minimal` test vectors soon
`mainnet` test vector still pending
Working on Python libp2p implementation
Working on discv5 impl as well
- Lodestar (Greg Markou)
at 0.8.1
Working on dev tooling and config
Refactoring the codebase to make it more modular
- Lighthouse (Luke Anderson)
mostly at 0.8.1 except for Genesis
potentially found a spec bug -
introduced a chaos monkey
working on interop
hired a resource working full-time starting from tomorrow
maintaining Rust-libp2p
- Yeeth
Formal verification
K team (Musab)
Working on formalizing merkleization
Research updates
-- Phase 1
* Nailing persistent committees structure
* Crosslink data structure
- Header fixed size + block-body variable size
* Light client protocol
* SSZ partials: update on the algorithm
Q. crosslinks and finality
John Adler
Open questions:
Matt garnett
Will buidl a Phase 1 and phase 2 sim on top of lighthouse
Carl Beekhuizen
Networking updates
Standardization PR open, lockdown within 7 days (Adrian Manning)
Raul (Protocol lab)
New grant for Nim-libp2p
Surround vote matching
Interop: push decision upstream
Lodestar funding:
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