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halgari / gist:f431b2d1094e4ec1e933969969489854
Last active Aug 29, 2019
What I want from a Type System
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The question was asked why I (as a programmer who prefers dynamic languages) don't consider static types "worth it". Here
is a short list of what I would need from a type system for it to be truely useful to me:
1) Full type inference. I would really prefer to be able to write:
(defn concat-names [person]
(assoc person :full-name (str (:first-name person)
(:second-name person))))
And have the compiler know that whatever type required and produced from this function was acceptible as long as the
View timing_load.clj
(def ^:dynamic *indent* 0)
(fn [orig]
(fn [& paths]
(let [t (System/nanoTime)
r (binding [*indent* (inc *indent*)]
(apply orig paths))]
(binding [*out* *err*]
(println (apply str (repeat *indent* " ")) (/ (- (System/nanoTime) t) 1000000.0) paths)