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2020-07-09 Eth2 Call 44
- Consensys Diligence
- Trail of Bits
3 phases, 2 weeks audit, 2 or 3 weeks fixes.
- Networking
- Beacon Core
- Validator Core
=> Fresh take on audits, similar to Eth2, have multiple auditors in collaboration
=> Fixing issues as they are raised
Beacon core:
- Reducing memory usage (smarter caching), below Lighthouse
- Sync speed, not satisfactory yet
- Attestation not properly propagated (biggest issue on Altona)
- several improvement like better handling stale connections
- Discv5 fixes
Beacon/Validator split:
- Fix finalisation issues
- Key management EIP2333
-> Wallet implies to hold withdrawal keys
-> deposits compatible to the Ethereum Launchpad
- Reviewed BLS backends
- Updated to Milagro to use Miracle/core following license change
- BLST wrapped
Doc: blog post on “the case for running your own validator”,
Testing release updates
Update rumor into a tester
Unpublished attester slashing tests
Some found in fuzzing, for example Nimbus
Client metrics:
Next: public launch v0.12.2
Specs on goerli
Sunday 1PM UTC?
TODO: track slashing events to fix bugs
Finished with Gossipsub
Need more tests to update with Go implementation
All hands on deck for new testnet
Remote signing
Key management (was weakest)
Fuzz, Clusterfuzz, found bugs
Networking improvement
Work on memory usage
Almost complete BLST library integration
Increase sync speed by 3 times
Teku RFP is out, for 3rd of August
Goal: Altona’s head
Fork choice refactor
Speeding things up
Sync speed 0.2 slots/sec
Right now 13 slots/sec
New team member: Benedikt/Black Templar
Stability improvement
Key management system improvement
Fixing attestation inclusion bugs
Panic in discv5
Security hardening of networking infra
Setting up internal testate to prepare for multi testnet
Research updates
Joseph: Everybody should put some resources to attacking the attacknets
Leo: Snappy compression ratio and blocks/s speed with snappy

Will run different clients on the same network
New specs is mostly some updates on gossips param
More gossipsub changes will be introduced later
Verification, sequence numbers will be standardised (currently some propagated, dropped or randomized depending on the client)
Vitalik: how to kickstart phase 1 implementation?
Danny: currently clients focused on shipping
V: slower clients may make sense to start working on phase 1
Terence: Annotated phase 1 spec?
Joseph: Working on phase 1 client, transpiring the spec
Next call probably 2days after testnet launch launch
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