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Mr Speaker mrspeaker

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mrspeaker / spr2.asm
Last active Sep 27, 2020
spr-spr-collision irq
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jsr init_sprites
lda #$7f
sta $dc0d // Disable CIA #1
lda #%11110100 // Enable sprite collision irq
mrspeaker / spr.asm
Created Sep 19, 2020
sprite collision
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jsr init_sprites
lda #$7f
sta $dc0d // Disable CIA #1
lda $dc0d
mrspeaker /
Last active Mar 21, 2021
"require(...).print is not a function" fix for org-babel:js

Org-babel-js fix

When evaluating this code in an org-mode document:

const sq = x => x * x;
const cube = x => sq(sq(x));
return cube(4);
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let cons = (x, y) => f => f(x, y);
let car = p => p((x, y) => x);
let cdr = p => p((x, y) => y);
let p = cons("a", cons("b", "c"));
console.log(car(p), cdr(cdr(p)));
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I now only communicate via gists.
mrspeaker /
Last active Feb 3, 2017
Websites without background-color

No Background-color List of Shame


A list of sites that don't set the css background-color property but do set the font color. Or do set the background-color but don't set the font color. That is, it wasn't done by choice.


Change the default colors in your browser, and the internet goes bananas. Modifying defaults is not unreasonable - switching black and white can help readablilty at night, and stops the bright flash-of-unstyled-content as a page is loading. It also messes up a web page's design if someone forgets to include basic css properties!

View getStream.js
getStream(callback) : Get a stream of items.
Each item get passed in to the provided callback.
Each item is an object with following format:
id: Number,
title: String
date: Number (timestamp in ms)
imageURL: String
mrspeaker / RxFuncSubject.js
Created Aug 2, 2015
Plain functions as RxJS Subjects
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import Rx from 'rx';
const RxFuncSubject = () => {
const subject = Object.assign(
(...args) => subject.onNext(...args),
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<button class='refresh'>refresh</button>
<div id='s1'><span class='name'></span><span class='x'>X</span></div>
<div id='s2'><span class='name'></span><span class='x'>X</span></div>
<div id='s3'><span class='name'></span><span class='x'>X</span></div>