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2020-01-23 - Eth2 implementer's call 32
- Spec v0.10 implemented
- except crypto: BLS hash_to_curve in progress and should be done this week or early next week
- side-note: crypto spec is nicely blending high-level goals, design rationales and implementation
may be interesting for Eth2
- Passing v0.10 test vectors
- waiting for BLS and SSZ generic missing vectors
- Testnet: mixed libp2p, can connect from native libp2p or go-libp2p daemon
- started trying to connect with lighthouse (discovery work in progress)
- balance between Discv5 + aggregation
- experimenting with lighthouse testnet
- stability issues with longer running testnets when nodes are restarted or nodes join later
- data structure on databases “blackpool” and “attestation pool”
- > initialisation issues
- Nodes: 10 servers with 2 nodes per server
- Eth1: started on EVMC API for Nimbus (common API for Geth Aleth, …)
- will look into how to reuse Nimbus Eth1 code for Eth2 phase 2
- Most of the team will be in Brussel from 1st Feb to 7 Feb
- interop-like event: will clone other clients testnet/repo
Weekend projects
- nimbus builds on Android: can run in phone
- nbindgen: (Jacek weekend’s project) Nim binding generator for Rust libraries
Danny Q: biggest hurdles + estimation number of nodes
Testing release updates
PR pending for BLS and SSZ
- to be released soon
Note: v0.10.0 had small bug fixes, 0.10.1 to be released by end of tomorrow
Remerkleable: significant improvements to Pyspec speed —> enable more complex/interesting tests in the future
Beacon Fuzz:
Blog post released:
-> Focus on detected bug in Nimbus in validator
-> Bug detected in Trinity
- Python name clash between pyspec and Trinity: should be solved on Monday
- Working on Java
- PR: skip BLS verification on Nimbus
- Fuzzer will be updated to v0.10 once more clients are on v0.10
Terence - Q: fork choice spec test
2 independent formats people are working (Harmony and Lighthouse)
Client updates
Artemis: v0.9.4 merged in master
v0.10.0 ready but not merged yet (waiting for 0.10 testnet)
(?) sync, discovery
optimisations in progress
officially changing the name: Teku
- 0.9.2 merged, working on 0.9.3
- working into integrating the new SSZ library in Lodestar
- 1000x times faster
- allow mutable merle tree as SSZ objects
- enable lodestar usage on main net
- not updated yet (missing some tests)
- new team member: Frankie, onboarding in progress
- Working on P2P using Rust library for QUIC
- (?)
- Updating to 0.9.3
- Lots of PRs to update py-libp2p to a new concurrency backend
- Discv5 implementation
- experiments with lighthouse
Q from Danny: explain testiest struggles
- (?) (very fast speech)
- biggest issue: consumption
- memory fixed
- CPU bottleneck
- 50 peers seen per node
- Adaptating protolambda fork choice
- (?)
- (?) work-stealing scheduler
- fork choice bug in testnet
- —> led to bug in syncing
- Testing syncing with adversarial peers
- (?) subnets change
- ++ community engagement
- Hiring more developers
- contracting on develops work for testnets, managing 100~1000 nodes on AWS
- 20 peers seen per node
Danny: 1000~10000 peers seen per node would be a target
Details on remerkleable
Research updates
Dankrad: Phase1, replace proof of custody?
Mikhail working on Eth1->Eth2 bridge
Alex: Decentralized time sink (?)
Joseph: cross-shard transaction
Anton: Discovery v5 testing
Rhea: EE tooling
Sam: Phase 2
writeup in progress
- Eth1 -> Eth2 transition
- details on push/pull models
- roadmap on simulation
Runtime verification audit:
- published and up for review
- Call on Jan 29:
Proto: dropping message already aggregated
Spec discussion
Dual key voluntary exit:
Mamy: comment on crypto spec blending design rationals and implementation
Ben: -> weekend project, annotated spec with design rationale
Discord channels for Denver, Paris and (?) events
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