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  • Several people in holidays
  • Debugging multithreading issues


  • Forward and backward sync
  • libp2p work


  • Compile-time Keccak256
  • Switch to SHA256


  • shuffling mainnet tests integrated
  • BLS YAML mainnet tests inegrated
  • Minimal preset in progress

Eth 1:

  • New joiner: Kim on the networking part of Eth 1 that can be reused on Eth2
  • Whisper, RPC
  • Fuzzing discovery protocol


  • Doc generator for our repo, can be used across langagues TODO:
    • internationalization: first language Korean
    • automatically generate the API reference

Testing (Protolambda)

NY event so slowdown Update:

  • epoch transition
  • sanity tests
  • want clients to create test runners and give feedback

Q: Mikhail - keccak256 still used Q: How to load config files: compile-time vs runtime

Testing (Antoine) Jenkins instance on a simulated testnet for Artemis

Danny: Fuzzing effort on Go minimal impl underway

Clients update

Parity (Wei Tang)

  • 0.6 spec
  • Basic validator impl running
    • issue with BLS, can be invalid. using Milagro, to be investigated. Lighthouse: Might be endianness issue

Harmony (Mikhail)

  • Updated to 0.6.1 including deposit contracts and SOS-style SSZ
  • BLS test issue to be investigated.
  • Wire protocol and regular sync implemented
    • Messages introduced to notify about new blocks and attestation
    • no persistence (in-memory KV store) or propagation of new blocks
  • CLI interface to run a node
  • Benchmarks when following spec closely:
    • Highlight on get_shuffled_index
    • Highlight on storing compressed key and decompressing it everytime

Pegasys (Jonny Rhea)

  • Planning for interop locking
  • Validator registry
  • (?)
  • Timer for different time sync algorithm tests

Nimbus (Mamy)

Prysmatic (Terence)

  • Almost finished 0.6.1
  • WIP: SSZ
  • Investigating (?)
  • Collaboration with Whiteblocks on DiscV5

Lodestar (Cayman)

  • Working toward v0.6.1
  • SSZ test passing
  • BLS test passing
  • TODO:
    • State transition tests
    • Shuffling tests
  • Integrating Gossipsub
  • Some core component will be moved to WebAssembly so that the Yeeth team (Swift) can reuse them.

Lighthouse (Luke Anderson)

  • PR almost done for 0.6.1
  • Passing most of the EF tests Setting up for fuzzing
  • Discovery, rust-libp2p (?)
  • (?)

Trinity (Hsiao-Wei Wang)

  • (?)
  • Blocksyncing added to devp2p in Trinity
  • Encryption/decryption added
  • Deposit contract updated with feedback from runtime verification team

Yeeth - Danny Geth - no update

Research update

Vitalik: version 2 of phase 2

  • Knowns:

    • (?)
  • Unknowns:

    • 2 types of committes vs 1 type of committees
    • Challenges in fragmentation of execution environments
    • impact on upgrades
    • Fee market
    • Censorship attacks

SSZ partial for light clients

Network update

Olivier (Pegasys):

  • Handle: attacks (?)

Zak Cole (Whiteblock):

  • Networking bench
  • Disc v5

Mike Goelzer (libp2p):

  • Someone full-time on spec
  • categorization system on specs vs proposals

Joseph Delong:

  • Regular discussion on Gitter channel: Why not libp2p first for interop and not a minimal viable ==> Reply by Jonny Rhea
  • Link to document
  • Mamy: Create RFC as Gitter discussion is hard to refer to

(... couldn't catch the end ...)

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