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WebVR Projects







Missing any link? Share it on the comments section and I'll update the list.

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rnixik commented Aug 30, 2016

It is suitable? - WebVR Tour

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@mrdoob The Kuva should provide inputs too if it's working correctly

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321C4 commented Aug 30, 2016

just spent a long time in "click to release" in vive...want to hack on it, maybe swap out shape prims for jellyfish or something

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Kuranes commented Aug 31, 2016

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arturitu commented Sep 2, 2016

My two cents:

Cute Cubes - WebVR API 1.0 - #positional #input

Explore GCH Hotels - Pre 1.0 -
Do Websites Dream of Virtual Reality? - Pre 1.0 -
FUE Deep Linking - Pre 1.0 -
Iberia Virtual Flight - Pre 1.0 -
I N S P I R I T - Pre 1.0 -

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emamd commented Sep 20, 2016

Sharing this one I worked on at the L.A. Times:
Exploring Gale Crater -

Also really enjoyed this one from the Wall Street Journal:
Is the Nasdaq in Another Bubble? -

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Absulit commented Jan 27, 2017

Art museum 'The Hall' experience/experiment

git repo

live demo

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ybinstock commented Jan 31, 2017

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