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Mark Root-Wiley mrwweb

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mrwweb / bookmarklet-source.js
Created Apr 8, 2021
Copy/Paste-able Survey Monkey Answers - Paste the following into a bookmark's location setting and then run it on a single page of a Survey Monkey form. You'll then get a list of the questions and answers you can copy and paste. Currently works for radio, textarea, and text input fields. More to come?
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( function() {
const questions = document.querySelectorAll( '.question-container' );
let result = '';
questions.forEach( ( q ) => {
let answerText = '';
let question = q.querySelector( '.question-title-container' ).innerText.replace( '* ', '' );
let answer = q.querySelector( 'label.checked' );
if ( null === answer ) {
answer = q.querySelector( 'textarea' );
mrwweb /
Last active Aug 31, 2021
The Events Calendar v2 Template Reset & Customizations

The Events Calendar v2 Template Reset & Customizations

Version 1.3.0


The Events Calendar is a very powerful WordPress plugin for managing events. However, the way its templates and CSS are implemented—especially in "v2"—leave much to be desired.

This contains all the changes I make on a project for The Events Calendar. Hopefully it's useful. If it saves you an hour, maybe you can buy me a cup of coffee or a beer 🍻

mrwweb / nested-block-alignments.css
Created Jan 6, 2021
WordPress Block Alignment Classes with Support for Nested Group Blocks
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.block-container > *, /* [1] */
.wp-block-group__inner-container > * { /* [2] */
max-width: 46.25rem;
margin-left: 1.25rem;
margin-right: 1.25rem;
@media (min-width: 48.75em) { /* [3] */
margin-left: auto;
margin-right: auto;
mrwweb / block-editor-styles.scss
Created Jul 9, 2020
Create a WordPress block editor style variation for the cover block to turn it into a knockout effect. Screenshot:
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// we load the other CSS styles into the block editor and then override some of them here
// at present, the color overlay is not knocked out in the block editor
.is-style-knockout-text {
.wp-block-cover__inner-container {
z-index: 1;
.wp-block > * {
font-size: 160px !important;
font-weight: 900 !important;
color: transparent !important;
mrwweb / functions.php
Created Jun 24, 2020
Show Hidden Products as Cross-Sells in WooCommerce Cart.
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add_filter( 'woocommerce_product_is_visible', 'prefix_show_hidden_product_crosssells', 10, 2 );
function prefix_show_hidden_product_crosssells( $is_visible, $id ) {
if( is_cart() ) {
$is_visible = true;
return $is_visible;
mrwweb / mrw-tribe-button-in-event-list.php
Created Oct 28, 2019
Show Event Website block in Event List for The Events Calendar
View mrw-tribe-button-in-event-list.php
* Find, parse, and return the Website Button for Tribe's The Events Calendar events
function mrw_get_tribe_website_button( $post_id = false ) {
if( ! $post_id ) {
$post_id = get_the_ID();
$post_content = get_post_field( 'post_content', $post_id );
View session.html
<div id="session-1" class="session session-1 track-1" style="grid-column: track-1; grid-row: time-0800 / time-0900;">
<h3 class="session_title">Talk Title</h3>
<span class="session_time">
<span class="session_time_start">8:00</span>
<span class="session_time_sep"> - </span>
<span class="session_time_end">9:00</span>
<span class="session_track">Track: 1</span>
<span class="session_author"><span class="session_author_gravatar"><img src="..."></span>Mike Rofone</span>
mrwweb / mrw-clear-shortcode.php
Last active Feb 9, 2018
A very simple shortcode to clear content following aligned images.
View mrw-clear-shortcode.php
Plugin Name: Clear Aligned Content Shortcode
Description: A way to ensure floated images in page content don't wrap. Use [clear] in editor to push following content below any aligned images.
Author: Mark Root-Wiley
Version: 1.0
Author URI:
Plugin URI:
mrwweb / index.html
Last active Jan 25, 2018
Testing mapbox-gl.js upgrade
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<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta charset='utf-8' />
<meta name='viewport' content='initial-scale=1,maximum-scale=1,user-scalable=no' />
<script src=''></script>
<link href='' rel='stylesheet' />
body { margin:0; padding:0; }
mrwweb / truncate-fpw-excerpt.php
Created Mar 9, 2017
A custom plugin to limit the length of excerpts *only* when they appear in Feature a Page Widget. ( Save this file as `truncate-fpw-excerpt.php` and then place it in `/wp-content/mu-plugins/`. You may need to create this directory if it doesn't exist yet.
View truncate-fpw-excerpt.php
Plugin Name: Truncate Feature a Page Widget Excerpt
Description: Limits excerpt to 30 words. Ends cut-off excerpts with "..."
Version: 1.0
Author: Mark Root-Wiley
Author URI:
add_filter( 'fpw_excerpt', 'wp8887975_trim_fpw_excerpt' );
function wp8887975_trim_fpw_excerpt( $excerpt ) {