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- Networking
- Investigating interop issues with lighthouse
- Protobuf parsing
- attestations received before blocks causing gossip issues
- Pushed this morning: multinets script that work with a 50/50 lighthouse/nimbus validator split
- Snappy fixes
- Gossipsub assumes that we ca
- Witti (and Schlesi):
- “make witty” toggle added
- syncing bugs
- investigating the “few peers” issue
- Core
- BLS changes merged in our crypto backend
- Can toggle between v0.11.3 or v0.12.0 for testnets or fuzzing purposes
- Audit:
- We received proposals from auditing firm
and are currently selecting vendors
Testing and releases
v0.12 released including BLS standard upgrade
Rewards & penalties updated with much more tests
Found bugs in ZRNT as well
Networking changes
Fork choice tests readying up for v0.12.1
No updates on Stethoscope atm
Schlesi testnet couldn’t be relaunched.
Witti launched yesterday night, 3 clients at Genesis
- Teku, Lighthouse and Prysm each with 2 validators
Q: how to launch testnet at any other time than 2 AM:
Client updates
Published a new version of BLS library
that uses the new Herumi’s code with WASM support
Updating Gossipsub to v1.1
Teku, Meredith
Releases every 2 weeks
Updated with witty
OpenAPI schema updated
BLS change under review
Can deal with fast sync Eth1 node
Fixed JVM libp2p issues regarding handling large stream packets
Prysm, Raul
v0.12 complete,
will restart Topa soon
memory improvements experimental features
progress on slasher
Fuzz testing
Quantstamp audit in-progress
Audit with Trail of bits
2 parts: consensus and networking
networking is delayed
Metrics_logging in lighthouse
Issue with Discv5 using to much CPU, restructuring
WIP: peer reputation system
WIP on Gossip v1.1
Spec updates todo to reach v0.11.3
- DB, merle trees
- testing validators onboarding
- WIP v0.11.x
- Moving a junior dev full-time for Eth2
- Nethermind Eth1 -> Eth2 interop
- Witty not before end of June
Research updates
Discovery peers efficiency analysis writeup
See and hacked
Completed a write-up on Discv5 called "Comparing discovery advertisement features by efficiency: ENR attributes and topic advertisement"

Completed a write-up called "Discovery peer advertisement efficiency analysis"
Transpiling Pyspec to Kotlin code
Testnet analysis
Cross shard
Cross-shard Transaction Probabilistic Simulation
Cross-shard spec “alpha-alpha” will be started in the next coming week
account abstraction
Eth1.x, and need for protocol support for yanking?
Yes, probably, lots of overhead
—> Issue with serializing everything in memory (expensive in EVM) and producing a receipt
Caching: shard committee cache if we have a standard witness format (few epochs long)
The cache would be restricted to block proposers
Proposal to change Disc v5 wire protocol
(… long discussion …)
PR open, give opinion:
Spec discussion
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