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2020-10-01 Eth2 Call 49
Testing and Release updates
Eth 1.0 release candidate WIP
Networking tests defined by YAML
Beacon Fuzz, new blogpost:
BLS differential fuzzing:
- 2 critical bugs on BLST, patched (atm targeting the Rust bindings)
Differential buzzer on AWS, 2 small differences between clients
Less and less exploitable bugs between clients
Plan to crate their own custom fuzzer engine.
-> can rotate/swap BeaconState with more granularity
-> Fuzzing speed, can have the BeaconState in memory instead of disk IO
-> Both diff and mutation based fuzzing in the same target
Spadina & Release process
Stable after 70 epochs but rough start
—> will do a new rehearsal
Genesis on Monday 12
Afri: clients should have a stable release management
Proposal for a breakout meeting
Stable release needed for main net
Spadina launch feedback:
Spadina post mortem
weak subjectivity sync
bug fixes
Spadina prep
- Last phase of audit ended
- Fixes
- Fix review scheduled 2 weeks from now
- significant resource leak fixes
- according to now using/leaking significantly less memory than previously
Polish / User Experience
weak subjectivity sync WIP
Updated collaborative repo with medal “trusted checkpoint” for testing
Tried to do small connection to testnet
(couldn’t follow)
Spadina launch OK
1 hiccup
Slashing interchange format work
Caching validator keys, high loading time with high validator count.
Discovery v5.1 not default but mostly done
Weak subjectivity sync as a CLI option to load checkpoint
Validator perf metrics
Audit pre-report by Quantstamp
Research updates
Phase 1 tests activate
Leo (Barcelona Super Computing):
Gossip 1.1
Felix in process of merging it.
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