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Created May 26, 2015 17:07
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Sierra's Failed Renewal Messages Stink

Fixing the unhelpful renewal failed message in Sierra

This little script puts the failed renewal message in a more intuitive place, and lets you customize the text. This is the before and after of GVSU's OPAC:

Before and after of this script

if(document.getElementById('renewfailmsg') != 'undefined' && document.getElementById('renewfailmsg') != null) {
// Renewal failed by III makes it hard to see
var renewalFailText = document.getElementById('renewfailmsg').innerText;
// Get rid of the see details below part.
var renewalMessage = renewalFailText.split('. ');
var renewalError = document.createElement('div');
renewalError.className = 'lib-error'; = 'both'; = '1em';
renewalError.innerHTML = '<b>' + renewalMessage[0] + '.</b> (This usually means that someone else has recalled the book, or you&#8217;ve renewed it several times already.)';
var accountTools = document.getElementById('myaccount-tools');
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