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20190829 - Eth 2 implementers call 24

2019-08-29 - Eth2.0 Implementers Call 24




  • Focus on interop with Rust, minimal gossipsub working
  • TCP transport done
  • Minimal libp2p implementation via SecIO in progress


  • Validators/deposits from Eth1 almost done


  • A couple of justification and finalization issues


  • so far relied on simulations but merged several unit tests and mocking routines based on pyspec to initialize arbitrary state, attestations, blocks.
  • Focus: Parsing and running the new SSZ tests for interop
  • CI takes a long time


  • benchmarks on crypto
  • scaling of attestation processing/justification/finalization on a single node: 2k validators on a laptop.


D: v0.8.3 release + tests (~the same as 0.8.2)

Client updates


Shahan (Artemis)

... benchmarking BLS

Terence (Prysm)

New DB initial sync Networking spec ... WIP: updating codebase to 0.8.2 Looking into Slashing detection and prevention algorithm

Paul (Lighthouse)

debugging Go<->Rust libp2p gossipsub cold/hot databases ergonomics of lighthouse for interop

Dmitrii (Harmony)

Passes 0.8.3 specs easy to pass but hope it's the last change of test formats. libp2p integration and discovery missing at the moment Hopefully by next week. New attestation pool

Hsiao-Wei Wang (Trinity)

Skipped 0.8.2 tests, WIP 0.8.3 tests (...)

Cayman (Lodestar)

Progress on sha256 AssemblyScript impl --> fastest JS impl for certain types of inputs Quickstart for interop BLS optimizations

Research updates

V: (...) immediate scalability similar to plasma without the complexity Might be relevant to Eth2 Exec Environment

J: Review of phase 1

  • fork choice fix
  • universal slashing condition (reduce complexity) Phase 1: complete polished and tested by Sept 31 (but not frozen)
  • SNARK proof system: Plunk (old construction SONIC has huge performance hit) Aztec project

Nicolas: Proof for Handle protocol, paper will be updated (no change in the protocol)

Musab: (...)

Deposit contracts - Vyper merged the compiler fix


Raul (Protocol Lab)

  • contributions:
    • decrypting SecIO traffic
    • dissectors for (...) to debug introp issues
    • handshakes
  • visualizations

wireshark dissectors: demo:

meshsim visualisation with gossipsub: demo:

noise handshakes in go:

gossipsub profiling:



  • Use cases/requirements document:


Survey: Zak Cole & Proto no issue with version 0.8.2 but issues in testing

everyone is close to a working libp2p stack probable bottleneck syncing

Starting from arbitrary state? Disk format? SSZ, Json, YAML --> would help if you have the possibility to dump SSZ state

Q Raul: Did other clients tried to connect to one another

Hackmd: for people to be able to run each other clients ahead of time

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