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Last active May 10, 2024 12:07
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Clear cache Microsoft Teams on Linux
# This script cleans all cache for Microsoft Teams on Linux
# Tested on Ubuntu-like, Debian by @necrifede, Arch Linux by @lucas-dclrcq and Manjaro with flatpak by @danie1k. Feel free to test/use in other distributions.
# Tested Teams via snap package.
# Tested Teams via flatpak package.
# How to use in terminal:
# ./ ( deb-stable | deb-insider | snap | flatpak )
# or
# bash ( deb-stable | deb-insider | snap | flatpak )
# Variable process name is defined on case statement.
case $1 in
cd "$HOME"/.config/Microsoft/Microsoft\ Teams || exit 1
export TEAMS_PROCESS_NAME=teams-insiders
cd "$HOME"/.config/Microsoft/Microsoft\ Teams\ -\ Insiders || exit 1
cd "$HOME"/snap/teams/current/.config/Microsoft/Microsoft\ Teams || exit 1
export TEAMS_PROCESS=teams
cd "$HOME"/.var/app/\ Teams || exit 1
echo "Use $0 ( deb-stable | deb-insider | snap | flatpak ) as parameter."
exit 1
# Test if Microsoft Teams is running
if [ "$(pgrep ${TEAMS_PROCESS_NAME} | wc -l)" -gt 1 ]
rm -rf Application\ Cache/Cache/*
rm -rf blob_storage/*
rm -rf Cache/* # Main cache
rm -rf Code\ Cache/js/*
rm -rf databases/*
rm -rf GPUCache/*
rm -rf IndexedDB/*
rm -rf Local\ Storage/*
#rm -rf backgrounds/* # Background function presents on Teams for Windows only.
find ./ -maxdepth 1 -type f -name "*log*" -exec rm {} \;
sleep 5
# After this, MS Teams will open again.
echo "Microsoft Teams is not running."
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peter279k commented Sep 23, 2021

Thanks for your useful shell script! It's very helpful for me to reset my teams settings!

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jayora commented Oct 7, 2021

Thanks, the script is easy and fantastic

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Thanks for the script. I was having issues after upgrading to Ubuntu 21.04 (from 20.04).
Just adding some notes for others -- in case they see the issues similar to mine.
The app would load but never showing any chat messages.
I ran this script multiple times and saw the files were deleted, however, it never would show the messages.
finally, I ran the script and cleared everything and uninstalled and re-installed Teams and it finally worked.

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Thank you for the script. Saved my day 👍

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It works perfectly, thanks a lot!

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Working like a charm in Arch Linux using "debian-stable".Thanks !

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Thak you @lucas-dclrcq . I will update script comments.

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koolg63 commented Dec 28, 2021

Best script of the world ! especially to remove bad/bugging conversation draft.

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Saved me here too. I was not able to change users. Thanks for sharing.

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benfr1 commented Mar 23, 2022

this works like a charm on ubuntu 20.04. Thanks !!

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This is the best thing I've found on Github all day, thank you very much! Script works perfectly, Teams, Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS

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danie1k commented Aug 12, 2022

Works like a charm! But in my case directory is very different:

$HOME/.var/app/\ Teams

OS: Manjaro, Teams installed through flatpak.

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@danie1k I have not tested on flatpak Teams package. I will update script with flatpak support.

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Hmm... weird, when i fun it in bash i get the following error....

fremling@Sill:~$ ./ deb-stable
./ line 31: syntax error near unexpected token )' ./ line 31: *)'

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mrcomoraes commented Sep 19, 2022

@fremling I have fix a block code that causes errors.

Please, update script and run again.

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Any reasons why the process needs to be running?
I am thinking that maybe someone wants to clear the cache without Teams running.

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In last test, when Teams aren't running and start clean cache, some data of authentication is cleared too.

Currently I'm not tested. Feel free to validate.

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My snap installation has following location - $HOME/snap/teams-for-linux/current/.config/teams-for-linux/

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My Ubuntu 23 snap installation Cache has following location $HOME/snap/teams-for-linux/current/.config/teams-for-linux/Partitions/teams-4-linux/ and the process to be killed is named teams-for-linux

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@MarekGajdosik and @maksimdzmitryew this "Teams for Linux" snap is a unofficial project that using Electron for deliver MS Teams. I beleive Microsoft removed Teams snap packages. I guess do a upgrade in snap option to support unofficial version.

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Here is my first time on GitHub.
However, here is my contribution to this topic.
I have Ubuntu as my SO, and my teams-for-Linux is a fork on the Snap.

I changed lines 24, 25, and 26 to:

export TEAMS_PROCESS_NAME=teams-for-linux
cd /snap/teams-for-linux || exit 1

run ps to find your teams-for-linux process and you will see that:

$ ps -ef |grep teams-for-linux
me 324126 323853 0 12:32 ? 00:00:00 /snap/teams-for-linux/523/teams-for-linux --type=utility --utility-sub

So my teams-for-linux is on directory /snap/teams-for-linux
and the TEAMS_PROCESS_NAME is teams-for-linux and not just teams


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